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  1. Make sure the Host Name set in the admin panel is the same as the fully qualified domain used for the SSL That fixed the issue in my case
  2. Querying a filemaker db with SQL

    Actually, the point here I believe, is that FMP is not the best tool for executing high volumes of transactions form many users to a SQL database. However when same workgroup needs to work with large volumes of data, and updates are infrequent I have found " FM as nothing but a front-end to an ESS SQL database." to be a very effective approach, for several reasons -- Searches can be very much faster -- Complex calculations and /or aggregations across many tables, can be very fast using views set up in SQL. You create views that provide "Virtual Flat Tables" of aggregate values. Dramatically fast vs native FM - especially over a WAN. -- Publishing SQL to the web is very scalable using PHP or other tools, and subcontractors to do this are easy to find. So in a write "a few times an hour" read "millions of times", scenario ESS is in fact brilliant. You do have to learn (by experience, unfortunately) the behavior of "Flush Cached External Data" - I have found that to be certain that you are looking at the most current data this has to be done in the "context" of each table that could have been updated - not just in the layout you are looking at. A bit cumbersome. Tools expressly designed for SQL front-ending deal with things like this, and also avoiding "collisions" where multiple users are trying to write to the same record, much better.

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