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  1. User Admin password adm1n I deleted all scripts and layouts. Hope you can help me, thank you
  2. Long story short, I currently work for a school that is using a level system for students(level 1-5). For example students start each day with 126 points, depending on their behaviors the students will have points taken away from them. To get to level 2 the student needs to have at least 85 points per day for 5 days no matter if the days were consecutive or not. And to get to level 3 they need to get 95 points per day in 10 days. Now the issue i am having, lets say the student is on level 3, He is on day 30. Now the student messes up and gets level reduced to level 2. What I am trying to do is keep the data from what the student did to get to level 3 but at the same time if we drop the student down to level 2. The count will start from level 2 day 1 etc etc until they reach level 3 based on points on a certain amount of days. I would like to keep the past records and at the same time if a student does drop down a level keep that data from the previous level he was on and he starts over fresh from level 2 till he hits level 3 again. I need help with finding a code/script to do this I have been trying to do this for some time. I have the first part of them going up and down levels but need the code to save the old data of a students level and continue on a new level and if he goes down again it keeps the data again and restarts again on a previous level.
  3. How can I reset a count an make it start over again? I'm counting records from one account, depending on another field the count will reset to zero and start over from there on, not affecting the old records. In other words one user may have multiple records, I need to count a particular field in order to get to a certain level, but if he level drops in the future, I need to count from there on not affecting the past records.
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