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  1. Hello everyone, good evening! I am a freelancer from the Philippines. I just have a question. Where can we find websites that offers work as a FileMaker Developer? Thanks and God bless!
  2. Hello guys, good evening! Currently I'm making a solution "Ageing of Accounts" to a certain Government agency. I'm still in the part of an account's computation to get the ending balance of every account. But I have a problem in putting some Penalties. (See the picture below) These are situations that needs to be Penalties. Penalty will be posted if: 1. If the Bill of a certain account exceeded the Due Date provided. 2. If the person has not paid and it exceeded the Due Date. 3. If there is a remaining balance of a certain account and it has not been paid yet. I have attached a sample, for you to test and help me with this solution that I'm currently solving. If you already downloaded the sample, there's only one sample account there. The total ending balance of should be "16,996.10". But in my computation, it's only "16,901.20". The BILLING - February 2017 and BILLING - April 2017 should have penalties, since there is still remaining balance. The account should always penalty since if the Arrears is not yet paid. Hope someone can help me. Thank you! Ageing Sample.fmp12
  3. Hello guys, good afternoon. I need help regarding how to add two payments. As you can see in the image below, there are payments below the BILLING record. What I want to happen is, I want to ADD those two payments. After the two payments were added, the payment will be put into the Pay Bill of the BILLING record. (See the picture below) Here's my script but it won't work:
  4. Hello guys, good evening. Okay here's the story. When the Payment Date is exceeded on Due Date, there is a 10% penalty charge. But I got a problem here, I want to put a Penalty amount beside the Balance column. How can I get the Penalty charge there beside the Balance? (See the image below) Thanks and God bless!
  5. Hello rwoods, good afternoon. Thanks for replying rwoods. I got an iPad Mini (1st Generation) and iPad 2. My solution run so well but the problem is when it comes to computation it took 3 to 5 seconds before it displays the result. The script was attached in the Script Trigger of the Present Reading field. I attached it in the OnObjectSave Script Trigger. My guess is that maybe the Script Trigger slows the computation. What I mean is, if I use the Script Trigger is that the reason the computation took 3 to 5 seconds before it displays the result? or it is because of my iPads poor memory and processor?
  6. Hello guys, good evening. I'm developing a solution right now. I just need you opinion and expertise. What iPad will you recommend that can run my app faster? Do you think iPad Mini 4 can handle an app for a Filemaker app? Thanks!
  7. Hello guys, good afternoon. Just wanna ask if where does my apps or the path of my apps put on Filemaker Go? What folder should I access in the iPad? Thanks!
  8. When you export the records, what file extension did you save the exported file?
  9. Hi Steve, good evening! Currently, I'm making a solution for a government agency here in our country and one of this is the Reading Schedule. And up to now there are still using MS Excel for the Reading Schedule and they input it manually. Although they are using MS Excel like what I've said they are still input those Reading Dates, Due Dates, and Disconnection Dates MANUALLY. There are 36 zones and every zone there are about 200 to 600 concessionaires approximately. So, there are 9,500 concessionaires approximately. As you can see the video below, there are four columns. Column for Zone Numbers, column for Reading Dates, column for Due Dates, and column for Disconnection Dates. What their office wanted to happen is, they want to set only one date for the Reading Date column then the rest will automatically be calculated (See the video below). The first date that I set on the top is the Billing Month consumption. The second date that I set, that's the first field for Reading Date. So, when I set the date of the first field of the Reading Date, the rest of fields will automatically calculated. That's what they wanted to happen Steve. There are times, they have to put a reading schedule on Saturday due to certain reasons, such as Typhoon, Heavy Rain and Holidays in our country. If there is a typhoon and heavy rain, the schedule will be changed after the typhoon is gone. If the Reading schedule is within June only then within June only. That is why there are times they need to schedule on Saturday within month of June only. Thanks for helping me Steve. Reading_Schedule.mp4
  10. Hi Steve, good morning from the Philippines here. The reason why I use multiple fields because my client wants to set only one field then the rest will be automatically computed/calculated. They don't want to input records one by one for the scheduling, what they want is set only one field then the rest will automatically be calculated based on what they have given "added days". Furthermore, there are times that my client needs to set the reading date to Saturday because there are months have only 28/29 days and lots of holidays on that month as well. So they have no choice but to set it to Saturday of other Zones read date. Question about your Recommendation: If I follow your recommendation Steve, my question is, does it automatically calculate the rest of the records? What I mean is, when I set the Reading field in the Reading column, does it automatically calculate other Reading Date records, Due Date records, and Disconnection Date records as well? If yes, can you teach how to do it. Let's go back to my main problem: My main problem right now Steve is this. What I want to happen is, the date will be skipped and it will be replaced by the next date in the field. Let say June 25, 2018 is declared as holiday by our President, the user input that date in the Event table and then on the Reading Schedule Layout the field will automatically set to June 26, 2018. But the problem is, I don't know where to start and how to do it. Currently I'm still thinking how to solve this problem. Hope you can help me with this. I'm very thankful that you help Steve. Two thumbs for you man.
  11. Hello Steve, good afternoon. Your calculations works great. Two thumbs for you man. However, I need your help again guys. I created an Event table where the user input those specific holidays which are declared by our President. Let say, if our President here in our country declare June 25, 2018 is special holiday to honor something. What I want to happen is, the date will be skipped and it will be replaced by the next date in the field. Let say June 25, 2018 is declared as holiday, the user input that date in the Event table and then on the Reading Schedule Layout the field will set to June 26, 2018. Please download my partial Reading Schedule below. Please help me with this problem. Thanks! Username: Admin Password: [just leave it blank] Reading_Schedule.fmp12
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