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  1. Hey there, I'm sure others have come across this issue and I've even done some extensive research prior to asking for help. I have an employee database set up and I'm attempting to set up a scheduling module. I'm no stranger to conditional value lists, but this has me stumped. In my parent table I have my employee details (including job types and classifications). In my child table I have all the necessary scheduling info. I currently have a conditional value list that allows me to pick employees based on job type and classification. Since employees can be booked on various jobs at different sites, I need to add a date filter to keep folks already booked that day off my list. I created a dvl_key in my Employee Table (which lists every date that employee is booked). When I try to add the relationship Employee:dvl_Key ≠ Job:Date to the parent to child relationship It kills my value list and my relationship altogether . I've tried everything I can think of and even addressed the attached file. What am I doing wrong!?!?!?! Adventure 1 CVLs.fmp12
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