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  1. I have created a drop down menu in a Projects Layout that allows me to enter each Job Type that makes up the entire Project on a portal (1 to as many as 15 items that make up an entire project). Each portal row is scripted to allow me to enter each Job Type's Specifications onto a related Tab Object to separate the Job Type information. This all works real well. However, I am trying to figure out how to display all of this information in an "easy to read" formal quotation on another layout. In other words, I am trying to get the Job Type and Detailed Specifications fields to all appea
  2. Quick assistance. I have multiple jobs that make up one project. In a layout I am linking the jobs table (letter, envelope, etc) to the project table (Direct Mail Project) by using a portal and many hidden Tab Objects. In the portal I have the following 2 fields: JobType (letter, envelope, etc.) and the JobID. In the JobType, I have a pop up menu and script trigger to select the appropriate Tab (letter, envelope) to prompt new fields for data entry. My script trigger is: Go to Object [ Object Name: If ( isEmpty (Job::JobType) ; "Blank" ; Upper ( Job::JobType))] Problem is twofold.
  3. I am looking for Quotes on this. As mentioned in my profile, I am a"Novice" and I think, I am turning this into something more than it should be. If someone would like to create a simple demo, I will be happy to pay for your time and effort.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Just to clarify your note above.... Are you saying: SpecIndex Table (JobID, JobType and Spec)----<JobSpecJoin>---Specs ....and then create the a script and set the "type", etc. -OR- Just two tables... SpecIndexTable (JobType and Spec)----<JobSpecJoin and create the script to run? Much Appreciated
  5. Ocean West: I am back at my computer. Thanks for the insight. I know what you are saying, but not able to make it come together. I am going to request additional assistance form you (if you would like) to compile a demo and forward it to me. This is the piece that has me hung up the most with the specs and various types of jobs that need to be quoted. Once, I have this figured out, I think I should be on my way for developing an estimating tool for my work. What is the best approach to communicate?
  6. Quick Scenario......running FileMaker Pro 14 ADV I run several projects on behalf of clients that have multiple jobs tied to them. For example, a project might be a direct mail campaign that entails four jobs that are made up of printing an envelope, brochure, and letter, plus mailing the piece. Each job is made up of unique specifications (i.e. Size, Stock, Envelope Type, Mailing Specs, etc) that must be bid out to various suppliers. Question? I have created a "job", and "specifications" set of tables. I have populated the Job fields (JobID and JobType) and ALL of the Specifications fi
  7. I understand that this will be a BIG undertaking and will require a lot of time on my part. However, I do not have the capital at this time. If I did, I would have jumped on a FM certified solution partner to address this yesterday!In the meantime, any feedback would be graciously appreciated. I sure you understand as well. Thanks JFC70
  8. Thanks for the piece on Anchor Bouy and the definitions between an ERD and Filemaker's graph. As a novice here, I crossed the terminology in my initial post. I am developing an RG. With that said, based on my scenario in my first submission and your expertise, what would make the most sense to be the "Anchors" within the TO Group? This is how I see the initial development: Anchors: CLIENT COMPANY SUPPLIER (I am not running Client and Supplier as one table since I have so many different fields for each) JOB SPECIFICATIONS (I have this as its own table since each job will utilize cert
  9. Fitch: Thanks for the reply. I know this will have a LOT of details / moving parts associated with it as there are many entities and table occurences that will have to be created, etc. However, to start the data modeling, I am wondering the best approach for calling out the appropriate Entities for this solution and maintaining a consistent JOB # throughout.
  10. Assistance Needed - Creating the right relationships based on the information below. Being in the print, packaging, promotional and apparel industry, I am trying to build a "One Click" solution for processing client's print JOBS and invoicing them out accordingly. Each JOB requires the following: JOB NUMBER (JOB). Maintain the same job number from initial JOB SPECIFICATION through INVOICING, and versioning of JOB NUMBER based on changes. For example: If I create a new JOB and it's number is 1001 and then I modify it at some point, I would like to capture the initial JOB number 1001 and
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