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  1. I have a table called Phone Log that displays all phone log entries and also has a container field. WE store all of our pdf documents in this container field but it seems to be using significant resources to show and display all phone log records for each customer. Is there a way to disable the .pdf preview in the container? SO I can just show a static label or something less processor intensive
  2. by filtering and sorting portal records within the portal to only show the most recent.
  3. I have a table layout but within the rows of that table layout is a portal that basically shows the last record created date, username and text. I believe this is massively slowing down my layout. When I remove the portal the layout speeds up and loads dramatically faster. my thought was to create a stored calculation field that changes or displays data from the last portal records and updates when other portal records are created. I would just now need to show the 1 calculation field on each row instead of having the portal Any thoughts on this idea?
  4. Good afternoon, I am trying to create a script that performs a find, gets the found count number. Let's say 20 records are found. And then performs a loop through each record, gathering the data from 3 fields and setting variables, IE record 1 effective date field, variable $effdate1, record 2 $effdate2, etc and then puts all of this information into a body of an email. I'm trying to list out all 20 of these records line by line in an email with the 3 fields of data. Example: Record 1: Field 1, Field 2, Field 3 Record 2: Field 1, Field 2, Field 3. What is the best script or function to list out all the variables, when the number of variables is unknown. IE depending on the found count, the body text will change. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  5. I'm not sure which topic to put this question in so please move if this is the incorrect section. I am looking to create a customer link, on an individual customer basis. I would like to email this link to a customer, the customer clicks on the link and the code navigates the user to a webpage where they are shown their current information and fields next to this to update and input their own information and click submit. On clicking submit, the data gets returned to the correct file within filemaker and at the users discretion can automatically update the file. Can someone point me to a developer or software that can help me make this happen? Thank you
  6. I have several users and passwords set up for sending automated SMTP emails but I am concerned of script failure if a user happens to change his or her password. Therefore, I am building a daily script for the management team that tests each SMTP email and password and reports errors before the script is performed later in the day. Any advice on how to collect and test/report SMTP send errors? Thank you
  7. Is there a way within filemaker to limit the decimal places in a number field to 0? I'm trying to create a field where in if a user enters 100.4 it will set the value to 100 and not allow any decimal places. I see you can do this in the inspector but I don't think it actually changes the data within the field. Thanks
  8. What is the best way to extract a website as a pdf from a web viewer window? I have read some suggestions of creating a separate layout with the full screen as the web viewer window, changing to preview mode and printing/saving the screen as a pdf.
  9. Just a few questions: my database is now 85 gb and growing every day. What is the best way to back this up, is there a cloud service you would recommend? also, I have a table with a container field and it holds all of our companies pdf copies of documents. I’m considering storing that fields data on an external drive since it makes up the bulk of the 85 gigabytes. Is this a good idea or do you all have any recommendations? thank you!
  10. Thank you OlderDiekstra. But how would you implement the " (Quotation Marks) every time I write a script with those it thinks what follows is comments?
  11. I'm working on a script that sends an email to a customer with a custom link. Is there a way to create the name of the link (what the customer sees) as Name (for example) but have the address actually different IE the real address? The problem I',m having is my custom URL is very long and I would like to make it easy and simple for the customer and for them only to see a blue line with the title "Click here" Thoughts? Many thanks in advance
  12. Not sure if there is a location feature within filemaker or a list I can build into a table but I am trying to set up system where if I type in a zip code (92881) for example, the 10 closest zip codes in that area are shown. Any ideas? Thank you in advance!
  13. I am trying to create a script that sets a global field with a certain value so all users connected to the server can see this value in the global field. Is there a way or script that tells the server to set a field rather than the connected user?
  14. Is there a script to detect when other users are currently in a particular layout? I have a layout I use to bind accounts but I only want one user at a time to be able to access that layout. When the first person leaves the layout then another person can enter. Can this be done? Thanks
  15. Does anyone know if this is supported in filemaker go or support soon to come? It would completely change my business if this were possible. Thanks
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