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  1. THANK YOU Just changing the field to a date type apparently did the magic. CHEERS Beto Boton Australia
  2. It is a TEXT field, it gets formatted via the script I mentioned.
  3. Thank you guys, BUT that is not it. 1- "Always use current system settings" That is set and works fine for other dates in other fields 2- In the "Data Formatting" section, make sure the date option is selected, and choose "Custom" - This option is greyed out on the inspector (field is not locked) The selection of weekly bi-weekly etc is calling script 1218 Set_Pay_Period_Suggestions, and the date after this script is reversed to MM/DD/YYYY beside the field contains DD/MM/YYYY. I was not able to completely understand how it is reverting to an American style date. APPARENTLY this is wher
  4. Hi Jonathan THANK YOU very much for your reply! I believe I'm at a stage of modifications of the original FMSP, I reached a point of no return for a new version.(Modules included etc) I'm a newbie trying to do a Pro's job I know... Let me check with you if I understood correctly. I was able to identify the following scripts that need to be rectified: Documents Script 2337 Contacts Script 2301 Accounts Script 2306 Projects Script 2309 Projects Script 2316, 2317, 2318, 2319 for T16_PROJECTS::contract1,T16_PROJECTS::contract2, T16_PROJECTS::contract3, T16_PROJECTS::contract4 Total of 8 S
  5. Further investigation on this matter, reveals an issue with script 2306 Accounts_Container_Export OR the way external storage has been handled (could not find out yet). IF we have set a container to store a reference to the file only, while inserting the PDF file, when you hit open, the file will open properly. BUT. If you set External storage for the container, the folder Datafiles is created the folder account_container also created and 3 files placed inside as follows A copy of the original PDF file A JPG of the original PDF file and A PNG of the original PDF file See attached screen
  6. Hello As you will notice, I'm working like mad on starting point to get it customized to taste! I found this issue with DATE FORMATTING. I use "the rest of the planet" date format DD/MM/YYYY which is my system date format. Everything goes OK until now. I tried to change a payment period from monthly period to weekly and the date assigned to start and end period reverted to MM/DD/YYYY. Question: How do I get dates to respect the system date format( DD/MM/YYYY) Here is a screenshot
  7. Hello I'm having issues accessing a file that was added to Digital Docs tab of the Accounts Table. Both methods drag and drop and insert button were tested to add a PDF FILE and give the same issue. Manage Containers indicate on STORAGE the following [database location]/DB_Documents and on THUMBNAILS Generate and store thumb for images checked, Permanent storage checked. When I try to double click inside the container NOTHING HAPPEN and when I hit the button OPEN it shows the message on the image BUT NOTE that the text on the message is referring to a PNG file and not to a PDF Well u
  8. Ok How to import is fine BUT The key issue is the relationships that MUST be present there. If I import 800 products from "Supplier aGoGo" and "Supplier aGoGo" is mentioned on each line of the csv file for each of the 800 products to be imported, HOW, without going one by one of the 800 imported products do I set them to be related to that ACCOUNT. We set up the Account name to be an exact match to the cell "Supplier Name" Once the 800 products are imported, I need to go manually click on the Mag-Glass, select the vendor name "Supplier aGoGo" from the pop up, and ONLY this way the produ
  9. OK I'll leave the question here so some other "novice" like me can find the answer searching for Phone formatting The answer is that a custom function has written the LEFT side of the equation fnPhone (text) = this is located on top of where you write the code ! The solution was to just write text and the result would be: fnPhone (text) = text Like this: //This is a CUSTOM FUNCTION -> Manage -> Custom function -> fnPhone(text) // fnPhone(text) // depending on phone # length, will format accordingly // Timothy Trimble, www.timothytrimble.info // REMOVED FORMATTTING FROM PHO
  10. Hello I'm using FMSP 4.5 on Mac OSX FMP Adv 14.0 I want to get rid of phone formatting, too many countries too many formats and it is inserting x everywhere. What I've done : 1- went to Custom Functions and placed a remar on every line of the function fnPhone(text) and IT DID NOT WORK! Why? What is the correct procedure to just leave the phone as typed with no special formatting? I can find every single phone field and remove the function from there but replacing the function would keep the nice work for a rainy day... Cheers Beto Boton // fnPhone(text) // depending on phone
  11. Jonathan THANK YOU THANK YOU very much!! I'm getting old (60)..... This is not serious I was looking for a dinosaur and it was a gecko... Cheers Beto Boton
  12. Hi Jonathan Thank you very much for your answer. I do have a script # 0909 EST_Relating_an_Account. I looked at the script and it seems exactly what you mentioned, unfortunately I can't see it been performed when I add an Account (Layout L70). It search the account, insert the selected one and that is it. I'll try to find out why it is performing the fill address part of the script. It performs script #0909A and selects the account fill the field with the selected account and that is it. Cheers Beto Boton
  13. Hello Let's start with the famous introduction "I'm not an expert" but I've been around filemaker for a while. I'm on a Mac FileMaker Pro ADV 14. I would love to know HOW can we populate automatically the Estimates Bill To and Ship To information as soon as we select the "Company" (Account) since this information is already filled in the Account Layout. Can we do exactly the same based on BillTo_Name_First or BillTo_Name_Last ? But WAIT, there is MORE: I have Business as Clients and each Business is an represented by ACCOUNT I have people as clients (CONTACTS) from different places I
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