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  1. Thank you, but i would like to work without plugin because i m a bit short and plugin are very expensive just for one task. Other option of the plugin are not needed. Can we discuss for an other option?
  2. Hi everybody, I m looking in filemaker 15/16 to launch on a mac a .jar file with parameters On windows it s show like that C:/Users/DrJonesX/Desktop/test/eCall.jar ADD*med1*1FD66D1*17-05-2017 and it s work great But on mac i don t how to convert it and launch it correctly Have i to use a plugin do that ( i prefer not ) or i need to use an other way like applescript? this is the file + parameters eCall.jar ADD*med*1FD66D1*17-05-2017 Thanks in advance for your time and your answer Jacob
  3. Oh do u know where i can find a discounted licence?
  4. Hi everybody, Is there someone that have a licence to sell for a filemaker server 15? U can MP Thanks
  5. Thanks dwadata for trying to help me but it s that the problem i need a dutch person cose in dutch some number are write in other way that english for example when u write in english 23 u set the twenty the the three in dutch u set forst the three the the twenty So that s way i m not arrive to do it cause i m not speak this language Grrrr
  6. Hello everybody I'm trying to convert number to text en dutch but it doesn't work i had some problem with the calc field when i m trying ( some are good but other doesn't work) is there someone that can help me to resolve this little problem cose i m not a dutch person I join the file that i made to be more clear In advance thanks u cardinal2txt NL.fmp12
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