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  1. Hi Ryan, Many thanks for your comment. Best regards, HI Bruce, Many thanks for your help! What I was doing was parsing that info from the headers directly. I will try what you and Ryan suggested. Best regards,
  2. Hello, First of all, I am a newbie on Filemaker so still learning every day new techniques... I like to search in the forums to deal with the challenges I find but this one I am posting I couldn't find anything so I am starting a new topic just in case. I am trying to set a script to import data into our Filemaker DB from a Excel file. Normally we would download every day an excel file from our Courier company with all the tracking information and then import that info into our orders table. What I would like to set is a script that would run everynight and donwload the Excel file into a Container Field and then use that container as a source for a recurring Import. Does this make any sense? I would like to achieve is to not store any file outside of Filemaker. Is this possible? thanks a lot again for your time, Best regards,
  3. Hello Bruce, I am sorry I am just getting back to you about your suggestion. Thanks a lot, it worked great! I have encountre the same problem with replyTo, any suggestion for that? Thanks a lot,
  4. Hello, I am still very amateur on Filemaker so i hope my question does make any sense. I am trying to write a script that would basically import order information from an email and convert it, first in a new account (if the customer does not exist) and later create a Sale Order. So far, I have managed to do that, but the problem i find is when trying to convert the sale order into an invoice. Since this order comes from our webshop when we receive the email means it is paid, so my aim is that when creating the invoice from the Sale order, this would be marked as paid and set the amount due to zero. This would sound a very easy task, but since our solution incorporates a payments module to manage the payment of an invoice, when i try to incorporate the payment entry within my script, there is when all the trouble starts. For some reason, it gets lost in its way when runnig the script and returns a partial payment all the time. The weirdest thing is thet if I run the script on debug mode, then all works perfectly, so my guess is that the issue may be related to the speed of the script. So, is there any recomendation as for where to put a pause script step so the script will work also when run automatically? I have tried every possible combination of long script, shorter with other scripts inside, perform script on server... and all the time something is wrong ;( Thanks a lot for any insight thst would help us move forward, since we have been trying to solve this for a week already. Best Luis
  5. Hello, I have been already half a day trying to find out how the 360work email EmailReadMessageValue function works. I have been able to download only the latest 3 days emails, but if any new email will come the EmailGet NExtMessage would be set as 0 and therefore "Halt the script" Moreover no email that I download comes with the messageID or UID. The first does not create the $variable because it is empty and the second gives only value "0". Everything else can be obtained from the keys. What could I be doing wrong so that the EmailReadMessageValue( "messageID" ) does not extract the messageID from the email??? I am desperate because I just cant figure out why this is not working, so any comment that would help see some light would be much appreciated, Thanks a lot in advance for any help you may provide. Luis
  6. Hello, I totally new to 360works email plugin. I downloaded the email client from the demo version, and I am trying to adapt it to our company CRM so I can extract some info from customers emails. Basically what I would like to achieve is to be able to Fetch emails only within a certain date range, like for example from Friday til next Monday and after I have used the info, delete them. I have been able to download all emails and then loop through the information, but since I only want to extract data from certain emails and then delete them, I wonder if I could avoid downloading thousands of emails or keep them in the database which would make it very slow due to the huge amount of records. Is there a way to set up the fetch script to only download emails from a certain date range? Thanks a lot for your help! Luis
  7. Hi, I have just downloaded the 360works Email plugin Sample and I am doing some tests to check whether this would solve my problem. I would like to be able to download all emails from my email account into "messages" table and then on each customer record show those emails which are related to that customer via a portal based on a relationship between, but what I can not figure out how to do it is that the portal would show but types of emails those marked as "from" emails and those marketd as "to" emails. So far I have created a relationship between Customers::email ------- Messages::From and the portal would show all "from" messages. If I would set the relationship as Customers:email ------ Messages:To, the portal shows all "to" messages, but what I am trying to make is a join portal that would show by date both "from" and "to" messages, then I plan to make a Conditional Formating saying that if Customers:email = Messages::From then all text in blue, and all text in green when it is TO. Is this something that can be achieved? Thanks a lot for any tip, Luis
  8. Wim, Many thanks for your comment. I am still a newbie, and this solution is meant for a small family business that rent out apartments for holidays. My solution is a booking engine. There is a check in date and check out date and when you write those, a portal shows which apartments are available, but it didn't show the price for those dates. What my script does is to disintegrate the date ranges into each day as a record on another table. Then each day is loop into the season tariffs table to check whether it falls into the date range of a specific tariff (each season is a record) when it finds it, it gets the price per day. Then I get a field to summarize all prices per day for that booking, and that is the price that it is passed through as a global variable to another table just before I completely delete all individual days records so I can make a new inquiry afterward. Then on the apartments Table, I do the calculation to show the $$totalbookingcost and show if the apartment is ready for those dates. If my explanation of the process was clear enough, would you suggest a simpler approach to not use the calc field to be based on a global variable? I know this process may seem complicated but I couldn't come up with any other solution Right now the solution is working perfectly, but I am craving to learn more and more Filemaker approaches since I am so passionate about learning new programming skills! Thanks a lot in advance,
  9. Hi, I have a global variable that has been set from previous a script. This global variable is $$abc and has a value of 100. I have two fields on Table A, Field1 and Field2. Field 1 has a value of abc, and field 2 is a calculation field with this formula: (Evaluate ( "$$" & Field1 ) ). The calculated result, in this case, should be "100" since that is the value of the Global Variable that I have set on the previous Script. However, I don't know what I am doing wrong. I Evaluate the formula on data viewer and it evaluates it correctly, but on the calculation field, it is just not working. I have tried to set the formula as $$abc directly, and still, it does not perform the calculation on the field. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance for your time. Hi, I just solved the problem, it seems that calculation needs to be set to not store calculation results. Thanks a lot for just reading this!
  10. Hi Devin, Many thanks for your reply. I have checked it, and tried to install but it downloads all emails and not just those that are related to the email account that I would like to assigned those emails to. But I will have again a look at the documentation in case I can find new insgiht that would lead me towards what I would like to achieve. Best regards,
  11. Hello, We are developing a custom-made Filemaker CRM, and while we can send emails using mail client, and store the sent emails as a record with Filemaker, what we would like to achieve is the possibility to pull from the mail server, all the emails that we receive or send to a specific client within Filemaker and store as communication history with that specific client account. - We are using 3 emails accounts to communicate with our clients or leads. - We use only IMAP protocol so all our emails are sync between all our devices, macs, iphones, ipads I know that with 360Works or Mailit you can run a mail client within filemaker but our challenge here is that I wouldnt like to download, using IMAP, all emails related to my email account: orders@company.com onto filemaker, but only those related to let say "john@abc.com" from Company ABC. Does it make sense what I am asking? Thanks a lot!
  12. Hello, It always go to "Default segment button bar", set on the button bar setting, when reenter to layout. I need to go to same segment when user was working on before he left the layout. I know how to get back to last tab panel used, and I wonder if there would be similar for this. Thanks a lot! Luis.
  13. Hi Fitch, Many many thanks for going back to my initial post. I am sorry for the confusion regarding my goal. I will try to reexplain The whole purpose of this is to build a POS. Graphically it would look like a 5x5 grid that will display all our products, and when you click on the product (represented by a picture of the product itself thanks to a 1row portal for each product ) it will add that product to an invoice as a line_item. Since we have four categories of products the idea would be that I would place the 5x5 grid on each tabpanel and the products shown by the 1row portals would be related to the category that match the tab name. In order to make this work, my initial approach was to filter the portals according to the value of one field (zzz_g_collection_type) that would dynamically change when the user click on each tab. So what I need to achieve is that the value of the field "zzz_g_collection_type" changes accordingly to the active tab. Reading through Elishree Dey tip I tried again and "magically" now the script is working. I am attaching a sample file with the script in case this might help anybody else in the future. I cant stress enough how grateful I am for you guys putting your effort and time to help us newbies when we struggle so much... Thanks a lot again. Luis TabPanelControl.fmp12
  14. Hi BruceR, Many thanks for your tip. I am still quite new to filemaker scripting, and dont understand very well your suggestion. Could you please guide me a little be more about where to put the function within my script? I put it instead of If ( $isBottlesInFronTab = 1 ) but it is not working... any further ideas? Thanks a lot in advance for your help
  15. Hello, I have a tab control panel with four tabs, and I would like to achieve that when I change tabs a script is triggered and would set the value of a global field called "zzz_g_collection_type" according to the tab name which is active. I need this field to dynamically filter the products that are shown on 1_row portals that I have put into each tab panel space. I have followed Elishree Dey tip on http://burnignorance.com/filemaker-pro-tips/trigger-a-script-when-user-changes-the-tabs-in-filemaker/ but I cant make it work, it only changes the value of "collection_type" field once and only to show that the first condition is not met. I have attached the picture of my script. My initial idea was to place on each tab space a picture-field of a product as a 1 row portal and then duplicate as much as products I have so when I click on the picture a script is triggered and the product is added to the invoice. Morever, I have set an Object name to each tab Control so it would work, and also the desired value for zzz_g_collection_type comes from another related table with only one record that I use as preferences, this is on Preferences Table I have three fields called "Product_Type_Short_#" and those match on Elishree Day script tutorial. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?

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