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  1. Does anyone know if this is supported in filemaker go or support soon to come? It would completely change my business if this were possible. Thanks
  2. Search within a portal?

    I have a portal within my main layout that I use for all phone log comments and documents. Is there an example or a (best practice) way to create a search field that searches within that portal only and shows the correct records searched?
  3. Hi All, I'm familiar with the middle words function but I'm looking to separate individual letters. I have a table with values the first 2 letters of which I do not need. I'm looking to create a field or function that skips the first 2 letters and displays everything after the first 2 letters. Is this possible or is the middle words the only way?
  4. We're using Macs here at the office (not sure if it matters) but I have a search field that you can type search terms into and currently the user has to exit the field then click on a separate search button. Is there a way to perform the search script when enter is pressed? Thanks
  5. Import XML to file from container?

    Hi All, Happy Sunday! I'm trying to build a layout that contains 5 containers so my employees can drag and drop XML files into each container and then I can run a script to export those XML files and import them into my filemaker database. I'm struggling to get the data exported from the containers and imported back. What is the best way to do this? Export container via $path then import $path file? Thank you so much in advance.
  6. Hi All, I have a data set that includes about 300k records. Each record includes 3 fields: Year, make, Model. I'm looking to set up the 3 fields in my main database so I can start selecting the year, which will limit what makes are displayed. Select the make and based on the year and make show the available model options. What is the best way to set up tables and or relationships so this is sorted properly? Thank you!
  7. I'm trying to create a script that emails to a customer and sets the subject line automatically as the customers name or business name. The problem I'm having is when a business or customer has the AND or & symbol in the name it completely messes up the script. Is there a character or way to ignore an instance of the & or and symbol?
  8. If using the week number function to define a field, is there a way to get the first date of week 25 (for example) and last date of week 26. I'm using this for payroll so I can show on the pay slip for weeks 25 and 26 include dates June 19th - July 2nd.
  9. I have a time table and every time an employee logs into filemaker a record is created, the field Time In is set to get current time, date is set to get current date, account name is set, the record is given a record number and an $$variable record number is created. When the user exits filemaker a script is run: to to time layout, enter find mode, set field $$variable, find record, set Time Out field as Get Current time. This creates the time in and time out record overtime an employee uses our system and I have a time field that calculated time out - time in = time elapsed. Every day an employee will typically have 2 records, morning time in, time out for lunch. A new record when back from lunch and time out for the day. How can I create a calculation that finds both of these records for each account name and adds the time elapsed together so I can create a layout saying Monday Account #1 worked a total of 8 hours, Tuesday 7.5 hours, etc etc.
  10. Thank you!

    I'm not sure which topic this belongs in but... I really just wanted to let everyone on these forums know how thankful I am for your support, advice and guidance. Over the past few years as my small business has grown into a bigger business I've needed filemaker to do more advanced things and as I am not a developer and simply a business owner, I've turned to these forums and to you all and I couldn't have built my database without your help. From the bottom of my heart thank you so much!! Matt
  11. I have 2 fields, time in and time out that are filled in when a user clocks in or clocks out. I'm trying to create a 3rd field that calculates the lapsed time. If there is no end time then the field should (get current time) so these hours are calculated on the fly. Here is my field calculation so far: Case( Time Out; Time Out - Time In; IsEmpty (Time Out); Get( CurrentTime ) - Time In )
  12. There may be a simple solution to this but I can't think of one. I have a field that calculated total hours for the day. How can I have a field show any time over 8 hours for that day? Thanks
  13. I have 3 different time fields and each have a corresponding time summary field which summarize total hours for the week. How do I summarize all 3 fields so it shows the hours correctly?
  14. Cannot Connect to Server

    Hi All, I have filmmaker server 15 deployed at my office with high speed TWC Static IP address. I've opened up all the ports per filmmaker instructions but I cannot connect from my home network and all of my 8 employees on their own home networks cannot connect either. Any thoughts or possible solutions to try? Thank you!
  15. Hide tab when get account = username

    I'm trying to hide a tab from all but the following users, Matt, Haley and Kristen. I'm trying to use the hide object when- (Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "matt") or (Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "haley") or (Get ( AccountName ) ≠ "kristen") but its not showing even to me at the moment. Any idea what I am doing wrong or a better way to go about this? Thanks

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