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  1. Can we encode data from filemaker db direct to mifare contactless classic *encode - transfer data into mifare card and later can be read by mifare card reader.
  2. I have a marriage registration filemaker database and use to print marriage ID card, need to know is it posible to encode (perso) certain data from my db into mifare contact less clasic 1k. My english is not very good and hopefully it is clear.
  3. How to get access database

    I already write a script importing data from access. What i need is only the current record from access db to my fm solution..every time i hit the import recod script and all the records in access goes to fm. Can we specify in script that only the certain records goes to fm. tqvm
  4. How to get access database

    hi i cant understand very well how to push from access or pull from fm. what i did is create import access data to filmaker using import record - odbc. and i need to everytime. and i try to use relationship table. result is not supported. i have try this before on mysql and it works.. can u pls describe in detail. secod is... access have a field named photo where the pic saved and when i import record the pic export to container... result is 'untitled dat' thanks in advance MyKadData.zip
  5. How to get access database

    How to get access db sync to filemaker. Every new records from access should appear or auto push into filemaker. Tq
  6. cannot install fm 14 trial

    hi all i recently downloaded a trial version 14 and cant install in win 7 or win 8. my pc is running 2 gb memory. already create pc user account with password and disable avg. pls do me a favour to solve the issue. thanks in advance. I tried again and errot message ...you cannot install or uninstall......

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