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  1. launch a jar file

    Hi everybody, I m looking in filemaker 15/16 to launch on a mac a .jar file with parameters On windows it s show like that C:/Users/DrJonesX/Desktop/test/eCall.jar ADD*med1*1FD66D1*17-05-2017 and it s work great But on mac i don t how to convert it and launch it correctly Have i to use a plugin do that ( i prefer not ) or i need to use an other way like applescript? this is the file + parameters eCall.jar ADD*med*1FD66D1*17-05-2017 Thanks in advance for your time and your answer Jacob
  2. launch a jar file

    Thank you, but i would like to work without plugin because i m a bit short and plugin are very expensive just for one task. Other option of the plugin are not needed. Can we discuss for an other option?
  3. Hi everybody, Is there someone that have a licence to sell for a filemaker server 15? U can MP Thanks
  4. Licence to sell filemaker server 15

    Oh do u know where i can find a discounted licence?
  5. Number to text

    Hello everybody I'm trying to convert number to text en dutch but it doesn't work i had some problem with the calc field when i m trying ( some are good but other doesn't work) is there someone that can help me to resolve this little problem cose i m not a dutch person I join the file that i made to be more clear In advance thanks u cardinal2txt NL.fmp12
  6. Number to text

    Thanks dwadata for trying to help me but it s that the problem i need a dutch person cose in dutch some number are write in other way that english for example when u write in english 23 u set the twenty the the three in dutch u set forst the three the the twenty So that s way i m not arrive to do it cause i m not speak this language Grrrr

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