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  1. Hi Jose, do you have container set up to store interactive content ? If so, when you exporting your file to temp or what ever you do before you open it in program, is it saving those files with correct extension .pdf or is it without extension ?? That could be your problem. I'm PC only, not sure if it works like this on MAC ....
  2. Case ( time>1 ; ((time-1)*50)+100 ; time<1; time*100 ; time=1; 100; time = "";"" ) something like that? make field "time" and calculated "price", un-tick don't replace...
  3. to: Alismail it would appear that Tim is done with Filemaker development, so he likely won't suggest anything any time soon
  4. uploaded wrong file too many files everywhere try this one WM.fmp12
  5. you could filter portals like: Expiring Next Month::Material Balance>0 and layouts, maybe on layout enter script which will start at rec1 and omit where balance=0 ?
  6. Fantastic, I look forward to try it out. Great work as ever Tim ..
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