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  1. I have a layout for printing on a letterhead and have inserted an image file as the Background Image to serve as the letterhead. Printing and Save to PDF work as expected, but for the life of me I cannot get the background image to display correctly in Preview mode. Not displaying correctly in Preview mode is not terrible except, when the client does a print preview and it doesn't line up, there will be questions...even though it print correctly. Basically, it looks like the background image has a pre-determined padding applied to it at the top, but all parts and objects are set to
  2. Well, sleeping on it I found the culprit on my own. Here's the fix if anybody has similar problems. Changed the line pos = Position ( localArray ; key; 1 ; 1 ) ; TO pos = Position ( localArray ; key; 1 ; -1 ) ; so now it searches the array properly.
  3. Hi All, Apologize if an answer exists already...did some research to no avail. I have a script running a 2D array on a single table of records which has worked fine for me in past projects, but this time the "key" is a simple number field as opposed to a text field. The problem is that the numbers range from 1 up over 2000. The Array seems to lump some of the single, double and triple digit numbers into the 4 digit number keys also affecting the totals. Basically, as a result instead of 1744 records being reported the array is lumping everything into only 818 records despite t
  4. Hi, I too am having a similar problem. For any user account other than admin only 2 weeks show up. I tried using Tim's sample file and integrating the file into my own database and the same problem persists. Here's a screenshot when I run Tim's sample file as user account "EmployeeA" in the sample file. Has anyone else come across this issue and found a fix?
  5. Thanks Comment. You nailed it. That is the result we were looking for. I'll have to parse the custom function a little more to understand the method, but it works for our needs as of now. Thanks again!
  6. Thanks for the replies...I'm new to posting on the forum. We want an output that looks like this Cheetah #1 Released into wild Date = Dec 15 2012 Current Date = Today Field1 - Days_Since Release until Current Date in Wet Hot Season = x Field2 - Days_Since Release until Current Date in Dry Cold Season = y Field3 - Days_Since Release until Current Date in Dry Hot Season = z Table defining seasons - Attached. I hope this makes more sense...feel free to let me know any questions.
  7. Hi All, We have a database that is tracking wild animals that have been released into the wild (radio collared) and requires a lot of calculations based on date data. We are stumped on how to do the following as cleanly as possible: Calculate the number of days to date in a season that an animal has been in the wild. For Example: Table 1 Animal Released Date Today's Date Calc_Days released Wet Hot Season Calc_Days released Dry Cold Season Calc_Days release Dry Hot Season Table 2 Month | Season | num days in season January | Wet Hot | 31 February | Wet Hot | 28.25 March | Wet
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