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  1. Ok thanks. What I mean is that based on the relationship that are set between sync table are the same on host and on mobile. I've followed the setup on Tim's site and did everything as written. I set a single table to sync in 2 directions, so the name of the table is ES_TRIP. I've tried setting on a push or a pull only configuration and in all the cases is not working. If I put the example hosted file on the server and then I try to sync the mobile it works.
  2. Hello there, I've set up 2 files syncing with Easysync. I've set up just a single table in sync called ES_TRIP (without pull or push, because I want to sync in both directions, is that correct). I put the same cfg on mobile and on host file and the process start working but it throws me an error: "The attempt to push data to the server has failed. (The message received from the server was: "111A01C0-27AE-414B-AC1C-DC56C83F877E" The hosted file is on a fm server 15 that is reachable and working - I've tried the hosted link and it is correctly working. The TRIP child table is set to add record (but not delete) on both files. What should I check on it? Thanks!
  3. Ciao Jesse, Unfortunately the process worked on my part, but after redoing it (I mean deleting the record 'server' on the mirrorsync table, then creating it again new and writing the actual date and time in the sync4 field) on the final ipad client it didn't worked because it still deleting 12k records and I don't know why. What should I do? Thanks, Gianluca.
  4. Hello there, Is there a way to download the mirrorsync link directly on an iPad? In my final workflow I'll send the link with the newest version and users will open it directly from the ipad. Is there any integration with even other 3rd parties software to download the file on the ipad and then run it from Filemaker? Thanks.
  5. Hello Jesse, It worked now. I'll check if the records are right on both sides and let you know. Thanks.
  6. Sorry but I cannot find the Report a bug on the Mirrorsync Client page. Am I in the right place?
  7. Hello there, I'm just investigating on 2 issue I have on sync 2 DB, 1 on the server and 1 on the iPad that are set to use a Spoke Db in the middle tier. Basically the sync is set to copy ALL the data from some tables on the server to the local db and send some data from the local db to the end server db. For some reason, on a large table, called Articles, with more than 130k records, the sync does not copy all the record for some users. There is no 'filter' based on user on the end db, and I run a pre-populate sync on the spoke db that copied all 130k records. When the sync is run for that specific user, the final result on the iPad is that the sync DELETES 12k records for no apparent reason. In addition, there is a Global table that has always 1 records and is get from the server to the client. But I found some times that there are several records on that table (more than 10) on the server, even if the sync is set to write on the spoke and not viceversa for that table. I have the suspect that are written from the sync. Is it possible? Thanks in advance, Gianluca
  8. Hello there, I installed today mirror sync as a trial on a filemaker server to give it a try. After Installation and reboot of the server (basically it wasn't responding) I logged in on mirror sync and start creating a new configuration, but It gives me an error when I try to access to the database server. What am I missing?
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