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  1. Hi Wim, thank you for replying. I would like to click a button next to a container field, and have the contents stored in the field to be opened using Quick Look.
  2. Hi all, running into an issue with Quicklook on Yosemite. When we run this script: It causes Filemaker to open two instances of qlmanage, wait a while, then crash. I've heard there are difficulties getting Quicklook to behave in Filemaker on Yosemite, so I began exploring other options. I am aware of how to open a container file automatically using the computer's default settings for the file, but I was wondering if someone could help me understand how to open the contents of a container with Preview for OSX. Thanks for any insight you can give!
  3. Hello! I'm attempting to display a portal field. $find = $fm->newFindCommand('PHP_Client_Live_Container_All'); $find->addFindCriterion('All_Timesheet_Number', $tsn); $find->addFindCriterion('Job ID', $jid); $findResult = $find->execute(); $timesheet = $findResult->getFirstRecord(); $relatedSet = $timesheet->getRelatedSet('OnlineTS'); if (!FileMaker::iserror ($relatedSet)) { foreach ($relatedSet as $relatedRow) { $clientName = $relatedRow->getField('OnlinteTS::Client_Full_Name'); echo $clientName; }} Upon looking at our database, I find that the record stored in $timesheet is on a table related to OnlineTS through another table. I am assuming this can pose problems for getRelatedSet(). Up until now I've just been doing a separate findCommdand to access the portal data. I'm sure there is something I'm missing here. I'd appreciate if anyone would be able to help me out. Thank you.
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