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  1. Where is the location of the csv file you want to import? It must be in the documents folder. C:\Program Files\FileMaker\FileMaker Server\Data\Documents
  2. Hi All Ok this is what i have found. The original schedule seems to be corrupt. I have deleted it and created a new schedule with the same settings and it worked fine.
  3. Hi All I am having a similar problem. I have a schedule setup to run a filemaker script every morning at 1am. It has been working fine and now it does not work, it runs with no error but it runs as if there are no scripts. The script normally takes about 10 mins to complete and now it just flashes status running for a brief second and then goes to status OK. Sometimes when i go into the schedule setup and i proceed from the first screen called databases where you select the database username and password, i get an error saying that there are no available scripts for the password i have entered. I re-enter the full access password and then it allows me to go to the next screen but this still does not rectify the problem. I am running FMS
  4. Hi I am using the demo image provided in the demo file. It says iPad 3.jpg.
  5. Hi I am using your demo file. I have made a duplicate of this script "Find and Replace Document Text " and changed one line to insert a container. Please see screenshots.
  6. I am trying to get the new feature of inserting an image into word document. I am using the following format below but the result produces the filepath to the image in the container not the image itself ScribeDocSubstitute("[placeholder]" ; myTable::myContainer )Result looks like this remote:7onwjqa8uf.jpgsize:461,64PNGf:Secure/98/C6/B9742F96/C1E5C3E5/2E9E6584/6695
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