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  1. Thanks for the quick reply webko. I don't believe I have set it to Unstored - how would I go about doing that? Would it be one of these options? webko it looks like that was it! I check off "Do not store calculation results" and results across all records updated instantly. I assume tomorrow they will auto update? Thanks again for the help.
  2. I have a calculation setup that gives an aging amount based on current date and date entered for when the contract was signed. I swear it used to work ok but for some reason it no longer does, the number of days is off vs what it really should be. As can been seen in the screenshot examples taken just now (11/03/15), the Days Old shows 19 days when in reality its been 34 days since 10/01/15. Any ideas why this wouldn't be working? Seems like a pretty straight forward calculation. Ok so I did a test of deleting the "Contract Signed" field and the Aging
  3. Havne't had a chance to even open the app but wanted to thank you for taking the time to put that together and help out.
  4. I was thinking probably on record save would be the best way to set it up because as you said, if its on every field that could get a little out of hand. I just have no idea how to set that up though. :/
  5. Looking for some help in setting up an auto email to specific recipient when a field is modified. What I'm looking to accomplish is when Sales Rep = X, and any field is modified, send an email to X. Ideally it would also include what field was changed as part of the email content. Currently I have a single script setup (see attached) that when a rep logs in, it automatically goes to the Sales Rep Access layout, then if Sales Rep = X, it does an automatic find for their name in the Sales Rep field and only displays their accounts.
  6. Is this a bug or something is not setup right on my end? I setup a privilege set "Sales Reps", which is the set for 9 different sales reps. For the fmapp (FileMaker Go or FileMaker Pro), if I just have "Sales Reps" active, it works fine, the sales reps can log in and they only see their own deals, everything works as normal. However if I also give access to Admin (which shows up as [Full Access] privilege set), now the Sales Reps see everything, every record, every layout etc. Stranger still is that as can be seen, Admin ([Full Access]) is also setup for fmwebdirect but when Sales Reps acce
  7. Thank you Wim! I now have all the work I made yesterday and access has been restored. I also have a new problem however. By replacing the old hosted file with the new one, I also lost all my container field files. The files were downloaded along with the backup, but it seems there is no way for me to bulk upload the whole folder back to the remote host and all the container fields show "Missing...". I've tried to go to Manage Database -> Container and then redo the transfer, but it fails and gives me an error.
  8. My FileMaker database is cloud hosted and I accidentally removed the Extended Privilege access for the fmapp portion, now I can't access the file from the FileMaker Pro app on the computer using the Admin login, or any login, so I can't add the access back. I do have a backup but it's a day old and I worked on the program hours upon hours today. Is there any hope of being able to get back into the file or do I have to just the backup and redo all the work?
  9. ​Thanks Fitch. I did a little digging around and doing a script to show/hide seems the best way to go, but then I lose the Quick Find field which is something that is needed. I wish I could add the Quick Find field in the actual layout (as opposed to in the toolbar).
  10. Is it possible to modify what buttons/info is shown in the top bar? I'd like to just show the record number, but not the "1/21 Found (Unsorted)" or any of the grayed out buttons. (I'm using Filemaker Pro Advanced 13)
  11. Finally got everything working how I wanted it with a different method. My field "Total Sale Price" was a Summary of "Sale Price" and my goal was to only show data from records where Type = Sale. I ended up making a new field that said If (Type = "Sale" ; Sale Price) which basically only had the Sale Price data in it if Type = Sale. I then made another field that was a Summary of the new field above and everything is working as indented.
  12. I had "Total Sale Price" as a summary field (sum of all Sale Price fields), but I couldn't figure out a way to add an "if" statement to it. I basically want it to be a summary field (total of values in found set of records), but I only want to to pull data if the Type = "Sale". If Type = "Lead", then I don't want it to include the data from the Sale Price field.
  13. Seems like something is wrong with the Sum function on my end. I took out the If Type = "Sale" and just left Sum (Total System Size) and that is also blank, so need to see about getting that to work before I do any "If" calculations.
  14. I'm trying to setup a field where If Type = "Sale", then it shows me the sum of a certain field. My current formula is: If ((Type = "Sale") ; Sum ( Total Sale Price )) and while I don't get an error, I also don't get anything in my field, it's just blank. Thanks for any help.
  15. Aye this is over my head haha. Need to research more. Thanks for the help so far.
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