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  1. Ah, well that's certainly an easier solution that's quite obvious now that I think about it 🤣. Thanks for the help, really appreciate it!
  2. Thanks! As I have two table occurrences of DRUG.ADMINISTRATION (one to EXAMS and another to ANAESTHESIA), does this calculation work? It would have to be set to evaluate based from one of those occurrences, yes?
  3. Thanks Comment! Very simple, but my concern there is with data export. When exporting, would one then need to export records from each table occurrence individually to ensure that the DATE field is included in the export? This is why I was trying to populate the DATE field with the actual date rather than just showing the date through the relationship... as I thought it would cause issues with data export?
  4. I have a table DRUG.ADMINISTRATION with 2 table occurrences relating to the tables EXAMS, and ANAESTHESIA, both of which I'm considering as parents as DRUG.ADMINISTRATION records need to be created from each of these tables via a portal on their layouts. Within DRUG.ADMINISTRATION there is a field DATE which should capture the DATE of the parent. Currently, I have two table occurrences of DRUG.ADMINISTRATION; one setup with a relationship to EXAMS via DATE and EXAM.UUID and one setup with a relationship to ANAESTHESIA via DATE and ANAESTHESIA.UUID. This works fine when creating records, but if the DATE field is modified in the parent table DATE is not updated in the child table and the relationship is broken. I need this DATE field to update automatically if the DATE field is modified in the parent table. I had thought to try an auto-enter calculation/lookup or calculation field to capture this date, but because I have the two occurrences of DRUG.ADMINISTRATION there's no way (that I know of) to set this calculation to evaluate in the context of the appropriate table occurrence. Any solutions to this? Perhaps this setup is not best practice as I'm struggling to find a solution (not requiring scripts), so any advice is welcome! Thanks.
  5. Thanks bcooney for the advice, I'll have a look at this option! Hadn't thought about backups, so having the external file seems a really good solution. Will still need to figure out how to make it work with my layouts so that the appropriate identifiers will populate whenever a photo is added. Thanks!
  6. I'm looking for advice regarding strategies for storing photos/scans within my database. Currently, I'm of the mindset that I would prefer to have a single 'container table' that is used throughout the database where needed. This table would have a few identifiers, which autofill based on where (as in from which layout, or where on the layout) the container is populated. Then, there would be a single layout where all photos/scans could be browsed/filtered/etc based upon those identifiers. First question, is this design good practice or should I reconsider my approach? Please note that for my purposes a container is not always necessary for every record (i.e. some records will have photos attached to them, and many others will not), and some records will need multiple containers (a record can have more than one photo attached to it). Second, in the case this is good practice, are there any examples available on how to best implement it? I really appreciate your time, please let me know if further clarification of my question is necessary.
  7. Okay, thanks for the insight. Really appreciate your help with all these questions Comment!
  8. Ah, okay. I understand and that was what I was looking for. Thanks! From your first comment are you suggesting that it's not necessarily a problem to have empty records within the value table?
  9. Hi Comment, just another follow up question here. I've implemented the design you said without issue and it works perfectly, thanks so much. How would you suggest setting things up so that you could easily delete a value that was entered? I was just going to put a button on the portal that triggers a script to go and delete that specific answer record, but thought perhaps you'd have a better way of doing this. Thanks again for the help!
  10. I'm working on a set of FM solutions that all share data links between one another. Currently, I'm working on local versions of the files but eventually the solutions will be uploaded to FM Server. Is there anyway that I can upload all of these solutions at once without breaking their links to one another? Or is it best I just build those links after the solutions are uploaded to FM Server? Thanks!!!
  11. I realised that I had misunderstood what you said right as I sent the message. Great, makes sense for sure. Thanks again!
  12. Okay great, that’s what I was thinking so glad I’m on the right track. To create the portals is it best I create a new occurrence of the child table and relate it and the original on an alternating match key to the parent (to show a different question on the same ‘row’ within the viewable layout)? Really appreciate the advice!
  13. Thanks Comment! This is a very nice solution. It doesn't allow me to quite reconstruct the data entry form in the same layout as the paper form, but I think I should be able to get this to work. Appreciate the help!
  14. I'm working on a database for veterinary exams. During an exam, a set of measurements on an animal can be taken but not all possible measurements are recorded during each exam. Therefore, my current design has a parent table called 'Exams' and a child called 'Measurements' and they are related through the primary key of the 'Exams' table so that each measurement that is taken is recorded as a new record in the 'Measurements' table (with a label, e.g. 'right leg length', and a value, e.g. '50.5cm'). See attached screenshot of relationship graph. During the actual exam, data are recorded on a paper form (please see attached photo for example of form). To streamline the data entry process, I would like to recreate this form in digital format within an 'Exams' layout, where all the possible measurements are shown within the digital form (just like the paper form) but where only the measurements that are filled in have a record created for them in the 'Measurements' table. This is where I'm a bit stuck, I'm not sure how to go about this as using a normal portal to the measurements table will not allow me to recreate the form with the same design as the paper form. I've got a few ideas as to how to make this work, but they all seem a bit clunky and was hoping someone here had a better suggestion as to how to go about this? I think the easiest would be to create fields within the 'Exams' table for each possible measurement and removed the 'Measurements' table all together, but that will result in having a lot of empty fields and will make reporting more difficult (correct?), and there are a couple other procedures/table (e.g. 'Necropsy') where measurements are taken as well so I'd like to have a single table with all measurements in a single location. I could also create a helper table where the measurements are entered, and then a script creates the necessary records in the actual 'Measurements' table, but this seems it could be highly prone to error/problems and would result in duplicated data. Please let me know if any clarification is necessary. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks. IMG_9241.HEIC
  15. Thanks everyone for all the suggestions, these are all very helpful and have solved my problem. Really appreciate it!
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