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  1. Using InsertByurl command i found that it wait 60 sec. before it tell you about an error. using this curl you can manage the timeout: --max-time <sec> then if you need a shortest timeout example 3 sec.: --max-time 3 the error is 1629 in case of timeout.
  2. when inserturl do not have a response it freeze and wait, then i tried using curl : --connect-timeout 1 but it doesn work. please how to interupt the execution on inserturl command at e specific time. testcurl.fmp12
  3. This is my IOT, the hardware is based on its web server located in the sd card and it doesn't need plug in, just http get. Working in progress....
  4. I solved yesterday, mbs plug in has a function that gave me the solution, it is in the math group of functions. Problably javascript could do what i need but i prefer to solve using fmp. thanks for your attention
  5. As you can see in the image i create from filemaker the google map and the points of address. Using the polygon function I delimited the area that include the addresses. as i create the polygon i get into a div the coordinates of the polygon. I should pass them to filemaker and it has to find the addresses included into the polygon. To find them i should loop all the records to check if the address of each is in the polygon bound. I didn't find the formula to get this result, there are custom function for circle or rectangle area but not for a polygon. Does any can help me? Polydata_test1.html
  6. i have the same problem using: fmAdv 16 last, Mac Pro 2010 sierra last update. But it work using: fmAdv 16 last, MacBook air 2015 sierra last update. Graphic card problem?
  7. When you have a webviewer in a layout as you change layout the webviewer reset it self, on mac activity app you can see the webviewer process disappear. If the webviewer is in a popup if you close the popup the process remain still up, you have to change layout if you want to close the webviewer process.
  8. Mac Yosemite, Fmp adv 15.02, safari The same layout and the same pop over: As you can see the option list in a Global field has different look, with the client look good, on web direct is a garbage. What i can do? Many thanks WebDirect FMP
  9. When i use a local robot to create pdf files or other, i have a problem when the connection go down, filemaker loose every reference to the remote file. The only way is to close the file and open again, i solved this problem on Mac using this apple script. 1) The AS check the connection if ok open the file. 2) If the connection go down then the AS close the file and wait until the connection is up, at that time it reopen the file. 3) if you close the file then the applescript quit it self. I am not a Apple script developer, i assembled it using few examples, then probably isn't well done but it work. ------------------------------------------------- tell application "Finder" to set ThePath to POSIX path of ((container of (path to me)) as alias) set VarRepeat to "Yes" tell application id "com.filemaker.client.advanced12" activate try set window_name to the name of every window whose visible is true on error set window_name to "Error" end try end tell --------------------------------------------------- repeat set testIP to chkUP("http://www.apple.com") or chkUP("http://www.google.com") --------------------------------------------------- if testIP as text = "False" and window_name contains "Robot" then tell application "System Events" activate set {procesList, pidList} to the {name, unix id} of (every process whose name contains "Filemaker Pro") end tell delay 5 set VarLoop to "OK" try --tell application "FileMaker Pro Advanced" to close every window --on error do shell script "kill -KILL " & pidList as text set window_name to "Error" set VarRepeat to "Yes" end try end if --------------------------------------------------- if testIP as text = "True" then try tell application id "com.filemaker.client.advanced12" activate delay 5 set window_name to the name of every window whose visible is true end tell on error set window_name to "Error" end try --display dialog testIP as text -------------------------- if testIP as text = "True" and window_name contains "Error" and VarRepeat = "Yes" then tell application id "com.filemaker.client.advanced12" activate try open ThePath & "Robot.fmp12" set window_name to "Robot" set VarRepeat to "No" on error quit end try end tell end if end if --------------------------------------------------- --with timeout of 60 * 60 * 24 seconds delay 5 if VarRepeat = "No" and window_name contains "Error" then quit end repeat to chkUP(theURL) return (count (get ((theURL as URL)'s host & {dotted decimal form:""})'s dotted decimal form)) > 0 end chkUP
  10. Fms 15, elcaptain, macbook air client ipad mini 2 ios last update browser safari i set the numeric keyboard touch for a numeric field. it work using filemaker go, using web direct the keyboard is always the standard alfanumeric keyboard. I tested some other filemaker example and the numeric keyboard doens't came up. does it is normal or is a web direct "bug"?
  11. You have reason, it is a standard apple script, i can use it also for non global field.
  12. solved also in this way: set ServerFolder to cell "_PathLocalAfp" of current record as text set VarAccount to cell "Server account" of current record as text set VarPw to cell "Server pw" of current record as text tell application "Finder" --display dialog ServerFolder try if not (disk ServerFolder exists) then mount volume ServerFolder as user name VarAccount with password VarPw end if end try end tell many thank for your help
  13. fmp 14 last release. i put this applescript in a global field and also all the fmp field are global. i don't understand wy it doesn't work, if the applescript var are set as ... "set ServerDisk to "afp://" ... it work. Were i am wrong? Many thanks. set ServerDisk to field ("ServerDisk_as" as text) of table ("__AS" as text) set ServerFolder to field ("ServerFolder_as" as text) of table ("__AS" as text) set VarAccount to field ("VarAccount" as text) of table ("__AS" as text) set VarPw to field ("VarPassWord" as text) of table ("__AS" as text) tell application "Finder" display dialog ServerFolder if not (disk ServerDisk exists) then mount volume ServerFolder as text as user name VarAccount with password VarPw end if end tell
  14. Test by your self, from mac or pc closing web browser tab the connection is closed, from ios or android the connection remain there. Then is true about ios or android, my surprise is about mac and pc, how is possible that its close the connection? I have the developer filemaker server 14 that have only 1 connection then i can't make mistake.
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