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  1. I just have a quick syntax question. I have two tables, Contacts and Work. In Contacts, I keep name and email information. In Work, I keep records of projects, where sometimes 4 or more people are involved. Contacts::Name is related to Work::Name. I have a portal in Work displaying email addresses. Work::Name is a repeating field, and the Work::(Contacts::Email) portal is also repeating. For whatever reason, the Email keeps displaying mail in reverse. As such, I want to make Work::NameSwap, in which I reverse the order of the entries, as I need a quick fix for now while I work out the rea
  2. Hi all, I'm an FM novice who has a functioning database, and I'm trying to add layers of functionality to it. One feature I'm trying to design is a script to search through a Gmail outbox with certain keywords. In URLs, "%" translates to "%25". Filemaker appears to do this automatically - In Gmail syntax, you need to write "in%3Asent" to have the Gmail search bar contain "in:sent" which searches my outbox. Here's my current code for Go to URL: This "%" bit translates to "%25". I've tried "\%", I've tried creating a string, x, then having it open x, but no matter what I cannot
  3. The (small) company I work for has need of a database, and I have been given the responsibility to design it. In learning through trial and error with FileMaker, among the more vexing problems of mine is the exactitude required when displaying related records in a portal. My colleagues are extremely sloppy with data integrity, even with drop-down menus and autocomplete enabled. The company is a literary agency, which takes manuscripts (defined as Title) from our authors (Author Name) and sends them out to various editors at different publishing houses (Editors, House). I currently match Author
  4. I am merging and reorganizing roughly a decade's worth of FileMaker layouts, designed by a user without knowledge of how FileMaker works, and used by several employees over time. As a result, the formats of data entry have shifted constantly, making it difficult to effectively merge and connect data. The problem I'm running into is that First/Last name were calculated together without a " " between the names. As a workaround, data was entered into fields with either a space at the end of First, or beginning of Last. I currently suggest that the names be edited as they're used to display r
  5. Thanks so much for the script! It works perfectly, yet creates a new problem. I have to log in to that webpage each time. Is it possible to generate the URL, and have a button that goes to the generated URL? I cannot use your script when used as the URL in the button, as it shows up as ::First/Last in the search bar.
  6. The script which I am using (kindly provided by another user) is: "http://www.publishersmarketplace.com/pm/search?ss_q=" & Contacts::First Name & "+" & Contacts::Last Name & "&ss_c=dealmaker" Using this script, I am able to generate the URL that I wish. The URL is different depending on who I am searching for, and as such each URL is unique to a specific record. I currently have a field set to perform this script - the problem is creating a button capable of going to this calculated URL. Trying to enter it as the URL to go to leads to me searching for Contacts:
  7. For the purposes of this database, no. For example, Scholastic owns Scholastic Children's, Scholastic UK, etc. These children companies are called imprints. I was thinking of creating a drop-down menu reading "IMPRINT OF: ____________", that would then be easier to sort in pulling all the results into a table.
  8. Hey all, I posted this in earlier in another forum but nobody responded. In short, I am trying to create a tree of companies and employees. My problem is, I'm unsure of how to organize my fields and how to display my sorting. There's a main branch of companies, owning their own employees and also other companies. Using the Personnel List starter solution, I'm trying to make it so that the "List" layout can be used to sort through this all. Clicking on a parent company would display both its employees and their imprints/child companies. Clicking on one of those companies brings you to thei
  9. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, new to FileMaker and unsure of how to articulate what I'm trying to achieve. I am trying to reorganize a database using FileMaker. My client's work is literary, and wants to be able to sort agents/editors by their publishing house/imprint. I am using the Personnel Files starter solution, as it comes with some of the features I'm looking for, particularly the "Personnel List". A quick summary of relationships: Publishing Houses [House] are parent companies. Sometimes they do their own publishing, but it's often left to children companies, or Im
  10. I'm not at the computer currently, but the relevant relationship graph: Table: Submissions (larger database) -> Editors (clickable button/portal meant to link to the relevant database) = Editors (said database) -> name (field in database, have tried every section). I'd rather have it go just to editors, but it does not allow the option. I will be at the computer and be able to give proper updates/relevant information around 90 minutes.
  11. What do you mean by "graph?" How can I display that information?
  12. I'm using FMP 11 on a Mac running Yosemite. I have a button that says "Editors" in my "Submissions" page, and a portal linking to my "Editors" database. However, it was showing that the "Editors" field was unrelated. After establishing a relationship between one field in my "Editors" database, the database was considered relevant, whereas before it would say that the "...target was part of an unrelated field." Now, it is telling me that "...this layout cannot display the result." No calculations are involved, it's all text with info about contracts and the editor's information/previous work. W
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