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  1. Hello, I have an inventory system that has barcodes for each item, individually. However some of these items are inside of cases where the contents are always the same, and there are too many items to efficiently scan all of them. I am looking to create a way that would allow me to barcode the outside of the case, and when scanned into the portal it fills the portal rows with the items inside the case and not the case's barcode. So scan case, display contents in portal row. Let me know if you need any files or screens for helping. Thanks
  2. Another question, So I have my inventory database working with an ability to create invoices for checking out equipment. However I need to add 2 things to the database. I need a field in the invoice table that has a status of either active or closed that auto updates in relation to the line items in the portal, when the quantity in equals the quantity out for the line items. Another part I need to add is a field (i'm guessing) on the inventory page that changes when the item has been added to an invoice, so that I know if an item is checked out, and then reverts back when the item is checked
  3. That worked perfectly. Thank you for your help!
  4. I got the same file when I unpacked the zip i uploaded to the forum. but it unpacks fine when i unpack the local zip on my computer try this link: http://we.tl/GfNwL6WneQ
  5. that unpacks just fine. I did wait for the upload to complete to submit reply but i can try again Mindfile_Inventory.fmp12.zip
  6. no it doesn't for me. Weird. only if I unpack the local version and not the attached version from the post will it work
  7. ok tried that, hope this works Mindfile_Inventory.fmp12.zip
  8. Mindfile_Inventory_copy.fmp12.zip
  9. why isn't it letting me attach the fm file?
  10. Here's the relationships table as well as the layout view of the "invoice" table and the print layout from the line items table
  11. The items in the print form are not within a portal on that layout. They are the items from a portal on the invoice layout that references the line items layout. The layout is under the table for line items, however the items related to the invoice number do not appear
  12. I have the print setup from a list layout, and all the client details are loading just fine, as well as the invoice number. However the line items from the portal are not loading when I switch to that layout. I have it setup so there is a print button that triggers a GTRR step and opens the layout in a new window in preview mode. All info is displayed except for the portal items. I can post the file if that would help understand my issue.
  13. Hello, I am in need of creating a printable version of my invoice layout. The layout contains 2 portals, of which the data needs to be printed out from. The first portal is contact information for the client, the second is item/inventory portal, which can range from 1 line to over 100. The printout needs to include all the portal rows from the item list, as well as the contact info. Is there a way to print this data on print report layout, without the report showing the data from all the invoice orders. Currently my print report shows the order number and the item list, however it shows a
  14. Ignore this post, solved issue, barcode was a number field and not a text field
  15. Hello, I have an inventory system set up with portal relations to orders. Every item has a unique barcode assigned to it that is a string of 4 numbers (i.e. 0001, 0002, etc.). However certain items cannot be barcoded due to their size/shape/material. Also these items do not need to have unique codes. An example would be extension cords, I want that to be a generic id that can be added to a portal row, then adjusted for quantity. Currently if I type my id for extension cords, ACEX, into the portal row, the related record is not displayed. Another id with out a numeric barcode is CXLR10, for a
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