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  1. New Question: I have a field in a portal detailing hours (ERT). I have a Summary Fields in the table that totals the ERT. What I would like to do is total only the hours for the tasks that have not yet been competed or have not been moved to the next slipping. I'm guessing this will need to be a Calculated field rather than a summary field, but I don't know enough about the syntax yet. So, 1. How to do the calculation, and 2. Is there somewhere that I can go to understand how the syntax works? Cheers Dean
  2. Awesome! Can crack on now. Will check back when I get stuck again...Thanks heaps
  3. Hey Guys, Here's my Video to you as I stated earlier. Topic is Automatically re sizing Layout windows to fit the Layouts. Hope you get a better understanding. Comments on the video welcomed (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-21AuBGhu0&feature=youtu.be)
  4. OK, Thanks guys Wim, Yes I did use the script method rather than the lookup. From what I hear its meant to be a little more efficient anyway. OK, So I made some progress this weekend, although I think a lot of it was just blind luck. This is related to the selecting and setting of the Craft Registered number AFTER I have selected the Craft Type. I struggled with this for a while and I changed the relationship in the RG and it all worked. Unfortunately, I'm not real sure what I did so differently to make it work. I know what I did physically, but don't really understand why its now working. I'll put a YouTube video together to show my progress I think because its too lengthy to try and write all of this. If you would rather me write, then just let me know. My latest quandary is the rezising of my Layouts. This solution will have a significant amount of layouts and each does a certain task. None of them have enogh data to fit an entire desktop screen. I hate empty real estate in a database so I was going for a "popup" arrangement for the layouts. What I cant seem to figure out is how do I get the Layout window to size automatically to the layout size?
  5. gg, It appears as though I stumbled on the "lookup" method, but didn't get it because I was missing some data in the craft Type records. Look up is the answer for this situation. I can progress this further now. My next challenge is to filter a second drop down list (Craft TBL) based on the selection of the first drop down list (CraftType_TBL). I have seen some tutorials on this, but this was where the RG was starting to give me a headache. I'll give it another go with the A/B RG layout and see if it makes sense. Thanks for the advice OK, So I've managed to get the second popup list to select a number of ARNS based on the craft type selected in the First Popup list. The problem is, I cant select anything except for the first record. I have no idea why. I followed this tutorial.... (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVTRGhIEz6E) The other issue i'm finding is the Lookup function does not work all of the time. I set it us using the calulated field and the Additional Fields for Ctraft Type work fine, but the CraftTBL fields worked once but never worked again. I had unchecked the "Do not replace value in field" so It would change. The settings are the same as for the first field but they wont work.
  6. Yes, I do have a layout for craft_TBL and for Craft Type Table as well. Each of the layouts will have there own specific roles to play in this solution. What I am working on is the Technical inspections. I started a layout for this, not much design work yet, I wanted to get functionality working first. the technical inspection will be a new record which as Wim post is a snapshot of the data, at the time of creating the record. Much of t he data that goes into the Technical inspection Layout is held in the Craft Type Table and then the craft TBL table. Mu concept was to set a drop-down on the CraftIDFK to select the craft Type. Once that was selected, automatically fill in the related data from the craft Type Table into the Technical inspections by using the Foreign key in the CraftTypeFK field. From there, I wanted to be able to select from the Craft ARN field as a drop own filtering that ist vied the Craft Type FK and then populating the rest of the fields in the Technical inspection from that table. Sounds a little complex, but basically I want to automatically add the data into a new record in the Technical inspections layout using data from the Craft Type Table and the Craft Table. and then add the rest of the data manually as that would then be unique to the Technical inspection. Listening to Jonathons video tutorials, I'm guessing this will be a script, but he didn't cover inserting data into a field from the related in the child TO.
  7. Haven't got that far yet.....baby steps. Just try to understand the structure before I start asking dumb questions that I could have answered myself with a little learning. Jonathan, Thanks for the info. I'll look at the training material ite you sent. and yes the ID Keys is always set as the first field in all databases I create in <S Access so I am aware of this requirement. What im trying get my head around at the moment is how filemaker manages these relations. Cheers all
  8. OK, Going through t he Anchor Bouy resource. I structured the RG to what the presentation is saying. Is this the attached image the concept, with the Base table being the table used in my Layout? I ask this as the actual relationships haven't changed. I've added another instance of the Craft Table in the hope of establishing a method of pulling in data relating to the craft type table.
  9. Thanks for the Links, I'll wade through them an see how I go. Cheers
  10. Hi all, I've been getting more an more frustrated with the way Filemaker works. I come from and MS Access background and I'm really struggling with Filemaker. I want to learn this, so please forgive me if I dont just hand over my database for you to look at. I did this and someone dazzled me with there brilliance and I ended up deleting the database because it was just way over my head and I could not replicate anything. I am only very new to this program, but I do understand the basics of relational databases I have a project concept that I;m working on of which I have done many similar projects using MS Access. Part of this is what I'm working on now, but I'm just not getting it. The image below shows four tables, Units, Technical inspections, Craft Type and Craft. The relationships shown in the image are correct and they will all be a one to many relationship. to explain the tables: CraftType_tbl: This details the type of watercraft, its name and the capabilities of this fleet of craft, sea state, Capacities. This data would apply to all the craft within the fleet Craft_tbl: This is data specific to each craft (please forgive any duplication here as I have been trying to get things to work to no avail). The Craft registered number, any serial numbers of equipment on board, who owns the craft etc Units: This lists units that own watercraft and any information specific to this unit TechnicalInspections: This is data which gathers information from all of t he tables above as well as some data of its own to build a unique report on the particular craft from the Craft_tbl. These reports are conducted every year on each craft in the craft list. You could call this the "Join table" in this instance. THE PROBLEM I want to create a Technical inspection front page (layout or whatever you want to call it) using the data from the three forms. I DONT KNOW if i have to transfer the data into the Tech inspection table or if the relationship carries data into the tech inspection........I'm completely lost here. I started to create a layout using this relationship, but no matter what I did, I could net get any data already in the craft type table and craft table to come across into the Technical Inspection layout. WHAT I'm looking for: Someone who is willing to be patient with me and step me through this process so I can learn from you. I have bought a number of tutorials and watch countless hours of you tube, but they are glossing over things that I just don't get. THE AIM To create a Technical inspection with the data already in the database and only having to add the data I need unique to the Technical Inspections table. Eventually this will be printed out into a PDF File on an A4 Page. I hope there are poepl here that are willing to work with me. Kind regards Dean
  11. Yeah, I arrived at that conclusion myself . Thanks all for your help on this Cheers
  12. Sure, Its an XLS or XLXS file both in the zip file. Nothing special about them. They are formatted though, but this didn't make any difference. They had the headings in the first row, but Filemaker can handle that too. CategoryTBL.zip
  13. Not sure why I would want to declare a variable when all I'm trying to do is go FILE>IMPORT RECORDS>FROM FILE. Is this not what the menu should do? I though Specifying the file happened when you selected the file as part of the menu selection process. Tried this method now that you cleared that up. ended up with the same result. This is really frustrating. I might try and different file type to import. OK, I ran through a number of different file extensions the one that worked most solidly was a *.CSV file *.XLS, XLXS, TXT all did not work, when I saved the spreadsheet as a CSV File, everything Fell into place as it should. Possible bug?
  14. OK, Started to drill into this and you lost me when I looked at the calulations. Appreciate the effort in solving the issue, however can you help me understand it? 1. Whats the "zxzx zxzx" in the calculatiopn 2. I'm guessing the & P & (Best way to show the symbol) denotes a new line?? 3. Why the calculations and can you break it down? (Remember week old newbie with File maker) 4. Why use IsEmpty? not understanding that calculation at all. While it looks great, and thank you for that, It doesn't help me understand anything you did.
  15. I apologize. I thought I was clear. I Must be using the wrong terminology. I've attached my database. The layout in question is "marine Equipment List." You'll notice the two fields at the top. I think you may only need one however. I really don't care if we use two. The aim for this layout is more of a search tool where I can click to the relevant record in a separate layout. As a sideline (and I'll be happy to place this in a different forum) I seem to be collecting additional table records. I deleted them once or twice to try and get thing to work, but the program keep adding them as instances, even though there is not data or table there. Would love to get rid of these as well just to clean up the database. Cheers Slipway Manager.zip
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