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  1. Jesse, our client wants to distribute iPads with our solution on it, have it ask them to set up their user name and password on first login (their privileges are pretty restricted), then sync with the hosted file from then on out. If I understand your post above, we could set their account name and password in the $$MIRRORSYNC_USERTOKEN variable in the Customization script and have a script in the hosted file create the account. Is this correct?
  2. 360Works was extremely responsive to our issue, even while many of their support people were attending DevCon last week.
  3. Another iPad has started giving the same error. It seems like data is being written to some tables, but new records are not being created in at least two of the hosted tables from these iPads. Other iPads are syncing fine. Tonight was a scheduled maintenance on the server and the errors continued even after we successfully ran all Windows updates and restarted.
  4. I have a client with several iPads in the field. One today failed to sync, though the others have been syncing fine. I had him close the FileMaker file, quit Go and all other apps, and restart his iPad before syncing again. Same error. I restarted the WPE and the Tomcat server. Same error. Had him restart again while I restarted WPE and Tomcat. Same error. Others had since synced fine. Below is the error we are getting. I redacted the domain and client's IP address. I told him to click "Report Bug" so you should have that.
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