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  1. The problem was effectively coming from Excel. Now it is working. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello, I have data to import into a text field from excel or csv files. As samples, I have : 978.510 978.510.21 These are reference numbers. They should not be changed. The problem comes with the first sample as fm converts it into a number. It removes the last zero and change the dot to a coma (local culture info). The field is declared as text, indexed, not null and unique. 978.510 => 978,51 - not ok 978.510.21 => 978.510.21 - ok Thanks.
  3. This one : http://www.filemaker.com/help/12/fmp/html/add_view_data.4.48.html [Records menu > Replace Field Contents] does not exist in WebDirect 14
  4. The feature seems not present in WebDirect. I had to work with what has been designed 10 years ago... And I don't have the possibility to re-engineer it. For the fields, there is a lot because some are common, some are specifics following the item type (painting, sculpture, tools...), and the designer putted everything in one table...
  5. Well, this is a museum inventory with more than 15000 records and 100 fields in one table. They currently proceed to update data to collections. Each item has an inventory number. Some collections are small so they update directly in WebDirect. Some are big (like the Mochica collection with 112 items), so they extract items they need in an excel file, then they update a field with the same value to all records (by dragging the mouse in the excel column), then they import back the file. The employees are not computer's friends... I has to be simple. And I have to find a solution to avoid them
  6. I will write a tool to convert .mer files to excel. It is the easiest way for me. Thank you.
  7. With FMP 8.5, they were exporting to Excel format. But WebDirect does not export to Excel.
  8. Thank you for your answer. This is effectively 15,000 records for the moment. Should go to 23,000 when the base will be complete. Each record has around a hundred fields. This is a museum database where operators will extract a whole collection for inventory to add the same data in some fields using excel, then import it back to update the database. They used to proceed like that because they have big collections, avoiding a long update process. Excel does not open the .mer file correctly because the data can have ';' inside. and " is replaced with "". Thomas.
  9. Hello, We have a table with more than 15000 rows (museum inventory application). We used to export large amount of rows (some times like 900) to modify several fields in every rows then import it back (with version 8.5 of fmp). Now that we migrated on FMS14, it appears that it is not possible to export the fields' names in the tab file as first line. Is there a way to get the headers in the exported file ? if not please consider adding the possibility in next release. Thank you Thomas.
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