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  1. My apologies for not being more accurate in describing what I want to do. Your first solution is what I am doing now...when text is inserted into "Location 1" then a separate related table contains the data which is populated into other fields. Works good. However, this requires separate entries into the related table in order to have the data available to import. i.e., if I put in a location of St. Louis and there is no record in the related table then no data is imported. In that case the relevant fields remain blank and the user can enter the desired info manually. Is it possible for that manually entered data (which would be all fields since they are empty) to be saved as a new record in the related table?
  2. I have a portal with X number of fields and a default eight lines within the portal. Based on the text entered into the second (or third, etc) field, I need the program to auto-populate several other fields with info from a previous record (within the same table) based on the entered text. In the above example, if I enter "Atlanta" into the "location 1" field, I want the text for "location 1 rep" and "location 1 phone" to auto enter based on the last record created that had a value of "Atlanta" (the text in the first field). Same thing with the "location 2" field which should enter the data into the contact and phone fields for location 2. Can this be done via importing the field contents from a field within the same table or would require importing from a different table. ?????
  3. Yes, all 20 layouts are exact duplicates of each other. When filling out a layout elsewhere in the program, the proper layout is populated with the data. That means for a particular record, those layouts may only have four or five (pick any group of numbers from 1-20) with any data in them. The rest are blank. The pdf creation script looks at each layout in order and if it doesn't see data in one or more of those layouts then it doesn't "print/append" to the PDF. It is working great right now...except for it bringing up a window where I have to mouse-click on the "append" button every time it finds a layout with data.
  4. Not sure what "Shrug" means. I'm pretty sure I followed your recommendation about splitting up the data. I'll attempt to explain more clearly what's going on. On a single layout, there are five "tasks" which incur expenses. Each of these tasks has a line of fields where expense info is entered. Below that line is a row of four small container fields to insert a copy of the receipt related to the expense (the receipt copy is made with the iPad camera). This is repeated for a total of five tasks consisting of up to four receipts each, meaning up to a total of 20 receipts on that layout (although exceeding 7-8 total receipts would be rare). Now, using the info from that layout I created 20 layouts, each consisting of 6 fields (job number, date, vendor, category, $ amount and the container field for the receipt). The fields on that layout are automatically populated from the info entered on the main data entry layout. These 20 layouts are the "page" which will be converted to a pdf. The script to generate the "report" looks at the "date" field in the first layout and if it contains a date then a page is generated. If the date field "isEmpty" then the script goes to the next layout and repeats the process. So, with 20 layouts available, the script might find 5 of them with data so it creates a 5 page pdf (ignoring any blank layouts). I hope that's a better explanation of what I am doing. Initially, this process seems to work very well and I really appreciate your advice to go that route.
  5. Well, it "enlightened" me enough to know I don't want to do that "hide and slide" thing anymore. New question: In the process of creating the script which creates the pdf file. It is working fine and doing exactly what I needed it to do. Slight problem is when the script starts, the first section creates the initial page for the PDF. The next 10 sections create a pdf page to append to the first page (eventually it will be 20 sections to create up to a 21 page pdf). The first function brings up a window to allow me to define the name of the pdf file I want to create. As soon as I do that and when the second and subsequent functions each bring up a window where I have to select "append". After doing all that I have a file like I want. What is the process to use to have the script not as me to click on "append"? In other words, I want to name the file (which it allows) and as soon as I do that I want the script to finish the entire "append" process with no further action from me.
  6. Thanks, comment. The "hide/slideup" method is just way too complex and overkill. Dwdata "enlightened" me so I'm creating separate layouts for each container field and then create a scrip to create/append to a pdf for the final output.
  7. Thanks. A PDF is the primary output for this layout. I just created a record (20 pages) with no hidden fields (to slide up) and on the screen display everything looks perfect. Spacing of the top row of data and the bottom row is exact. But, when I print it to a PDF the first 6 pages print normal, but then page 7 gets some weird spacing at the top, which in turn causes all the pages below that to be out of sync.
  8. Having a problem with printing multiple pages when some container fields are set to slide up when fields above are hidden. I have a layout for one to enter expense info along with a copy of a receipt (jpg image). Hard to describe but here's my attempt: I have a 10 page layout with each page consisting of a first row with fields to enter data about, i.e., Reference Number, Date, Location, Reason. Immediately below that row of data is a container field large enough to fill the entire page. That container field is used to display a copy of a receipt (usually from the camera on the iPad using FM Go). If all 10 pages are filled, or even if only the first 5, then the printout of those pages is perfect. The problem comes up if there is a blank page somewhere after the first page. Each page is set to be hidden if the Date field does not have data input (IsEmpty). That function also works just fine. All of the pages (after the first) are set to "slide up" if the fields above are hidden. When printing, the "slide up" function works, sorta. However, when the pages slide up they do not slide up to the top of the page. If there is data in the date field (meaning the page is not hidden), then the first line of the page prints at the top with the correctly sized container field filling out the rest of the page. If the fields on the next page are hidden, then the following page will only slide up to the point where the first line is displayed about 3 inches below the proper top position (which means the following container field is cut off to display on two separate pages). All pages after that also have the data/container field lines moved down. What am I missing here??
  9. Y'all are great. Didn't even think about the radio button thing. It works perfect (created two value lists, one be yes and no and the other being yes and no and n/a. When a new record is created the two (or three) items show up as desired (an empty ☐). Checking any button/box places the button there, which is fine because it doesn't really need to be a √ checkmark. However, once one of the buttons is selected it cannot be deselected except by checking the adjacent box which puts the button there. Is there any way to clear the boxes completely? Also, the boxes (buttons) show up about with 60-65 points spacing. Any way to reduce that to, say, 25 points?
  10. I remember doing this in the past but just plain forgot the method. I have a "text" on a layout which asks for one of two checkboxes to be selected (i.e. Answer= ☐Yes ☐No). As it is now, both checkboxes can be shown as "checked" (or "not empty). I want it to be set up so that if "yes" is checked and then later "no" is checked, the checkmark in "yes" will disappear. In other words, only one of the two boxes can be checked. Additionally, could there be a third box (i.e. Answer= ☐Yes☐No ☐N/A) which would work the same way with only one being able to show a checkmark.
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