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  1. Good Afternoon, I have a table with 8 users in the table and a separate main table with all of my customer files. Currently each file is assigned to one of 4 users (I recently hire 4 new agents) I am looking to create a script that 1. Finds out how many current users there are. 2. Then takes the number of users 8, divided by total customer files (say 800) and evenly assigns the files to each agent. IE it balances out each agents workload to make sure each user has 100 accounts. Is there a function built in to do this in Filemaker? Thank you all in advance,
  2. I have a script that performs a find and returns about 500 records. I am looking to limit this set to the first 5 found records and then perform another script (loop) for these 5 records. Is this possible with filemaker?
  3. Thank you! Is there a way to automatically identify the first records as the field names (so my users don't have to manually page over?)
  4. I just updated my office to filemaker 18 and I have a script that imported records but skipped the first row which are all titles. I don't see a skip first row checkbox in the import interface anymore?
  5. Good Morning Everyone! My file has over 500,000 stored .pdf's that I am required to keep by law for 5 years. Most of these are about 500kb in size. I am in the process of moving my database to a cloud AWS server and I wanted to optimize/reduce the size of my database as much as possible prior to the move. Do you know of a plug in or program that I can run to optimize these .pdf's and potentially shrink their size?
  6. I have a date field that is set by record created date, whenever I create a new record in this table it enters the current date. This is a phone log field so there are literally hundreds of thousands of records. I'm trying to create a calculation that displays the today, if the record created date is current date, and yesterday if it was yesterday and all other should be the date itself but when I create this calculation, it doesn't seem to update on a daily basis and just shows today even if the date was yesterday, unless I create a new record. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong here?
  7. Hi Steve. All the data is from one table but would like to show the data differently on each column. So for column 1, the field (Status) for each record would sort or filter to only show (Unquoted) Records, Column 2 would show only (Quoted) records from the same table. My database has over 40,000 records so I am very cautious about too many calculations and making the layout as optimized as possible
  8. Good Morning! What is the best way to achieve this type of layout where I can have 4-5 tables shown and sorted with hundreds of accounts on one layout/page? Would you suggest 4-5 portals with filtered settings or is there a better way?
  9. Hi All, I have an employee that is stealing data when working from home from my companies database. We currently run a server in our office which our users connect directly to during the day with our local network, then they can access our database from home using our servers ip address,. Under security-users permissions, is there a way to allow the user to access the database while connected to the network directly in the office only but prevent him/her from accessing it from home?
  10. I have a table called Phone Log that displays all phone log entries and also has a container field. WE store all of our pdf documents in this container field but it seems to be using significant resources to show and display all phone log records for each customer. Is there a way to disable the .pdf preview in the container? SO I can just show a static label or something less processor intensive
  11. by filtering and sorting portal records within the portal to only show the most recent.
  12. I have a table layout but within the rows of that table layout is a portal that basically shows the last record created date, username and text. I believe this is massively slowing down my layout. When I remove the portal the layout speeds up and loads dramatically faster. my thought was to create a stored calculation field that changes or displays data from the last portal records and updates when other portal records are created. I would just now need to show the 1 calculation field on each row instead of having the portal Any thoughts on this idea?
  13. Good afternoon, I am trying to create a script that performs a find, gets the found count number. Let's say 20 records are found. And then performs a loop through each record, gathering the data from 3 fields and setting variables, IE record 1 effective date field, variable $effdate1, record 2 $effdate2, etc and then puts all of this information into a body of an email. I'm trying to list out all 20 of these records line by line in an email with the 3 fields of data. Example: Record 1: Field 1, Field 2, Field 3 Record 2: Field 1, Field 2, Field 3. What is the best script or function to list out all the variables, when the number of variables is unknown. IE depending on the found count, the body text will change. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  14. I'm not sure which topic to put this question in so please move if this is the incorrect section. I am looking to create a customer link, on an individual customer basis. I would like to email this link to a customer, the customer clicks on the link and the code navigates the user to a webpage where they are shown their current information and fields next to this to update and input their own information and click submit. On clicking submit, the data gets returned to the correct file within filemaker and at the users discretion can automatically update the file. Can someone point me to a developer or software that can help me make this happen? Thank you
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