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  1. Hello I have set up MirrorSync 6 and it successfully synchronises on the initial sync. Subsequent sync do also successfully update data, but I always receive an error dialog on sync completion Error in MirrorSync Customisation Script Unknown command: continue Not sure how to deal with this or where to look to stop this from happening, can anyone point me in the right direction, please? TIA, Lewis
  2. Hi Warren, Thank you so much for your speedy reply! And also for all that information, that's a really useful file and I'll definitely be following those instructions. I have one last quick question re licencing but I'll send that via email as requested. Many thanks Lewis
  3. Hi, Apologies if this is in any documentation, I couldn't find anything to specifically answer my questions so thought I would post here. I am planning to upgrade a MirrorSync install straight from v3.16 to v5.0. At the same time, I would be upgrading from FileMaker Server 14 to FMS16. The current configuration runs between FMS and FMGo spoke files, with changes made to the customization scripts. So my quick questions are: a) Is MirrorSync 5 compatible with FMS16 b) Do I need to re-paste script steps and provide new Spoke files to all users after upgrade? Also, any gu
  4. Hi Junior, Thank you very much for getting back to me on this one, really helpful steps you've put together. We'll try that out here and come back if we have any questions. Are there any plans to include this as standard/an option in a future version of ScriptMaster? The only reason I ask is because there are quite a few users and I don't fancy going round each desktop to swap out the Java files 😁 No problems if not. Thanks again for looking into this for us. Lewis
  5. Hello, We are looking into using ScriptMaster and specifically the encryption functions. Do the EncryptAES and DecryptAES functions support AES 256? Apologies if this is somewhere in the documentation, I did have look first! Thank you in advance for any advice you can give, Lewis
  6. Hello, I noticed that on the server in which MirrorSync is installed, one of the mirrorsync.data files was 12GB+ in size. It is in the filepath formula C://Program Files/360WOrks/SyncData3_MirrorSync/FileMaker Server_x.x.x.x_FileName/mirrorsync.data Is there any way to either reduce the size of this file, or stop it getting any bigger? Thank you in advance for you help Lewis
  7. I have had this a couple of times when the server has run out of disk space. So it maybe that the new server provided you with more space, which is why the issues disappeared.
  8. Hi Jesse - sorry for not getting back to you on this. This was resolved via your other support channels. It ended up that there was a MirroSync record in the database from the testing period which should have been removed.
  9. Hello, I am finding that since 8/Feb/17 are showing with the client name as me! Obviously, not all the clients were actually my copy of FMPA on a Windows machine. Could I ask where this data is received from so I can see if there is some default somewhere from initial development testing? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you Lewis
  10. Thanks Jesse, Can confirm - that was the issue and all is working OK now.
  11. Thank you for coming back to me, Ryan. As a secondary issue to this, I am struggling with getting the customisation script to work as expected. I have pasted in the appropriate script steps from before the upgrade (not all of them, just the ones for the find changes). I have also updated the spoke database customisation script to set the $$MIRRORSYNC_USERTOKEN correctly, but the sync does not seem to be taking any notice of this, it just syncs all records at the hub. I have debugged the customisation script on the Hub and it works correctly when the $$MIRRORSYNC_USERTOKEN is set. Is
  12. Hi, I have purchased the licence to upgrade from MIrrorSync 2 to MirrorSync 3 and have begun to install it. The configuration tool explained that the MirrorSync table and scripts were obselete and I needed to copy in the new ones, however, upon copying the scripts I get the attached error message. Copying the table and layout works fine, but not the scripts. It also worries me slightly that the application window title shows as '360Works MirrorSync Configuration: null' - is this a concern? I have tried re-downloading the configuration client, with no luck as yet. A
  13. Thank you very much, Jesse. I'll take all of that into account, do some testing and let our client decide. It is good to know the possible pitfalls so that we can understand why, should anything go awry. Thanks again, Lewis
  14. Hi Jesse, Thank you for replying so quickly, and sorry that I did not see it until now. We are not using MirrorSync managed keys, so I would like to try it out in a closely monitored environment. It does worry me though that you do not recommend it! The sync only runs one way - hub to spoke - so I would hope that might ease some of your concerns? If not, when you have the time, are you able to provide a brief explanation as to why it is a bad idea to reset the data on the users file as if it had just been downloaded fresh, please? Anything you could provide on this would be greatly
  15. Hello, In order to attempt to fix a small problem in our FM Go application, I would like to be able to reset the sync data on the Go Client so that MirrorSync effectively sees it as an initial sync and therefore res-syncs all necessary data. Is this possible? If so, please could you provide the steps that would need to be scripted in order to start the client file from scratch? As a small amount of background on the issue I am trying to fix, when the parameters change for the records to sync (ie a different set of records) sometimes, the sync process misses out a very important tabl
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