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  1. I installed the email plug in v. 3.05. Also, I did not reinstall FM. Only the plugin, after deleting only the older plugins.
  2. Hello fmjv808, Yes: One is the location that FileMaker opens for you from Preferences. Another one is found at /Volumes/Macintosh HD/Applications/FileMaker Pro 16 Advanced/Extensions. The third location is /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/FileMaker/Extensions.
  3. Hello everyone, Thanks to Ryan360Works, my problem was solved. The plug in, I thought, was the latest version, but it seems there are three different locations where the plugins can be, and it was not where FM would tell me. After Ryan explained that, I hunted down all the various places, deleted the old version, installed 3.05, and that solved the problem with High Sierra. So light at the end of the Tunnel! And it is a bright day! Thanks Ryan!! And thanks 360Works! Great plugin and service!
  4. I have the same problem. Just after upgrading to High Sierra, the Email plugin (latest version 3_05; FM 16 Advanced) stopped working and only says it is unable to connect to the server, which it did many times successfully under Sierra. I hope someone can offer a solution. Thanks!
  5. I just replaced it by an empty space and that seemed to work. Thanks!
  6. I've traced it, I think to a comma (,), because the name of a person includes a suffix ("John Doe, Ph.D. <john.doe@email.com>, Joe Smith <joe.smith@email.com>). Might this be, that commas are not allowed?
  7. Hello, I'm trying to use the email plug in and it worked fine until an error occurred with one of the contacts I'm trying to email. The error message read: "Local Address contains control or whitespace". I've checked the email address that I'm using and it seems fine. But I admit, I don't really understand the message. Can anyone help me, please? Thanks!! MB
  8. Hello, I'm testing the email plug in and while it seems to be working really well now, I find something odd that I can't seem to fix. The getascss function seems to work for bold, italic and justified text, but for justification (left, right or centered), it does nothing. I'm unable to center text or justify to the right. FM does not add any HTML code for that. Is there a workaround this? Thanks. MB
  9. I checked to see if the data in the function EmailAttachFileInline ( data ; contentId ) required not just the directory (since contentid provides the filename) and added it but I still got an error: Users/mbust/Documents/PremiosSubmittedDocs/logopng (No such file or directory). So thinking about it, and realizing that the problem had to do with finding the file, I thought about the file name. I know the file is there and it is named (in the Finder) just as it appears in the FM field. But what I had done, as per the instructions on the Documentation file ("You should only use letters and number
  10. No, it does not work. I just tried it and it generates this error, which I don't understand. Thanks for the help! MB
  11. Hi, Thanks for the help. Yes, the filenames are the same as the cids (the are generated automatically from the field). Running the script again, it showed that it could not identify where the file was. I played around (I had the path set as in my applescripts, using : and not / as separators. So I changed the directory path by adding "filemac:/" the directory (with /), and it does not complain about not finding the file, but it gives me a different error (java.lang.NullPointerException): What might that be? Thanks for the help. By the way, sending plain emails works
  12. Hello, New to the Email Plug in and testing how to send an email with HTML formatting and inline attachments. I'm trying to follow the example pretty closely, but every time I run it, it generates an error, "data parameter may not be empty", but I think I have every parameter filled out. Here's the sample script: Let ( [ $File1 = AwardsEmails::AwardEMail_AttachmentFilename1; $File2 = AwardsEmails::AwardEMail_AttachmentFilename2 ]; EmailCreate("Recipient@email.com"; "Sender@email.com"; AwardsEmails::AwardEMail_Subject) and EmailSetBody(AwardsEmails::AwardEMail_Message_calc; "html
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