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  1. @dwdata I tried your calculation but it has errors. I attach again a copy of the database. The problem is that the attached database (which is the old one) must be imported in the new one. The old database (attached) had all the checkboxes, I created a field for all the medicine that will be imported in the new database but for the old record the all medicine field does not display calculation correctly. Db.fmp12
  2. I already created a new database for the patients and I know that the actual one is completely wrong. The only problem is that I need to import the data from the old database to the new one. Since I do not want all that field in the new database I created only one field instead of the checkboxes but I need to import them. That's why in the old database I created a filed named "all desease", so I can import them as a text in the new one. @Steve Martino Can you try explain again how you made it work? I made a copy of Working/not working and deleted the records and imported again from Working/not working but I still have the issue...
  3. @Steve Martino Thanks that is was I was looking for. My database has old record and new record. The calculation you used works for new records but not for old ones. Attached you can see the actual database with old and new record. I have 8000 old record and I can not understand why the calculation only works for new record and not for the old one. Working:Not Working.fmp12
  4. The formula I used is the same, the only things that change are the names. If ( EVuoto ( IPERTENSIONE ) ; "Nessuna ipertensione" ; IPERTENSIONE ) & If ( EVuoto ( CARDIOPATIA ) ; "Nessuna cardiopatia" ; CARDIOPATIA ) & If ( EVuoto ( DIABETE ) ; "Nessuna diabete" ; DIABETE ) & If ( EVuoto ( DISLIPIDEMIA ) ; "Nessuna dislipidemia" ; DISLIPIDEMIA ) Even if using If ( EVuoto ( Databse::IPERTENSIONE ) ; "Nessuna ipertensione" ; IPERTENSIONE ) nothing change
  5. Ok got it but just for explanation purposes why my calculation does not work?
  6. Hello, I have a database with a lot of field with a button that can be sticked/unsticked. I decide to create a calculation field to wrap up all the content sticked/unsticked. For example: Playstation 1 √ Playstation 2 x Playstation 3 x Playstation 4 x Xbox √ Xbox 360 √ Xbox One x Wrap up field: All console: Playstation 1, Xbox, Xbox 360 This is how I created the calculation field: if ( isEmpty ( Product::Playstation1 ) ; "No Playstation 1" ; "Playstation 1" ) if ( isEmpty ( Product::Playstation2 ) ; "No Playstation 2" ; "Playstation 2" ) if ( isEmpty ( Product::Playstation3 ) ; "No Playstation 3" ; "Playstation 3" ) if ( isEmpty ( Product::Playstation4 ) ; "No Playstation 4" ; "Playstation 4" ) The problem is this: when the field is empty the wrap up show only "False" when for example Playstation 1 is sticked it shows "False Playstation 1)
  7. Thanks everyone for the help! You are great. @Steve Martino yes I took a loot at your database and I took some from it but I wasn't able to get the manage visit. But it was helpful. @comment Thanks for your patience and sorry but for me was the first time using filemaker. @BruceR You have all my love! The history field is awesome. Thanks
  8. I guessed the translation but I get this
  9. Got it. Now it seems to work! Thanks. The only thing that does not work right now is manage visit. The script is Go to related record [From table: "Visit" ; with the current format :<Current format>] Did I write it wrong?
  10. I'm sorry but you mean on the script related to Nuova visita (add a new visit)? How do I do this?
  11. Thanks everyone for the help. I'm getting closer but I still need some help. (In the bracket you can read the english translation) This is how the actual database looks like_ Pazienti (patients) At the top you can see Nuovo Paziente (new patient) Nuova visita (new visit) Gestisci visite (manage visits) This is how Visits (visite) looks: You can see ID Visita (Visit ID) which is the Visite:_pkID ID Paziente (Patient ID) which should take the data from Pazienti:_pkID and it is the Pazienti:_fkID When I click on Nuovo Paziente (new patient) in patient table this show up. An ID is generated and a field take the name and the surname from the Nome and Cognome field. The ID in the patient table is _pkID When I click on Nuova visita (new visit) this show up Only the date show up but no Pazienti:_pkID and no Visite:_pkID This is how relations looks like And this is the script in Nuova visita button (New visit) Attached you can find the database too if you want to have a look Database Pazienti 2.fmp12
  12. Ok. I will import my data 10 times but I got another question. I'm going to create a button one for new visit and one for Manage visits. Patient 1 will have New visit and Manage visit When I click to new visit I want to create a record in visit table related to the patient 1 When I click to Manage visit I want to see al the visits related to patient 1 i have no idea on how to do this. Could you please help me? I need a script but I don't know how to write it.
  13. The reason why I want button related to visit is because I need to migrate an old database made by someone else. The old databse was built like that: Record 1: All patient information (Name, Birth date, Address, etc...) All visits (Visit 1 exam 1, Visit 1 exam 2, Visit 1 exam 3 - Visit 2 exam 1, Visit 2 exam 2, Visit 2 exam 3, Visit 3 exam 1, Visit 3 exam 2, Visit 3 exam 3, etc...) Record 1: All patient information (Name, Birth date, Address, etc...) All visits (Visit 1 exam 1, Visit 1 exam 2, Visit 1 exam 3 - Visit 2 exam 1, Visit 2 exam 2, Visit 2 exam 3, Visit 3 exam 1, Visit 3 exam 2, Visit 3 exam 3, etc...) This is how the old database look. My new database is based on 2 tables. Patient and visit. Patient table has all the patient information and visit table has all the exam. The problem is that I can not import the old database data because in the import window I have to relate the old field to the new field. So I only would be able to relate the first visit to the new field not all the other visits because I have them separated in different records. -- FIELD IMPORT WINDOW -- Visit 1 exam 1 (old database) --> Visit 1 exam 1 (in new patient table) Visit 1 exam 2 (old database) --> Visit 1 exam 2 (in new patient table) Visit 2 exam 1 --> I do not have a visit 2 exam 1 field in my new table so I would have to import all the visit 1 record and than import again all the visit 2 record assigning them as I did for visit 1. The problem is that the database has 8000 patients and 10 visits each. This way the database will be 80.000 visits. And another problem would be how to relate them to each patient. I hope I explained myself clearly. Thanks
  14. Hello, I started using Filemaker some days ago and I can't find a solution for what I what to do. I have to tables. One with patients and one for visits. As you can see from the images the patient table has some button (visit 1-2-3-4). What I would like to do is this: I create a record with patient 001, then i click on visit 1 and this create a record on table visit that must be related to patient 1. The same thing for patient 2. When I click on visit 1 on patient 2 I want a record on visit table related to patient 2. Also the button has to show the record so when I click on visit 1 I can add all the information. Can someone please help me out. I'm studying on a course but I can't find a solution. Thanks
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