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  1. Hi there, ist there a way to hide the "cancel-button" in the message sending dialog ? I really want to keep the dialog so the user is able to see that there is something happening but I don't want to give the user the ability to cancel the whole process. I read that the parameter "progress=false" will switch off the whole popup but where do I have to define the parameter in Email Quicksend ? My Quicksend-Script looks like this: EmailQuickSend( sender email ; receiver email; subject ; content ; attachment) AND EmailDisconnect So is it possible to on
  2. Hi, thank's for the reply, got your email. I will check tommorow what we can do regarding the logs (we restarted our server an filemaker several times so I'm not sure how much we we can see there). At this point we "fixed" the issue by looping the registration until the plugin works. I don't think that this is the best way to solve problem but we had to find a quick fix for us to get our workin enviroment back on track. I saw in the changelog of the plugin that there are changes made concerning the registration in plugin version 2.14. Are you sure that this is working ? We tried the follow
  3. Ok, changed the java version back to 7.45 (Fm Server 12 advanced is 64bit so we have the 64bit and 32bit versions installed). The problem is still present. We tried both versions of the plugin (1.99 and 2.14) with Java 7.45, which should be working since version 2 of the plugin without success. From 27 emails in the last 4 hours seven couldn't get send. Error is stil the same: An error occurred: DEMO mode expired! (16) You can continue to run in demo mode by restarting FileMaker, or you can register with a valid license key from http://www.360works.com. We didn't restart the server or file
  4. Short update, we changed the plugin back to version 1.99, problem is still present. I think it could be a issue with java 7.75. We try to go back to version 7.45 this evening. Has someone a clue which version is the highest that is compatible with the plugin at this point (we are running windows 2008 64bit) ? In the changelog I can see that version 7.45 ist supported from version 2.0 on but the entry is two years old, I don't understand why 360works isn't publishing this information with every new version of the plugin.
  5. Hi there, we are having some serious trouble with the registration of the plugin in Version 2.12 and 2.14. We are using an enterprise licence for several years know (started with version 1.X, upgraded to version 2 some months ago) and everything worked fine with version 1.X. The Server is running filemaker server advanced 12 with all updates, java version 7.75 installed. 90% of our staff is working via iwp, never had any problems here with the plugin in version 1.X. Today we took a look in our databases and found several errors with registering the plugin. The message looks like this "An err
  6. Hi, we tried a Windows path like c:\programm files\... no success ar this point, going to try this on a Windows Client with fm 12 pro to see if the path is working. Is the synthax of the path the same as on windows Server ? is anyone using the function itself on a Windows Server as a scheduled Script an can confirm that it is working ? The issue with the visible field is still on my mind and I'm Not really shure what the problem is (the path or the field). Regards
  7. Hi, when I use the "getdocumentspath" function within filemaker server I get /C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/ The new calculated filename looks like this: C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents\filenameXZY.xls Is it normal that the slashes of the path change, since I use the exact same field values from the original import path ? as path from the server. On my mac the function is not working the right way, I get something like /MacHD/Users/MyName/Documents/ which is not working. When I change the path manually to /Users/MyName/Documents/
  8. Hi, thanks for the reply. We have to use the script as a scheduled script. We have to import and rename multiple xls-files which are on our nas device (we have a sync-script which copies them into the documents folder of the fm server). The schedule is planned to run every 5-10 minutes. We are running server 12 Advanced on Windows 2008r2, I think "perform script on server" is only available on Fm Server 13 & 14. In total we try to get two modules working which are: MoveOrRenameFile( originalPath ; moveToPath ) ListAllFilesInDirectory( path ) The script is working quite easy, list all f
  9. Ok, solved the problem with the error in the log. One of the fields (original path e.g.) was empty so the script wasn't working properly. The problem with the plugin still is present. I checked the solution on my mac, using fm pro adv. 12 and everything works perfect (every script step is usable via fm server, filemaker says). On the server there is simply nothing happening. All script steps are working except those from the scriptmaster plugin. On Fm Server i placed my .xls files in the documents folder using this path (static): filewin:/C:/Program Files/FileMaker/FileMaker Server/Data/Doc
  10. Hi there, we have serious trouble getting the ScriptMaster plugin working on Filemaker Server 12 Advanced (Windows 2008 / R2 all FM updates installed). We are using the email plugin as an enterprise licence for years now without any problems (we are using it even with iwp, works like a charm) but Scriptmaster refuses to work on our server. Our database is using scriptmaster for copying and renaming files after the import in the database (Move Or Rename File). On FM 12 or Fm 12 Adv. (Client is OX and Windows 8) everything is working without any problems. We call the function via a seperate sc
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