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  1. Has anyone come across issues upgrading from v11 to v14? The Filemaker website says I can use my existing FMP 11 Advanced install to qualify for the lower priced FMP 14 Advanced update until 25th September. However, it won't install and keeps on saying it can't find a qualifying product, even when I use the Installer Browse function to identify the version of FMP 11 Advanced currently in use. My version of FMP 11 Adv is itself an update version from an earlier install of FMP 10 Adv. Could that be a factor? I originally installed FMP 11 Advanced on my office machine, and as the licence says I can install on two machines for one user I am trying first to install FMP 14 Advanced on my home machine. Is that the problem then? My Office machine has not yet been upgraded to Yosemite which 14 needs to run - I was going to do that next. Apart from the UNUSABLE new Filemaker Forum, the whole thing is hugely annoying and I do hope someone can give me a clue of what to try next... TIA
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