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  1. I've also tried without the Data:text/html, but same results never min got it to work had to use the quotes thank you Comment ====================================================================================== its working fine as long as I use the url in the code but that's going to make it a static container across all the records, I need it to be a dynamic web viewer based on the the url in the field. ======================================================================================= Sorry figured it out here is the way it needs to be setup for anyone else who is trying to accomplish this task thanks to Comment's help "data:text/html, <img src='"& DealerSocketInventory::Picture &"' style='max-height:300px; max-width:400px;'/>" need to remove the URL and add " & fieldname & " make sure the quotes are there
  2. How can I resize an Image from a url "http://s3.amazonaws.com/photos.ecarlist.com/egWK/Z0og/ECQk/1XB9/I4Zn/vw_640.jpg" based on the size of the web viewer. Background I have a table that holds all vehicles in inventory with a field that holds a url e.g. above which points to a single image nothing else, Issue How can I get the image to resize based on the viewer size or resize it based on a specified width and height? I did run into an article that explained how I can input the image from a URL into a field "container" but I'm trying to keep the solution size small, current vehicles in inventory is 218 and each week 20+ new vehicles get added to the inventory. By the end of the year the table will probably have over 1000 vehicles. Bonus Issue...LOL when accessing the solution remotely on a computer using only chrome or safari images in the web viewer don't get displayed, but if I use filemaker pro or go it works just fine
  3. Background I work at a dealership/repair shop and I'm working on a Solution to manage money received, paid, and anticipated as well as other things from customer management to inventory management. I'm a beginner learning from researching as I go, I have a table to input Invoices we receive from vendors so we can reconcile at the end of the week or month we will print a report showing the invoices that where received and entered in the table to the payments paid on the company credit card. Issue I ran thru a Invoice validation issue we have more then 50 vendors and receive a lot of invoices I'm trying to prevent employees from entering duplicate invoices so I thought about making the Invoice number a unique value but at the same time it is possible to run into an issue where the same invoice number could be used by more then one vendor but not twice by the same vendor . How can I prevent this from happening? I thought of validating it this way but I don't know how to accomplish it if <<Vendors::Company Name>> has an existing <<Invoices::Invoice Number>> that matched the <<Invoices::Invoice Number>> that is being inputted --> Message [ The invoice your trying to input already exists for <<Vendors::Company Name>> received on <<Invoices::Invoice Date>> for <<Vehicle::Description>> and the amount is $<<Invoices::Invoice Amount>>, Please Verify.] unless there is a better way to go about this please advise.
  4. thank you for attempting to help me even that it didn't work, after deeper research about dialogs and error codes I got a work around
  5. Background info: I'm working on a database that contains inventory items, with the help of a couple forums on this site I was able to setup an iOS button that triggers a script which scan a barcode and perform a find to display the particular items information and status. Insert from Device is used and it has an option to cancel the barcode scan, when cancel is pressed it will prompt the user if they want to continue the script or abort. My Database is setup as follows Tables StatusInventoryVendorGlobalRelationships: Inventory::VIN -> Status::VINID (VIN is the serial number which contains both text and numbers) Script: is attached Question Is there away to have the script continue without prompting the user to select an option? or is there an if statement that with do something if the barcode is scanned or something else when the barcode scan process is canceled? or is there an alternative script that will allow me to accomplish what i'm trying to do which allows the user to cancel the barcode scan without prompting the user to continue or abort script?
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