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  1. I would try redoing your configuration from scratch with the updated version of MirrorSync (including reimporting the MirrorSync table and everything). After I did that with the update I haven't had this issue again.
  2. After completing an initial sync to my test iPad (starting with an empty clone) none of my value lists that reference fields are working. Instead I get a message saying "No Matches Found". Value lists with custom values still work. According to the email I received after the sync completed, all of the records required for the values lists were successfully synced. Has anyone seen this before?
  3. Thanks! I have installed the update and will let you know if I encounter the problem again.
  4. Any ideas what can cause this? During my testing of MirrorSync I started to receive an error that the Updater fmp.12 file was missing (which takes you to the container field on the MirrorSync layout, so presumably that is where the Updater file is supposed to be stored?). As I am still in testing I was able to fix the issue by deleting my MirrorSync configuration, and the MirrorSync table, layout, and scripts from my file. Then starting the setup from scratch. Not something I'd want to do once this is in production, but the update feature is working again. This new feature of MirrorS
  5. Found it! I had recently added a new table to the syncing relationships and missed checking the box to "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship". All is good again
  6. The permissions look good on all of the sub-scripts as well. Here is a screenshot of where the error is happening in case it sparks any thoughts...
  7. Thanks Peter. I've gone through all of the scripts looking for that, but I will double check them. Here's hoping...
  8. I've started getting a error message while processing the pull payload - 101: record is missing. Browsing old threads I've seen some issues with typos in the TOs. Double checked all of those details and still no luck. Any other troubleshooting thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
  9. I would double check that all of the scripts in both the hosted and the mobile files are set to run with full access. I was having this issue and then noticed that only the mobile scripts were running with full access.
  10. Hi Peter, any luck with this? My users just started to get this same error a couple of weeks ago and I can't figure out why. Thanks!
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