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  1. Hi Ocean, This is great. Using portals like this never crossed my mind. I have a lot to learn. I had some doubts about using the value lists. The portals work nicely here, and they don't rely on any special fields. This is what I was looking for. Thank you for sharing and taking the time to demonstrate this! GG
  2. Hello all, I have created this sample solution to demonstrate a technique that I'm trying to implement using custom value lists. I was able to fix my first issue, but the way it was fixed is bothering me a little. Because it seems like too much overhead to have a non-global/non-calculation field serving the same purpose as one. This version actually uses two extra fields whereas the first was using one field. Maybe I am over reacting and this will not cause any issues and is a fine alternative, but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone else had any thoughts, ideas or suggestions on this before I move forward? My original problem shown with version 1: The CVL seems to work okay. With one exception, namely, if there are no dates set for a specific model group, then NONE of the those items are listed for selection. It shows "<no values deinfed>". I'm sure it has to do with the way I have the relationship setup, but I have no ideas as to how to fix this. This is a minor issue because it is not very often that a new model group will be created, and I can have instructions to set the first date manually. A few details about the solution design: Basically, there are multiple (or in this solution, four) "stages" (designated by the tab sections) where common data is updated together. Most of the time, it involves multiple records at once. Which is where this custom value list comes in and only shows values where the date for each stage has not yet been set (or completed). I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks, GG CVL-log.fmp12
  3. Why yes... that would be the missing link to my issue. I even had a separate layout for the print preview too. I was reluctant to ask about such a trivial issue, but I have ran into this on another solution as well. Thank you for the response!
  4. I am designing a layout for print, and I need to see the page margins in the layout design. The problem is that the option is grayed out in my menu under View > Page Margins. The funny thing is that it is available on some of my layouts, but unavailable on others. Anyone else experience this? Thanks, GG
  5. Yea I tried moving the <<Company::Name>> field between the Body and it's Sub-summary part, but I didn't think to try it in the Header part with the <<State::Name>>. And just because I had to reference it, I used the following Hide Object When: GetNthRecord ( Address::fDealerID; Get ( RecordNumber) - 1 ) != Address::fDealerID or GetNthRecord ( Address::State; Get ( RecordNumber) - 1 ) != Address::State Thanks again comment!
  6. Hello again, I am trying to have a sub-summary field repeat only once per page. I have made several different attempts now, and I have ran out of ideas. The field is related to another group of fields. When it spans across pages, it would be nice to relist it. When the field prints every occurrence on the same page, it becomes crowded. I found two threads asking a similar question, but the answers are not very clear to me. It seems like this should be an easy thing to do, but I am out of ideas. 1) http://fmforums.com/topic/55560-repeat-sub-summary-field-new-page 2) http://fmforums.com/topic/85965-sub-summary-report-records-starting-on-new-page I also tried making an OnRecordLoad script that populates a field based on the records position in a page, but then it doesn't work while in preview mode. I'm not sure how else to make this work either. I've also tried the different settings for the part definitions with no luck. Has anyone else done this before that would share their technique? Or if anyone has any other suggestions? So, here is what I'm working with... Layout Parts: Header -- <<State::Name>> Sub-summary by State -- empty Sub-summary by Company -- <<Company::Name>> Body -- address details Footer Relationships: |Company| -< |Address| >- |Join| -< |Contact| Sample Output: --- PAGE 1 --- State B Company A Address 221 Address 222 Company B Address 231 Company C Address 241 Address 242 --- PAGE 2 --- State B Company C <-- Ideal result Address 243 Address 244 Company D Address 251 Address 252 Company E Address 261 --- END OF PAGE --- Thanks, GG
  7. Oh nice. This is along the lines of what I was seeking. I'm not familiar with using the persistentID stuff, so I will look into this a bit. Thank you for chiming in on the conversation too! Glad I'm not the only one who has little gripes about these things. This community makes Filemaker shine beyond any of its short-comings though. But of course, that is one of the many attributes that qualifies you as a guru. Thank you all, GG
  8. Hi Steve, everyone here is a guru compared to myself. I've been using Filemaker for only a short time now. I guess that was a bad statement to make and probably reduced the number of replies (not my intention). Thank you for your reply. It sounds like I'm on the right track at least. So, I tried hard coding the printer from the scripts, but it only lists the printers connected to the current machine. I was hoping there was another way or maybe something I was missing to accomplish this. So the script would need to be setup from each PC that uses the solution. I was afraid of this. It may be time to retrace my steps a bit and use the original plan with PDFs. I wanted to reach out here first before I did, so thank you again for the response. In the mean time, I'll check out that plug-in too. It may be another option. Thanks again, GG
  9. Hey everyone. Reaching out to the gurus again I have a situation with printing and I have tried a few things outlined below, but I was hoping someone might offer other suggestions before I go in a completely different direction with this... Ugh Hardware: The computers involved are Windows based PCs and they each have a different brand/model of printer. I only tested it with one other PC so far because of this issue. In case it matters, the related printer is an HP Officejet 6000. It has wireless capabilities, but it is wired to the subject PC. Preface: I have a series of scripts setup to print different layouts based on certain conditions in the interface. Everything works fine from the PC that I'm developing from. So I don't think there is a problem with any of the scripts here... The problems arise when I try to print from the other PC. I send a test page to the printer prior to trying a print from within the solution, so I know the printer works. While trying these print tests, I keep the print queue window in view to observe what is happening. Situation: When the solution is first open (from the other PC), I try using any of the custom print buttons. For a split second, the job(s) show up in the queue, but nothing ever prints. So, I enable the standard menu and try File...Print with the dialog, it prints the current layout just fine. But this doesn't include any of the necessary child layouts. While it is printing it shows the job in the print queue much longer than described above (until the page is nearly printed). After printing from the file menu, all of the custom print buttons work fine thereafter. And the jobs stay in the print queue (until the page is nearly printed). This behavior seems quirky to me... and it repeats this if Filemaker is completely closed. Thoughts: It seems like it has something to do with this printer or maybe the default printer settings. The help pages mention that Filemaker and Windows both have different default printers and it details how to change it. When I follow those steps from the Print Setup dialog, it shows the same printer that is set as default in Windows which also happens to be the only connected printer. So... I'm puzzled. My first approach in this solution was using PDF files. Then I switched to sending it straight to the printer which I would prefer to do. The goal is to make it as transparent as possible by simply printing multiple sheets with a single click. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, GG
  10. Yes. I recall that check box... Thanks LaRetta
  11. Hi comment, I looked over the workings of your demo. I appreciate this tip, and also for the example on how repeating fields work. I attempted to go a little further and modified your demo. It adds a bit more depth on the ordering system. I got the report working to reflect on my changes. However, it now shows zeros where the quantity was blank before. This is a minor issue, and I used conditional formatting to suppress it. I wonder if this could be done without showing the zeros at all (mainly for formatting purposes)? If anyone is interested, have a look and see if it's a trivial task to accomplish. It could be helpful in the future. Either way, I wanted to share the modified version for others here. Thanks again, GG CrossTabR_v2.fmp12
  12. Yes- two extra fields for each product is quite a bit of overhead for just one report. Thank you for the response, the demo, and the link. I'll have a look at it tomorrow.
  13. Oh wow. This isn't the first time I've made that mistake And I got it working as expected once that was fixed it. So, this leads me to wonder... This turned out to be pretty simple. But if you wouldn't mind sharing, I would interested to learn. It might help another newbie one day. Thanks again
  14. Well yes- it is the same data, but the condensed format is the goal here. Again, this report will be printed and the pages are used outside of Filemaker. In this case, the quantity field is what makes it unnecessary for an order to have two or more line-items for the same product. This was one thing that led me to think it was necessary to use a cross-tab report. (I am new and still learning the basics with reports, my apologizes)
  15. Hi comment, I guess I didn't ask a question- but I was wondering if it were possible to generate such a report? And to get some direction if it is possible. I'll try to explain the scenario more. There is an excel sheet in place used to keep track of products per order from each customer. The row shows the Order Number, Customer's Name (missing in my examples), Order Date, Ship Date, and a tally of each product per order. The Trailing Grand Total part would show the totals for each page. I'm having trouble condensing the "tally of products" per order on a single row. (My guess is that I have the calculation fields in the wrong place.) When the report is printed, the ShipDate field is empty and used like a checklist when shipped. Those would be hand-written first, and keyed at a later time. Thanks.
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