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  1. Hi there, just having the same problem here, came across this issue: QuickFind wont work if "ifqf" option is selected on portal fields within a popover on a local machine (i tried different macs), but hosted on windows server 2016 FMS15, works just fine.
  2. HI, MattyM Just came across your request, if not solved, try this CSS on your body overflow-y:hidden; best regards, Fernando A.
  3. Hi all, Finally I came up with something, I updated the Sample file to show the Idea for Replicating popover's behavior on a portal. Thanks. Sample 2.zip
  4. Hi, I’m really Stuck , any suggestions would be most appreciated. Problem : I need to replicate a particular behavior of the PopOver that is inside a Portal. Behavior: When inserting or editing portal Rows via popOvers, the data updates in the portal before “committing”. Solution: Trying to replicate this behavior according to this rules: -. Using Transactions and Data modeling. .- Data not updated at the portal before committing (refreshing portal by trigger or exiting a field doesn't work). .- Data not updated at the portal as inserts or edits are been made (same as above). .- Inserts or Edits are made outside the portal in the same layout (no modals, Using SlideControl). .- Not using PopOvers inside portal. .- Portal is not accesible by user it only shows the list of items been inserted or updated. I have tried different approaches but no solution yet, trying to replicate behavior has been very frustrating. Tried: Filtered Single Line portals and Magic Key with different Techniques and different relationship approaches, I have not tried Globals via Scripts which I presume could be a solution but don’t have much to start with!!!. For the record: A few months ago I started implementing “Selector Conector and Transactions”, I´m not so sure I have correctly implemented this. I have prepared a Sample file (is not the actual solution) with very simple use of Transactions and Data Modeling, it shows different approaches I have tried. Used some technics learned here at this forum which have been very helpful. Approaches number 1 and number 2 from the Sample file are not the preferred, but merely show the behavior I´m trying to replicate. A script at start creates small window that shows records are been created in child's table even tough it won’t update the portal before commiting when using technics 3 and 4 from the Sample file. Hope my explanation makes any sense. Thanks in advance, and cheers to all PS.: Check the green Framed Portal at the right hand side of the layout´s Sample file for a cool technique that I designed, it uses “Hide Object when”, and a combination of formatting the Button and portal row (Padding), which makes the illusion of an X circle appearing on the right side when Hovering portal rows, mostly used for deleting. Hope any one has a use for it. Sample.zip
  5. Thanks very much Josh, and sorry I did not comment before, just came out of a nasty virus! and lost too much valuable time. I did email Todd asking for his thoughts and he posted the article. I guess there is not much I can do for now, I'll try understand the use of transactions and see if it helps. Once again many thanks to you and Wim, really appreciate both your time.
  6. I inserted a dialog and a Set Variable "Global" as first step at the Commit Script but It seems that it does not fires the onRecordCommit, this is what it does 1.- Immediately Commits the Record ( Viewed with simultaneous FMP Client Session) 2.- Fires "OnFirstWindowOpen". 3.- Goes to 1st Record. Don't know what else to do.
  7. Hello I've set up a FM14 database, hosted on FMS 13 Win, The database controlls commits to be possible only when certain field conditions are met and a submitting button is selected. Everything was working fine as expected via Webdirect until I notice that by refreshing the browser you get a not desired or Uncontrolled "commit". is there a way to avoid these?, Somewhere in the web I read that Refreshing the browser has the exact behavior that the "Exit Application Script" does on FMP client, which works fine under FMP client but I can't reproduce the same behavior under WD. I also read that a transactional method is fully compatible with WD, but does not seems to be in this case, unless I'm mistaken. Anyone can help me with this, Thanks...
  8. Hi Bruce! I see what you are saying, and you are right!! maybe in cases where the found set is not relevant, its just another easy way!
  9. Hi All, About refreshing after exiting the portal, I use this combination that I came across by trail & error to refresh the layout and hide the objects: Commit Records/Requests [No Dialog] Show all Records Hope its useful,
  10. Wow!, Thanks eos, missed those two functions, never mind my script.
  11. Hi, For any one looking for a different solution I wrote this simple script called "Get Front Tab Panel Value", no plugins, use as standard for any number of tabs, just use Script Trigger with the help of Optional Script Parameter. The Global Variable "$$Front_TabPanel" holds the Active Tab. One time Script: Set Variable [ $Loop_Count; Value:2 ] Set Variable [ $N_Parameters; Value:GetValue(Get ( ScriptParameter );1) ] Loop If [ GetLayoutObjectAttribute ( GetValue( Get( ScriptParameter );$Loop_Count) ; "isFrontTabPanel" ) ] Set Variable [ $$Front_TabPanel; Value: GetValue( Get( ScriptParameter );$Loop_Count) ] Exit Script [ ] End If Exit Loop If [ $Loop_Count ≥ $N_Parameters + 1 ] Set Variable [ $Loop_Count; Value:$Loop_Count + 1 ] End Loop Two Additional Steps: 1.- On Layout Mode Name each Object Tab using the inspector, (I use the same name on my Tabs). 2.- Set a Script Trigger "OnObjectModify" to call the above script, Its very important to use the "Optional Script Parameter" like the following Example tabs: Tab1 Tab2 Tab3 Tab4 Optional Script Parameter loks like this: List(4;"Tab1";"Tab2";"Tab3";"Tab4") (First Parameter will tell Script how many tabs you have) This way you can use the same Script for all your Tab Control Panels, just set the first "Optional Script Parameter" to the corresponding count of Tabs followed by the corresponding Tab's Names. Hope this helps anyone; FY
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