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  1. That is how access works right now. Everybody must type in their own Username and Password. However, like I said before, I cannot do that if I want some records to be freely accessible. Right now, we have 2 hosted databases. One has no ID/PSW requirement, while the other DB has the requirement. But if I combine the two into a single DB, if I retain a password, then I lockout people I don't want to be locked out. So what I want to do is allow entry of everyone who is allowed to see the free content (which is everybody), but then put a link in the database that will lead to a password page to allow access to protected content. I want to know if that is possible as per your File > Manage... > Security suggestion. Again, the reason why is because it's silly for me to pay double the price to host 2 separate FMP Databases if I can pay for to host just one that offers both free and password protected content. That is my aim here.
  2. Thank you for your reply. First, how do I go about "defining 2 privilege sets" in FMP 11 Advanced, specifically? Second, you say it is not good practice to have multiple users on the same account. I am unsure what you mean. Are you familiar with Instant Web Publishing, which allows multiple people to access a single database hosted online? This how IWP works. The number of simultaneous users is not unlimited but we've been hosting our FMP databases for many, many years using MacUSA and never once had any issues whatsoever with more than one person accessing our hosted databases. So again, I am unsure what you mean.
  3. Our company still uses FMP 11 Advanced because hosting online via IWP is much, much cheaper than hosting with a modern version of FMP. Currently, we pay double to have two different FMP 11 databases hosted online. One database contains 900 records and is open to the public with no password, and the other has several thousand records and requires a password. In hopes of cutting our hosting cost in half, I would like to combine the two databases into one database, such that we need only pay to host 1 database. But our need to password protect certain records remains. In other words, I want to put the content that doesn't require a password inside the FMP database file that has data we want to protect. I know it's possible to combine the two databases, but that would mean we can no longer use a main password to lockout the entire file, as that would lock out everybody. I would like to know if I can use FMP 11 Advanced to password protect only certain records within a single database file? Thanks.
  4. There's absolutely nothing wrong with Let's Encrypt, regardless of the fact it is free. They simply do not offer Extended Validation (EV), which is really what you are paying for when you really want to pay for SSL. However, most people don't need EV. Indeed, the cost of EV would prevent most people from ever using HTTPS if organizations like Let's Encrypt did not exist. Do your research on Let's Encrypt before giving them a thumbs down.
  5. I use Let's Encrypt on my main website, and I have links to my FM Pro database which is separately hosted on MacUSA.net. Since MacUSA supports HTTPS, it is a seamless SSL experience.
  6. I realize this thread is 9 years old, but since I still have my FM Pro 11 databases hosted via IWP, I find it relevant. Hopefully someone informed will reply. I host my databases with a third party FM Pro hosting service in the USA on a shared server. Because it is a shared server, there are no tweaks or mods I can make to that server. I am based in Japan, so we need our login page to be in Japanese, but the 3rd parting hosting service won't do that for us because everyone else on the same shared server would then have a Japanese login. So what I've done is create a <form action> on a page in our website which uses HTTPS to send ID and PSW data to the FM Pro database login page. So long as there are no errors, it works seamlessly. The reason I am posting in this thread is because we have assigned ID's and PSW's to various dealers around Japan, but some of them are sharing their LOGIN/PSW with others, breaking our terms of agreement. The problem is, we don't know who is doing this but we want to find out. I want to match an IP with each login to gain a better idea of what is going on. How can I accomplish this? Thank you.
  7. It is indeed a TERRIBLE and TRAGIC loss. Look at all the time that has past since my last post in this thread, posted in June 2015. It's now April 2017. Yours is the first follow-up post since then. Absolutely terrible!
  8. Sorry I cannot be of help, shevy. I explored using PHP programming as a possibility, but in the end I gave up. It's unfortunate.
  9. I would just like to say that the tricks presented in this thread DO NO WORK in the case where you are trying to display an external page, such as a directory listing, inside a Web Viewer (at least, not in FMP Advanced 11 when using IWP). For example, the code I am using inside my own Web Viewer is this: "data:text/html, <html> <body style='border=0;margin=0;overflow:hidden'> <div> <object type='text/html' data='http://www.yourURLhere.com/' width='100%' height='100%' style='overflow:hidden;border:none'></object> </div> </body> </html>" The result in-browser is that a 2px thick line appears at the TOP and the LEFT SIDE of the page being linked to inside the Web Viewer. There is also a very subtle color difference on the right side, almost like it is a faintly visible while line of 5px width. No, I am not using "emboss" or any of those other settings either. I am posting this information because if anyone among you happens to know another magic trick that truly eliminates the borders entirely (jQuery, JS -- you name it), I'm all ears! Best wishes.
  10. Thank you for the advice, Webko. Actually, Josh recently suggested I investigate a new CWP solution called "FMEasyWeb." I'm not a true PHP programmer (still learning) but I understand the basics. Even so, I am finding FMEasyWeb to be not so easy to setup. I would love hearing your thoughts on that. Here's my post: http://fmforums.com/forums/topic/97156-fmeasyweb-is-now-available/?do=findComment&comment=442408 Thanks!
  11. I've posted about some setup problems in the following thread: http://fmforums.com/forums/topic/97156-fmeasyweb-is-now-available/?do=findComment&comment=442408 I would appreciate hearing your thoughts. Thank you.
  12. Thank you, Josh. But watching that video was actually the very first thing I did just after reading your kind suggestion in our other discussion thread. Unfortunately, that video doesn't give detailed specifics on the very first things you need to do to get FMEasyWeb to function properly. That video is a demo video that shows you what to do AFTER the initial setup is complete, how to tweak your database via the PHP files once it's already displaying in the browser just fine. And by "setup" I mean how to properly install the PHP files and where, as well as getting the database setup on a test server (which most anyone would want to do prior to paying for an actual hosting plan, which can be done on one's own machine using a Trial version of FMP Server), and ensuring your URL to the database (within "Settings.php) is 100% correct. Doing some serious hand-holding on that would truly make it "easy" I think. But I am dead in the water right now. As such, I would like to refer everyone's attention back to my previous post: http://fmforums.com/forums/topic/97156-fmeasyweb-is-now-available/?do=findComment&comment=442408 I look forward to your detailed thoughts and suggestions, not merely for myself but for everyone else out there trying out this potentially great FMP solution. Thank you.
  13. This is not so "easy"... I too get a blank page in the browser sometimes. Other times I get error text in the browser. Clearly, I am doing something wrong. But since there is not document that gives precise step-by-step guidance, problems are to be expected. Here's the problem... • I have FMP 13 Server Trial installed on an iMac. It's up and running with an IP of • I renamed "FMEasyWeb - Contacts.fmp12" to eliminate the spaces which can cause huge headaches in URLs. The new name I created is: "FMEasyWebContacts.fmp12". I then used FMP to upload that database to my server. • Within the browser-based Admin console, in the Activity tab, I see "FMEasyWebContacts.fmp12" listed, and to the far right, there is a gray dot beneath PHP. Status is "normal". And within the Status tab, I see PHP is "Enabled." • I don't understand WHY I had to do this but I nevertheless followed the advice give in previous posts and copied the "PHP Code" folder into Macintosh HD > Library > FileMaker Server > HTTPserver > htdocs. I then renamed the "PHP Code" folder to "easy web". So that yields this path: Macintosh HD > Library > FileMaker Server > HTTPserver > htdocs > easyweb • I edited the following two lines within "...htdocs > easy web > Settings.php" using TextWrangler and saved it: define ( 'FM_HOSTSPEC', '' ); define ( 'FM_DATABASE', 'FMEasyWebContacts' ); • Typing in into the Safari address bar and pressing return yields the following browser error: "The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the ">referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of ">that page about the error. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again." • Typing in Safari's address bar yields a blank page. Please advise how to resolve this problem. Thanks.
  14. LaRetta and Josh, thank you for your kind responses. I sincerely appreciate it. FMEasyWeb looks intriguing. I especially appreciate that helpful tip. That fact it can be used on a shared web host is definitely a plus. I will be looking more deeply into this now. (Wim, thank you again for your mention that IWP has been "abandoned." I did not know that prior to you saying it. And thank you, BruceR, for your earlier comment saying the same.) Best wishes.
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