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  1. Reindert, The Sales Tax is calculated in the script " (1239) Trigger | Update Cached Totals of Individual Invoice Financial Calcs". We do it with the script instead of a calculation so the system doesn't slow down when loading different invoice records. I have a couple followup questions for you if you don't mind: Which version of FileMaker are you using? Which version of FMSP are you using? Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  2. Thomas, To fix this issue, you will need to make a few adjustments to script " (1287) Scans just finished with ASC 13 (deskop version)" Between line 68 and 69, add the script step "Exit Script [Text Result]: 0" Add the same thing at the very end of the script. This will prevent the issue from happening again. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  3. Stephen, The "Deposit" field is from the "Invoices" table, as a way for people to be able to enter an initial payment without having to use the partial payments portal We don't currently have a list of all deposit payments in FM Starting Point. You could perform a find for all records that have anything in the "Deposit" field by going into find mode, and entering a "*" in the "Deposit" field. To create a pre tax subtotal, you will need to set up a field that is a sum of the "Extended Prince" field from "Invoice Line Items" The "Order_Total_Price" field
  4. Sarah, You can use the following commands to help you sort the records: On line 51 add the following line: 1.) "Sort Records" 2.) Change the "With Dialogue" to "Off" 3.) Click the gear icon and select "Specify" 4.) Make sure the table selected at the top is "INVOICE_LINE_ITEM" 5.) Select the "QDate Worked" field If you still have some questions, or if there is anything else we can help you with, please email us at support@rcconsulting.com. That should take care of it. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  5. Hello, This issue has been fixed in the latest download of FM Starting Point. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  6. José, Those fields are what are called "lookup" fields, in other words, they grab the data from the related record, when the records first related. If you want to force the update to get the address information to come across to your Invoice, you will have to use the magnifying glass button to select your new contact from the Contact search popup. If you need additional help, or have some remaining questions, please email us at support@rcconsulting.com, and we will respond as soon as we can. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle Lead Engineer for FM Starting Point
  7. Hello W.K., In order to do what you're suggesting, you'll have to make some significant modifications to the Invoice Table. See below for the steps required: 1.) Add a field to "Invoice Line Items" to mark an item as out on loan 2.) Add a secondary field in the same table to mark that item as returned. 3.) Write a script that will run whenever you mark an item as "returned" 4.) That script will go to the correct product via the relationship from "Invoice Line Items" and increase the "Amount in Stock" field by whatever the quantity loaned out was.
  8. David, We have a separate product available for purchase that walks you through installing the new calendar into any FileMaker solution. You can download it for $49 here: https://fmstartingpoint.com/marketplace/store/calendar_kit.html If you have any further questions, or would like help customizing your copy of FMSP, or any other FileMaker database, feel free to email us at support@rcconsulting.com Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  9. Hey Jake, The script is built in to the popover to run when it is closed. To prevent the search from clearing, you will need to make a small edit to a script. We have renumbered our scripts a few times, so without knowing which version of FMSP you are using, I can't give you a number, but the name is "Popover | Add Product Item from Portal Selection Slide Panel". To remove the clear for the portal filter, you will need to do the following steps: 1.) Open the Script Workplace (File>Manage>Scripts or cmd+Shift+S) 2.) Find the "Popover | Add Product Item from Portal Se
  10. Francois, As Stephen mentioned, there is no Purchase Order system built in to FMSP at this time. If you would like some assistance to add one in, please email us at support@rcconsulting.com, we will be happy to help you out! Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  11. Hello José, I answered a similar question on this post, but the short answer is it depends on what version of FileMaker you're using, what customizations you have made to FMSP, if any, and how much data you have. For the full, and more detailed answer, check out this link: https://fmforums.com/topic/103717-upgrade-to-fmsp-6-or-not/?do=findComment&comment=473734 Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  12. Hi José, I understand that you have interest in importing to a new FM Starting Point. There are a couple things to consider. There is NO easy upgrade process for a FileMaker database. An easy upgrade capability doesn’t yet exist as a feature of the FileMaker platform. FileMaker Inc. is aware of this issue and would like to address it in future releases (not sure when though). ***As a totally separate issue *** The FileMaker Program on your computer is easy to upgrade, for example from FileMaker 16 to 18. However, the FileMaker databases t
  13. José, In "Preferences" under the "Email Pro" tab, make sure you have "Email Client" selected. If you're attempting to use SMTP, make sure that option is selected, and all the necessary information is entered and accurate. As a note, FileMaker will attempt to send emails through whatever is selected as your default email application. On Mac OSX, that's "Mail" by default. If that's NOT the app you are using to manage your email, be sure to change your default mail app to whatever your app of choice is. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  14. Jim Johnson, We use "id_Constant" as a static field that always has a value of "1". This is useful for a variety of reasons, but we typically use it for the following two reasons: 1.) We use that field to relate everything to the "Preference" table. Every record, no matter where you are in the solution, is related to the preference record because of this field. That way we can check different things without having to set variables, or go back to the record every time. A good example of this is the logo on the top right of the screen. That image is in a field in the "Preferenc
  15. Tarragon, We do have a "Calendar Kit Add On" for this exact purpose! You can purchase it here: https://fmstartingpoint.com/marketplace/store/calendar_kit.html If you need any help configuring it, or have any other questions, email our FileMaker Coaching team at support@rcconsulting.com Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
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