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  1. batch import via script

    Wim, This is the script as it stands now. Got Record/Request/Page [First] Loop Insert File [Reference;Never compress; Table:: Field; "".""] Go to record/Request/Page [Next Exit; after Last] End Loop. I know this is not going to do what i am after it was a test to see the idea behind the step Insert File. The script goes to the first record then displays the error unknown file and i am assuming that is because it can't find the ""."" file as it isn't a true file. I realise from what docs i have read if I specified a file that exists at that directory (let's just say ABC.txt) then it would work and import it into the field. As I have explained I am working on the basis that I have no idea what docs or how many exist in that directory and they will be updated throughout the day and the directory will be populated throughout the day with new docs. I just want to import what is in the directory into a container field for each one in filemaker a reference to them. So in other words the script if it is possible would be along the lines of Go to the directory specified Get the first Document Look in the filemaker table if they document name does not exist create a new record and insert the reference to the doc in a container field. If it exists skip that one and go to the next and so on - loop through all the docs in the directory until finished. I don't even know whether this is in the scope of filemaker or not. Hope this makes sense.
  2. batch import via script

    Not sure if this is the relevant area however, I couldn't seem to find a scripting section What I would like to do and I have had no success so far is the following scenario. I have database which stores references to files in container field located on a folder on a shared computer. What I want to do is have a script which when run populates the database with the names of those files located in the folders on the computer and create a new record for those not already present and if they are already present ignore the import. I have tried a test script which gets the documents path and loops through each record however I get file unknown when debugging and that is as far as it goes. The script in no one handles the above scenario of omitting and inserting only new docs it was just a test to see if it was possible to import via this method. From what I can see the script is asking for a particular filename and if it can't be found it throws the error. That though is no good as essentially the filename is in a sense unknown at the time of import and that is what the purpose of the script would be i.e. too find those files and create a new record with reference only in a container. Documentation on this is either non existent or sparse and confusing to say the least (or at least that's how I find it) Any enlightenment would be appreciated.
  3. Completely lost with ExecuteSQL

    thanks comment, I have just finished playing around and did in fact just created another field for the purpose of testing called it datework and yes that worked. going to try and get the other where part working now. Quick question though is there any rules to using global fields in the where criteria. just purely for eg where productdescription = _global_productdescription field.?
  4. Completely lost with ExecuteSQL

    Thanks beverly, that works only new to this SQL thingy. my next problem which i hope is as simple is, when I select SELECT ProductDescription,\"Cost Price\",\"RRP Price\",Date FROM CostPriceChanges I get an error. So in other words using your above solutions it works for both Cost price and rrp price but as soon as i throw in the Date field it breaks. Also I still get no joy whatsoever when using the WHERE clause if for eg I say WHERE ProductDescription = "Limes" it fails or Just Limes without quotes also fails. Is their a strict format that i am missing? I thought that part was pretty straight forward but sadly no.
  5. Just trying to learn this executeSQL and can not seem to get sensible results. I have a table which represents any cost prices changes that occur with a product. If I use a simple statement eg ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT ProductDescription FROM CostPriceChanges" ;"";",") i get a nice list of products show up eg Sweet Potatoes, Limes, Limes, Lettuce, etc etc However when i add where criteria I get the dreaded ? ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT ProductDescription FROM CostPriceChanges WHERE Cost Price >= .01" ;"";",") I am thinking, it is something in the syntax of the where that i am not getting into the grey matter but that is where i am having trouble. Any Help would be appreciated.
  6. Remote connection to server

    Wim, Just had success not sure whether i had it wrong in my thinking howerver with using 8080 i was addressing as mydomain:8080 whereas if i dropped off the 8080 it worked.
  7. Remote connection to server

    Wim, Thanks for the reply. You are correct in what you say I am sorry if my post wasn't clear. I forwarded all ports as per filemaker documentation including 5003. The changeip issue has me a little perplexed in that the server for fm resides on a machine with a static internal ip of I have port forwarded that address in router so in other words eg 5003 is port forwarded to this internal ip. I assume that is what you meant. If that is the case (and I assume it is as it was working previously using this setup) I am at a loss at this point in time. Thanks for your time.
  8. Remote connection to server

    Hope someone can help with this issue. I have filemaker server 14 installed on windows 10 ( yes! I know that is not part of the recommended specs by filemaker but it has been very stable for me as I only use it for odd db's when I am out and about from the office) and was working fine no issues whatsoever. I use ports 8080,443 and have port forwarded them through router as well as all the other ports required as per filemaker documentation. All of a sudden it has stopped working. (no! There have been no windows updates) I have disabled all firewalls and Sophos(this really doesnt like server for some reason). I can connect to the server via LAN (ie local network) fine. but connecting remotely has stopped all of a sudden. I use changeip to create a dynamic IP and that is working fine. I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the server as well. Any ideas as to where i could look to see where the problem may lie? I have tried to connect with filemaker go V13, 14 and 15 and filmaker pro 14 and 15 from variuos machines (no joy) now i am completely pulling what little hair I have out. cheers in advance.
  9. Portal Issue?

    OK Here goes an question that I hope makes sense. The small POS that i am working on is progressing however, I have just noticed an issue with a popover portal display that i am not sure is correct or how to work around it. I will try and explain. If I create a new transaction record and dont put any data into the portal where the dummy product is In the image i.e. it is blank then when i click on the Green fruit /veg button to the right and the popover displays, i get a blank portal display. whereby i am looking to get When the popover displays. The popover is 7 portals side by side to form a grid. It works absolutely fine if a product has been entered into the left hand side eg where the dummy product is. It then displays. I tried to enter the dummy at new transaction via script and then delete it in the same script but the popover is again blank. The popover portal is based on a seperate table to the portal where purchases are entered. Any clues as to what i might be missing. This is in FM15ADV. on windows 10.
  10. POS question

    Thanks Steve, Your thoughts and advice quickly set me on the path that I was looking for. Sometimes I forget the simple things. Yes BArcode scanning is to be used. So with fields I had placed in the inventory table I simply run a script when the item is scanned which looks for the multi buy identifier. If found then it pops up a dialog box (I might change this to a custom layout style dialog however, it is functional yet not very aesethetic though). The user in this way (as you pointed out) is then prompted to offer the multi buy if the customer hasn't taken it up. The relevant button selected from the dialog box picks up the correct option and prices through variables and get (lastmessagechoice) these are loaded onto the POS screen at the correct prices for the option selected. Again thanks for the idea.
  11. POS question

    Hi all not sure if this is the right area for this post however,any Help appreciated in a design that i am working on for a small point of sale i have an issue (or challenge) the normal price is set as a Retail Price (all good) however I have been asked to now fulfill this next part. A Multi-buy concept. so e.g. a bottle of wine would normally sell for $12.99 however there is a promotion where you can get 2 for $20 ea (or a breakdown of $10 ea) Now I have put a field in inventory table for multi buys i.e. fields 1. a checkbox for whether it is a multi buy item. 2. a field which indicates the qty of item that is applicable as in the above example 2 3. a field which indicates the multi buy price. 4. A field which calculates the individual price as in the example above $10. (multi buy price / qty) and just to throw a little more into it there is the possibility of a situation whereby it could be 2 OR MORE. so I have created a field which is a further checkbox which indicates whether OR MORE is applicable or just the base qty. I guess the question is how does one tie this into the POS where an item would usually under normal circumstances be scanned and price picked up from the inventory table I am just a little lost on this. I thought of a script that checks for multi buy applicable then pops the qty and price into variables which could somehow be used back at the POS screenoveriding the "usual price". Then the issue of OR MORE came into play and that is just for me draining my limited grey matter. or am i looking at this completely wrong and is there a possible better way ie use of a related table etc. Any Ideas would be appreciated. I hope this makes sense.
  12. Mutiple break calculation

    Got it!. Thanks again comment.
  13. Mutiple break calculation

    Thanks Comment, I have a cruel streak Not really! I hadn't Picked up on that so will look but I will try your suggestion. I guess I wasn't sure how to deal with the 2 middle arguments. I wasnt sure if you could only have 1 instance but from your suggestion it appears that you can "nest" them for want of a better word. Thanks for your help as usual always prompt.
  14. Quick Quesstion, I have a number that I want to be formatted automatically upon entry to keep everything the same. The number is 11 characters and broken up as 2,3,3,3 or eg 11 111 111 111. Now I have used a calculation Let( @NumbersOnly = Filter(Self; "0123456789"); Case( Length(@NumbersOnly) = 10; "("&""& Left (@NumbersOnly; 2) &")"& "" &" "& Middle(@NumbersOnly;3;4) & "-" & Right (@NumbersOnly;4) )) to format a phone number specifically and that is fine. But for the love of Mike how would I break up thea bove example to the 11 111 111 111 format when enterd as 11111111111
  15. FM easy calendar

    Thanks Delco for the tip. Sorry i meant to thank you earlier just forgot to go back and do it. I hate not acknowleding people and their efforts please accept my apologies.

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