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  1. Update: I have confirmed that setting up a direct IP port resolves the issue of not being able to print to shared network printers
  2. So having done some more testing and investigation I'm close to conclude that the reason the printing isn't working is due to permissions issues on shared network drivers. A preliminary test to a generic local TXT printer seemed to work. Next I will attempt to configure a network printer as a local printer (using the IP as the port) and see if it bites.
  3. Great Charles! Seems to work with simple commands (like Dir,Del etc..). Trying to get the print to work too - currently it's stuck on 'transferring url...' and doesn't print. I like the PHP implementation, although it does require the PHP engine to be running. In any case, I think it can be useful for many developers.
  4. Possibly, but the printout needs to be immediate and I would need to schedule it to run every minute (or whatever the fastest occurrence would be) and that could strain the server and the result wouldn't be immediate in most cases.
  5. That is correct. I got the PDF in a container and out to the server. I can't get the server to run a batch file remotely (triggered by the iPad).
  6. Well, the issue isn't creating the PDF, it's printing it. In any case, Save As PDF isn't server compatible.
  7. I had a request to print PDFs from an iPad. In the past I created a bot that based on Sic Fried Rice's (if I'm not mistaken) technique would print a label on a label printer by triggering a script from the iPad. I would like to be able print without setting up a Bot, PHP or using a plugin. I got close but for some reason I'm stuck on the last bit and I'm sure other developers have done this before. So the process I came up with so far is: 1, I found a lightweight utility called SumatraPDF which I copied to the Doc folder on the Windows FM 14 server 2. I populated
  8. Josh: I have changed the font to something generic for now, hopefully it's easier to read and doesn't get cut.
  9. Fitch: We did consider the name issue (I researched forums on the issue). I don't believe anyone will be offended or has anything to be offended about. I agree about the dated look - as this is a non for profit venture I am limited in the amount of time we can invest in this for now (I've got a family to feed too). Once the site concept is proven, I will be open for redesign. The reputation idea is coming up and will be addressed once we see the direction most people think will be appropriate (no point implementing until we reach a critical mass). Toronot is native American for 'not Toronto
  10. We often get too many leads to handle and have to turn down work and we believe that most sole developers have either too much work or not enough and have a hard time evening out their work load. Large companies (say 10 developers or more) have more flexibility and are more focused on getting more business so have different issues. The idea was to set up a network for lead generation and distribution and leverage the advantage of size when advertising (this was aimed mostly at sole developers). The feedback was on the lines of 'we have enough work too but a collaboration network where skill
  11. Following input from DevCon 2015 we have decided to launch a free skills search engine for FileMaker developers. http://www.devpowwow.com These are still early days so feedback will be useful to shape it into a useful tool for the FM community (at the very least it will give you some free web exposure). Thanks to everyone's input and support so far. Dan Rosenstein RadEffect Inc.
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