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  1. Hi Dave, Thanks for your explanation. I should have said what I was trying to do: After initial analysis of a DDR for a system I'd like to say to a client: "We've found 'X' issues in your system that may need fixing/investigating" - initially I thought the Report Card did this, reconsidering, and from what you've said, I see the Report Card (broken references) shows the number of actual items affected - (counting unique instances of script names seems to confirm this). Also caution should be taken when looking at say: Impacted Layouts 0% (there may be many layout object issues that indirectly affect layouts) So to get the total number of occurrences of issues, you'd need to extract that from the Broken Refs node. (correct me if I'm wrong)
  2. Hi all, Figures for broken references differ completely on the Report Card vs the 'Broken References' node if FMPerception. Some figures, such as 'Impacted Layouts' are empty in the report card '--' yet may have '24' in the Broken Refs node. What is the difference between them/how should they be interpreted? I'm guessing the node should be relied upon but I'm having difficulty tying up figures between the two even at a headline level. In this particular instance: 'Fields Impacted' on the report card states '15' yet <Field Missing> and 'Empty Field Reference' are both in the 60's. Thanks in advance, Lee
  3. Update - I've tested from two new devices: 1. additional iPad (FM GO 15) over my mobile Wifi network - FAIL 2. New Windows2 machine* (same network as Windows1 - FM15) - FAIL *the original Windows machine (same network) still connects fine. I should add that this server is the limited Dev server obtained via the FM community membership. It should accept up to 3 FM client connections & 1 Webdirect / FM Go but I've closed all when testing to be sure.
  4. Hello all, I'm having an issue with my Macbook air seeing 'Connection Failed' for only one dev server, despite other devices being able to see it. Setup as follows: Macbook Air: FM 14 & 15 - able to see 2 AWS dev servers + 1 client server (via vpn) - Personal AWS Dev server = CONNECTION FAILED Windows 7: FM 14 & 15 - able to see all of the above, no issues Ipad 3: FM Go 14 & 15 - able to see all of the above, no issues --------------------------------------------------- The Mac OS is Sierra and the Dev server it won't connect to is now running FMS 15 (upgrade from 14 though this didn't fix the issue). I've spent hours looking through forums etc and have tried deleting the PEM files in the 14 install but to no avail. I'm stumped! Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks, Lee
  5. I think I've got it, though correct me if I'm wrong. I've gone through the DDR but this didn't really help in this instance, the iPad scripts are not used on the desktop, the key seems to be that although the TYPE MATCH FIELD is set to auto enter $$CURRENT_TYPE, (which is empty via desktop) 'Do Not replace Existing Value' is unchecked which means when a new record is created in the Data table via a portal, the value is pulled via it's relationship (the Global Match field in Research Notes table)
  6. Now I feel like a fool, as I suspected I would. That script folder was collapsed but a script under it made it look as if expanded. Though I didn't expect iPad scripts to be active on the desktop - not thinking laterally. Thanks Steve, I'll now study the database design report further.
  7. Hello all, I'm hoping one of you might be able to solve my little mystery! I've been using and modifying the Research Notes Starter solution, I find it very interesting dissecting these. I've sussed out most of the function but the $$Current_Type global variable baffles me, it's used as an auto-enter for the 'TYPE MATCH FIELD' in the 'Data' table which is then used as a match field to separate data into it's relevant portals; Notes, Media & Documents. Depending on which portal you create the record via 'TYPE MATCH FIELD' is populated with one of these 3 types directly from the $$Current_Type variable. But I can't see it in action anywhere, there are no script triggers on the portals, none of the scripts seem to contain $$Current_Type and nothing happens in the data viewer when I create new records ...yet it populates correctly each time. I'm clearly missing something but I don't know of any way of viewing pre-existing variables - so just how is $$Current_Type set?
  8. Many thanks Bruce this is slick, I really like the button bar with hidden buttons solution so that's what I'm currently using in mine. Thanks to all who contributed here. I looked further into everything mentioned and for anyone on my level reading this here's some interesting links I ended up reading: Transaction based data entry: http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/transactions/ https://www.geistinteractive.com/filemaker-transactions/ Edit dialogs with rollback: http://www.soliantconsulting.com/blog/2012/08/easy-filemaker-modal-edit-dialogs-full-rollback-support Advanced Filemaker data modelling: http://www.seedcode.com/filemaker-data-modeling-with-selector-connector/ https://www.geistinteractive.com/2014/11/21/filemaker-selector-connector-video/ http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/master-detail/ http://www.modularfilemaker.org/module/masterdetail-2-0/
  9. Ok maybe I'm missing something, when I try and create a record using a script via a popup or popup button in the same table (not via a relationship or portal) the popup cancels before any data can be entered. If I use a script to make the popup persistent, the 'create new record' script step can't run because it requires moving away from the popup. But point taken, you guys have given me plenty to read and think about and I don't wish to sound ignorant so I'm cracking on with my build to get some more experience in the new version. I'll upload a file if I hit a wall later on. Cheers guys Ps - I'm not doing things the same way, I'm rebuilding my project in the new version 14 so wanted to explore new data entry methods, hence the post! Bingo! I think I came across a create popup script step in the Invoices solution Bruce mentioned. Will give that a go... Edit, there is no script step to open a popover but it can be done like this: https://filemakermisc.wordpress.com/2015/03/11/layout-tip-opening-a-popover-with-a-script/
  10. Thanks for the research tips BruceR, I did just that and found the 'Invoices' example an interesting learning curve. I also re-read some Filemaker transactions info, which actually made more sense than it did the first time around so I have plenty to consider and will continue to reference these things as I build. I'm certainly no guru so readily admit that I have much to learn, but am excited by the prospect! However I think my initial point still stands, the project I'm working on has perhaps the simplest initial data entry requirement possible, creating records requires several pieces of information with minimal pull/push from/to related tables. Once data is entered correctly the new record will appear in a list view, what happens from there gets more tricky but that's another matter. Now perhaps I should take the related table route and create a transaction/data entry table solely for creating new records, well I did do this already but then decided it seemed superfluous to have a table and set of fields simply to create a record in another table. So I switched to the global fields, same table method. List function values offer an interesting alternative that I haven't tried, but, whats wrong with the idea that hitting a button both creates a new record in the current table and launches a popup listing only the required fields, either quit or commit, quit deletes the record but 'Save' closes the popup with your new record on screen? The only thing I can see currently wrong with such a simple solution is that Filemaker script triggers don't work on a popup button, so I can't create a record before the popup launches. I understand that there would be potential integrity problems with this approach yet I should stress this project is limited to one user, no network requirements ...yet. So I'm forced to use a relatively creative solution for very basic data entry. Thanks Mike, will take a look...
  11. Hello peeps, I'm just getting to grips with Filemaker 14, skipped 13 so this is the first time I've had the opportunity to play with the popovers which I've been much looking forward to. I have to admit that I'm a little surprised that data entry hasn't been made much easier with the advent of popovers. Creating a data entry interface is certainly easier and looks good too, but the process of entering new record criteria and confirming or cancelling the process is much the same. Currently I use global fields to place on a popover and when data entry is confirmed scripts will: Copy the entered data to a new record, field by fieldClear all global fields used for entryor Cancel and clear global fieldsHowever this takes more script writing the more fields you have and can be approached in many different ways from a control perspective. Before I was doing this, I instinctively wanted to do away with the global 'Entry' fields mirroring actual data fields and instead; create a new record when launching a data entry popover, the fields are probably the same as those already on the layout but only the new blank record has focus, and the new procedure be: Commit recordor Cancel and delete recordThis would, at least in some scenarios be suitable and requires less development overhead because cancelling requires only that the record is deleted and the committing is already done by the user (as long as the record isn't cancelled or validation fails...). ...Yet you can't do this using popovers. Creating a record cancels a popover, end of. The button that launches a popover can't be set to create a record either so I'm stuck with my old methods. Does this actually bother many people? I thought this would be a common functional desire but haven't found much to read on data entry approaches in Filemaker ...what alternative approaches do other people use? Lee
  12. It's been a crazy few weeks for me so this has been on hold until now but I've been reading back through this and realised that my problem description could have been a lot more precise & simple, yet guys your responses, wow, above and beyond! Thank you so much. I have considered the solutions here and now realise I can almost definitely achieve this in more ways than one using your ideas. I'll report back with some notes on the solution I use - Thanks again!
  13. Yeah pretty much, but not just move a value, rather the whole field and all contents; let's say a field called 'Start Date' was imported into Spare52 in FM, I get instruction that 'Start Date' needs to be in ImportantField1, I want to hit a button type in 'Start Date' the script finds which FM field that's in (Spare52) then Show All records and move the entire contents to ImportantField1. Note: Because the data we import comes from other systems, we always have a header record. So I'll search for 'Start Date' on the header record and all other records will actually have dates in that field. I can't think of an easier method other than writing a long IF & Else IF script... using a variable for the user input to match on
  14. Thanks for the file dwdata, that's pretty cool and I think I can use that for another solution to a different task.
  15. Comment & dwdata, thanks for your responses. In fact I do only want to scan fields from the first record! ie the header of the imported set. I'm not attached to using Quick Find it just happens that this function does half of what I want to achieve. Sorry I wasn't clear before, let me try again - Say for arguments sake our DB has 40 agreed/predefined meaningful fields and 50+ fields that are always in flux. In Filemaker we've created & labelled the 40 agreed fields as appropriate, Name, Address etc. The other 50+ fields are simply labelled Spare01 to Spare50 because what will be imported into them will always fluctuate. The client sends us 10k records which we import into our FM DB. Later the client says "Use fields x, y, z from the data to do such and such on this occasion" ...using the 1st header record I manually search among the 50+ spare fields for headers that match x, y & z, once found I move them to fields more appropriate for purpose. We get lots of data supplies and most processing is automated but this still takes time, I was hoping to write a script that allows me to input the header name and it then searches the 50+ Spares of the header record and finds where the one I'm looking for resides, then the script can move it to the appropriate field. We typically have three important fields: ImportantField1, ImportantField2, ImportantField3 ...but we can never know which of the spares the important data will be found in because it always changes, the important data changes too. Maybe looping through is the way to go, I'm guessing I'll need a layout that only contains the spares I want to loop through. I'll have a bash at this today.
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