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  1. i have a business solution that I created 6-7 years ago and it's multi-user db running on amp server on a dedicated mac mini. it's been running my business for years. I've recently added a dashboard tab so that I could view key metrics on my business. I run a business where customers send me their circuit cards for repair. I repair them and send them back. I'm trying to create a simple bar chart that shows how many cards (or records) that I have in backlog which gives me an idea of how much business I have "in-process". I can accomplish this by counting the number of records where the airway bill tracking number field is empty because when this field is empty, I haven't finished repairing the card and have not shipped it back to the customer! This sounds simple but I do not know how to accomplish this task. Can somebody give me an idea of what the function is to do this and what values to use in the script function? I would really appreciate it. Randy
  2. I created a simple multi user fmp14 db that I uploaded to my mac mini fop server thru fmp14 upload process. now, when I am logged in with full access rights, I can't make any changes because I get a "Admin ()" is using or modifying these items or layout. I'm basically locked out. I can't even change the security permissions because I get the same message. What have I done wrong and how do I fix it? Thanks. Randy Riggs randyriggs@mac.com
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