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  1. Hello guys, good morning. Just wanna ask about Filemaker and jQuery. I know that the Signature Capture of Filemaker does not work in Webdirect. The reason why I'm going to use the jQuery signature capture it's because I'm developing right now a Meter Reading app using an Android phone. But unfortunately, the Signature Capture of Filemaker does not support it in Webdirect mode. So, I did a little research about jQuery signature capture and it is. But my question is, can I use and embed the jQuery signature capture in Filemaker Webdirect? If yes, can you help me how to do it? Thanks!
  2. Thanks Lola...I have a kababayan pala here...hehe...I'll check the links later.
  3. Hello guys, good evening! I'm from the Philippines. Just wanna ask if I can use Filemaker to make a website? Just like Wordpress and Joomla. If Yes, then what are the steps that I should do? Thanks!
  4. Hello, good afternoon! I'm from the Philippines and I really need help here regarding how to send SMS using Semaphore. Semaphore is an alternative for Twilio. I use Semaphore since this is a SMS Gateway for Philippines and it's every cheap as well. Here's is my script using Insert from URL: "httppost://api.semaphore.co/api/v4/messages?apikey=0f15c86bd1d5e62c25417dd61c62b902" & "&number"=SendMessage::mobileno & "&message"=SendMessage::textmessage When I try to click the "Send" button that I created, it always give me an error (see the image below). Hope someone can help me. Thanks!
  5. Thank you so much Steve. That really helps a lot. Here's the result below. My_Project.mp4
  6. Thanks Steve and Lee, I will try your suggestions guys. But can I ask something, what does the "Get ( FileName )" do there? I mean, what's the role?
  7. Hello rwoods, good evening. Your post is very helpful, that solves my problem. However, there is one problem again. As you can see below, if I select first the "T", second "M" and third "W", the output is not what I wanted to be. (See the image below) The output should be like this "MTW" not "TMW".
  8. Hello FM Gurus, good morning. Currently, I'm making a solution it's called "Enrollment and Grading System" of a certain school here in our place. I'm having a problem here with this Checkbox. (Image Below) As you can see in the image, I checked all the boxes on the checkbox list but unfortunately it will display only the letter "M". I want the output should look like this "MTWThF". I really need your help guys. Does anyone here can help with this? Thanks and God bless!
  9. Hello guys, good afternoon. I'm going to try the Chikka SMS API to my Filemaker program here. But in the API settings, there is a Notification URL and Message URL. My problem is, I have no idea what URL should I put on it. Can someone teach me about it? And can someone help me whats the proper use of httpost script? Thanks. Sent from my A1601 using Tapatalk
  10. I'm using iPad Wim. Sent from my Z520 using Tapatalk
  11. Hello there FM Gurus. Need help regarding the realtime clock. I can't seem to find some script sample regarding the clock. All I wanted is to put a clock in my FM program. Can someone help about the script? Waiting for your replies. [emoji3] Thanks . Sent from my Z520 using Tapatalk
  12. Hi Filemaker experts, Please have patients on me for I’m still novice with this Filemaker language. I got two tables here: ServiceRequest and Customers Service Request table contains sixteen(16) fields: 1.SRNo 2.Name 3.Account No. 4.Address 5.Meter No. 6.RequestService 7.RequestType 8.Remarks 9.Attention 10.DateTimeCreated 11.Receivedby 12.Notedby 13.Confirmedby 14.DateTimeAction 15.Actedby 16.Conformedby Customers table contains four(4) fields and have 500 records: 1.CustName 2.CustAddress 3.CustAccountNo. 4.CustMeterNo. The “Name” field as drop-down list under the Service Request table, I’m using “Autocomplete using Value List” for user to type the customer’s name and just select it. But the problem is, when I selected the customer’s name, the Account No, Address, and Meter No. will not automatically fill-up with their corresponding address, account no and meter no of the customer. What I want is: When a user selected a Customer’s name from a drop-down Customers name’s list, the address, account number, and the meter number should as well automatically filled-up with the corresponding information of the selected customer in the customer’s name field. Let say, If I selected the name “EDDIE GARCIA” in the drop-down list Name : EDDIE GARCIA Account No. : Address : Meter No. : The Account No, Address, and Meter No as well should be automatically filled-up with the corresponding information of EDDIE GARCIA. Name : EDDIE GARCIA Account No. : 012-012-015 Address : Brgy. 06 Jose Rizal Street Meter No. : 90806450 I will appreciate very much if someone can help me with this. Thanks!
  13. Hello there Filemaker experts, just wanna need your help guys. I'm newbie to filemaker so please have patience on me. I have a program here that the user needs to log-in first before he/she can access the main layout. I already created a table for Login that contains Username and Password fields. I know this is just a piece of cake for you guys but I really need your help. Can someone help me about the login script? Thanks guys.

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