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  1. AFAIK the external data source definitions work only for creating ESS TO's To program an Execute Sql script step you deal directly with the ODBC DSN definition, and you need the OSBC DSN set upon the machine you are on and also on the server Using the same DSN name for a hosted file. This should have been fixed by FMI years ago Once set up the step uses the host DSN connectiion to execute
  2. FM natively handles multiuser updates to the same data very smoothy - if User A updates data User B is looking at, User B's view of it refreshes automatically. This will not happen with data stored in SQL. If that is accepted then you can in fact use FM as front end to a SQL database. SQL database are powerful and ideal for applications with thousands of transactions per minute - just don't use FM for that kind of situation. For a write infrequently/read very frequently application FMP+SQL can work very well. SQL can do some things many times faster than FM , and using SQL views, Trigg
  3. I will be installing FM Books online (server) and owner if there are demo files anywhere that have examples of a good number of typical transactions and queries - the demo file available on Productive's site is quite limited in scope. TIA Oliver Reid
  4. Spoke with 360works this morning. This is a known issue with High Sierra They will release a fix in a day two -- but that will require moving to the latest version of the plug in
  5. I am seeing EXCACTLY the same same issue with V2 of plug in. Ir worked fine until I Upgraded to High Sierra. The connect step fails Emailasterror returns (after a 30 second wait)" Could not connect to SMTP host: email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com, port: 465 Note the FM send mail step works fine with the same credentials, but the port is 587, but fails (after about 30 secs) If I set it 465 Fm error 1506 adding reply tracking add reply tracking
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