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  1. Hello Jose, There are a couple things to consider. There is NO easy upgrade process for a FileMaker database. An easy upgrade capability doesn’t yet exist as a feature of the FileMaker platform. FileMaker Inc. is aware of this issue and would like to address it in future releases (not sure when though). We have a video that covers a conversation on this topic Should I upgrade my copy of FM Starting Point: If you have made layout or script design changes to your original copy of FM Starting Point then there is no upgrade process that will bring over these changes that you have previously made. To be clear, the automated upgrade script will only take your data from a old version of FM Starting Point and import into a new version of FMSP, it will not move any design changes within the database. So it's sorta up to you, but overall, if you've made significant changes, and your current system is working fine, there is no real reason to update. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle.
  2. Hey Jake, I'm really having trouble recreating the issue. I used an iPad running iOS11.2 using FileMaker Go 15, 16 and 17 and all of them opened the camera when i pressed the button on the Estimates layout. Have you made any modifications to the file since you downloaded it? Are you getting any kind of error message? Have you tried downloading a fresh copy of FMSP and seeing if the problem is still there? Let me know if you have any other questions, or if the problem persists after a fresh download of FMSP. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  3. Jake, What version of FMSP are you using? I'm having trouble recreating your problem with the latest version of FMSP. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  4. Hello Jake, The field you will want to put in the portal for Estimates is "T08k1_line_items_PRODUCTS||id_product|" The one in Invoices is "T12j1_invoices_PRODUCTS||id_product| If you have any other questions, let me know, or reach out to us at support@rcconsulting.com. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  5. Ernest, When you press the report button in Contacts, it runs script " (0790) CON_View Contact List" which is what generates your print form. This script has a sort in it, on line 9, that is overwriting any sort you do previously. If you want to have the report sort by last name, follow the instructions below: 1.) Open your script workspace (Scripts --> Script Workspace) 2.) Select the script (CONTACTS (600-849) --> CON_Reporting --> (0790) CON_View Contact List) 3.) Select line 9 4.) Click the Gear icon on the right side of the line, just after the text 5.) Select "Specify" from the popover 6.) On the right side, click "Name_Full" and then click the button in the middle marked "Clear" 7.) On the left side, find "Name_Last" and then click the button in the middle marked "Move" That's it! You should be good to go! Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  6. Colonel, The new calendar does not work on Web Direct. If you are deploying FMSP on Web Direct, you will need to switch the "HTML Calendar" field to "No" in the "Calendar" tab in Preferences. The rest of FMSP should function just fine in Web Direct. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  7. Just to keep everyone everyone up to date, we shipped updated training courses for the FileMaker 17 platform this past week. We also shipped an updated release of FMSP, version 6.0. We have forked FMSP 5 into 2 releases. There is an enhanced release which is available only to people who buy our annual training bundle, and a basic version, which is free to the public. The Enhanced version includes what we call "Side Nuggets" of functionality. Items that are fully functional and ready to be used, that live on the side of the layout until the user or developer drags them onto the active section of the layout. There are quite a few of these currently, but we are always looking to add more. The most popular "Side Nugget" by far is our PayPal integration. This allows users to push their invoices from FileMaker straight into PayPal. PayPal then sends an invoice out to the specified customer via email. After the Invoice has been sent, you have the option to check the status of the invoice, cancel it, or send out a reminder email to the customer, all from within FileMaker! In addition to the above, we've also added a new HTML calendar into both the enhanced and basic versions of FMSP. The calendar include drag and drop functionality that allows you to simply click and drag an event/appointment to an updated time, and the record automatically updates in FileMaker. It's very slick and easy to use, I hope you guys check it out! We also added a new Master Detail portal, taking advantage of the new feature that was added into FileMaker 17, which allows for a portal based in the main TO of your file, that contains all records in the current found set. And finally, as with all great product releases, there were several bugs that were squished, listed below: • Issues with Task List not allowing you to click on a task and view it. - Incorrectly sized button and incorrect anchoring settings. • Issues with the wrong staff being set as the staff "logged-in," causing issues with the calendar. - Fixed by altering the script to do an "exact find" for the person logging in. • Typo fixes in dialogue boxes • Issues with invoices not allowing you to edit line items directly from the portal - Checked the box to allow for editing in Browse Mode. • Issues with Social Security Number in the staff layout not displaying correctly - Wrong field type, changed from "Number" to "Text" • Fixed field alignment issues in many modules
  8. Hey donl1150, Yes, your file will still work just fine with FM 16. No need to worry about upgrading. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  9. Hello littelred, The Calendar in FMSP can be quite confusing, and is by far the most complex part of FM Starting Point. So much so that we have two separate videos about it in our FileMaker Pro 15 Video Training Course. That being said, it would be difficult and impractical to write out each aspect of the calendar, where all the data comes from, etc. Do you have access to that course? If not, you can purchase it here (http://learningfilemaker.com/fmpro15.php). The videos I mentioned are: #0213 - Calendar Under the Hood Part 1 #0213 - Calendar Under the Hood Part 2 If you'd like, you could also email us at support@rcconsulting.com and I can set you up with a free one hour coaching session where we might be able to point you in the right direction at least. Just make sure you mention this post so i know who you are! Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  10. Lee, There is a charge for the Coaching Program; However, it is veritable based on the complexity of the request. The minimum rate is $75/hr, pre-paid in 5 hour blocks. We have a video on the mapping for FMSP, but nothing that delves into the actual code, at least not to the level that would help her replicate it somewhere else. Thanks Lee. Jonathan Hogle
  11. Estelle, Richard Carlton Consulting offers a FileMaker Coaching program that would be perfect for this sort of thing. The way is works is you and an engineer from Richard Carlton Consulting would meet One-on-One in a screensharing session, and the engineer would walk you through Step by Step how to do this. I think that this would be an excellent option to learn how the map works, and how to recreate it. If you're interested and would like more information, email us at support@rcconsulting.com. Thanks! Jonathan Hogle
  12. donl, As of now, that functionality doesn't exist in FileMaker. There are some work-arounds to get this to sort-of work, but there's nothing tested or supported by Richard Carlton Consulting. It is not easily done, but if it's something you wish to proceed with attempting, feel free to email us at support@rcconsulting.com, and one of our engineers will reach out to you. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  13. Hey jt, This is one of those issue that would really benefit from a screen-sharing session, or a phone call at least. Email me at jonathan.hogle@rcconsulting.com, and we can schedule a time to take a look at this together. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  14. Stephen, Unfortunately, Steve is correct. Without Account ID's, the Contacts you imported will have to be manually attached. If you have the account ID's in the spreadsheet already, it's just a matter of setting them into the "ID_Account" field in Contacts during your data import. Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
  15. Tony, In order for those fields to work the way they do, a relationship must be formed to the Contacts module for each separate Contact you are trying to relate. Additionally, each Contact you are trying to relate must have it's own ID field that relates back to the Contacts table. So you will need a (ID_Contact_Shipping) and a (ID_Contact_Billing) in addition to the (ID_Contact) field that exists. Those two new fields will need to be related from Invoices to Contacts. If you are looking to learn more about the FileMaker Platform, as well as relationships, scripting, and other import development tasks, Richard Carlton Consulting offers a FileMaker Pro Video Training Course here: http://www.learningfilemaker.com/ Additionally, we offer One-on-One FileMaker Coaching to help you learn, while doing actual work on your solution. If you are interested in that, email us at support@rcconsulting.com Thanks, Jonathan Hogle
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