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  1. New MirrorSync Update Now Available 50 Improvements Made in MirrorSync 6.1 360Works releases new point update for MirrorSync with 50 improvements and fixes to optimize FileMaker synchronization. 360Works MirrorSync is the fastest and easiest synchronization tool for FileMaker. It allows everyday FileMaker users the power to synchronize their FileMaker Server files with FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, other FileMaker Servers, SQL databases, Salesforce, WordPress, Amazon Web Services Databases (DynamoDB and Redshift). MirrorSync was awarded FileMaker
  2. CovidClean FileMaker App 360Works donates CovidClean FileMaker app to help property managers keep buildings clean and residents safe during pandemic. It is no surprise that cleaning guidelines for businesses are at a much higher standard amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. For property management companies, cleaning procedures are critical in keeping residents safe. A Chicago-based property management company in particular, found themselves needing to institute additional cleaning measures for 12 different apartment complexes! With numerous tasks, cleaning sc
  3. Get the Best Benefits When You Host FileMaker with 360Works A few weeks ago, we announced our new "Guaranteed Reliability" FileMaker hosting services to better support remote workers. We offer cloud hosting for your FileMaker Server with numerous benefits for reliability, security, and support for our FileMaker products. Perhaps, one of the best benefits is that MirrorSync, our award-winning and top selling FileMaker synchronization tool, is pre-installed and hosting for MirrorSync is completely free when you host with 360Works! (You will need to purchase your Mi
  4. Email, Scribe, and FTPeek FileMaker Plugins Have New Updated Versions with Improvements Learn about the new updates available and download now! Last week we were excited to announce that all of our plugins are compatible with the new FileMaker 19 platform! This week, we have additional feature enhancements and improvements specific to three of our most popular plugins: 360Works Email, Scribe, and FTPeek. While these are minor updates, we encourage you to update now for the best experience using each plugin. Download new plugin versions and chec
  5. FileMaker 19 is Here! 360Works Products Compatible with FileMaker 19 Claris FileMaker 19 is here, and we are excited for the update! At 360Works, we strive to provide the best possible service and support to our customers and to always keep our products compatible and flexible. Our plug-ins in each current version available on our online store are compatible with FileMaker 19. We are happy to report that we do not need to release any new versions of our plug-ins listed below, as the current versions will continue to work. Other products we offer have also been tested,
  6. 360Works Launches "Guaranteed Reliability" FileMaker Hosting Service to Better Support Remote Work 360Works, a leading FileMaker product development company, Amazon Partner Network and Claris Partner Platinum Member, is pleased to announce a new and improved FileMaker hosting service in the cloud, leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) with 360Works AWS certified developers on staff. It is more critical than ever to move away from on-premise hosting and put FileMaker data on the cloud where everyone can access it, no matter where they are working. 360Works recogniz
  7. FileMaker Calendar Sync Tool: Regain Productivity with 360Works Zulu Days blending together? Take control over your productivity again with FileMaker calendar sync tool, 360Works Zulu. Time and task management is more important than ever right now. Most teams and businesses are collaborating remotely for day-to-day operations. If you are using FileMaker to manage important tasks, dates, meetings, and events, 360Works Zulu can sync your device calendars, such as Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and Exchange Outlook Calendar, with your FileMaker records.
  8. Success Story: FileMaker App for Sharing COVID-19 Information Leverages 360Deploy to Make Frequent Live File Changes About Alessandro Corticelli with DigitalMaker Alessandro Corticelli is an Italian developer with more than 34 years of experience on the FileMaker Platform since version "Plus" published by Forethought in 1986. He is CEO and Senior Developer and integrator of DigitalMaker, an FBA Partner and Claris Partner with offices in the United States and Brazil. They work with clients in Italy, Brazil, the United States, and Latin America. With the widespread
  9. Top 3 Benefits of Using 360Deploy (Instead of Making Live File Changes!) Are you making development changes to live FileMaker files? We want to give you a better solution. Making changes to a live file is never the safest option. We wrote an article to give better approaches to upgrading, modifying, or making changes to a production FileMaker file on FileMaker Server. One of the options is to simply use 360Deploy to completely automate and safely deploy your development changes on a live file. Today, we are highlighting three benefits of using a data migration aut
  10. Demystifying the FileMaker Server Top Call Stats Log Are you wondering why your FileMaker Server is running slowly or performing poorly? The FileMaker Server top call statistics log can help. It records up to 25 of the most impactful remote calls to your server that occur during a collection interval. Using this native FileMaker feature, you can see who is connected to your server and what actions they are performing. This can give you an idea of why your server might be running slowly or performing poorly. Sometimes it can be difficult to understand all of the statis
  11. FileMaker DevCon Playlist and Products from 360Works to Help You Work Better Tune into Popular FileMaker DevCon Sessions from 360Works With more time at home, now is a great time to catch up on past recordings. Did you miss any of the FileMaker DevCon sessions from 360Works? We put together a playlist of our most popular sessions from the past two years so you can learn about FileMaker tools for sync and Amazon Web Services (AWS) tips all in one place. Watch the Videos About the featured products... 360Works MirrorSync Mirro
  12. Scribe 4 - FileMaker OCR: Extract Text from Select Areas of Documents and Files Automatically We are back with a new demo for 360Works Scribe 4 featuring OCR in FileMaker! This time our focus is on extracting text from select areas of your PDF document or image file. If you have a stack of files (i.e., forms, receipts, photographs) with text in the same select area and you need to pull this text into FileMaker, you can easily automate this process with Scribe. Watch the Video In this demo video, we will show how you can use the new drag-and-drop and c
  13. Case Study: FileMaker Clinical Data Capture Software Uses 360Works MirrorSync Learn how MirrorSync is being used in the ConnEDCt app built with FileMaker for medical research and healthcare improvements across the world “We have used MirrorSync from versions 3 to 6 for FileMaker Pro/Go to FileMaker Server. In our experience it is the most reliable technology for syncing FileMaker databases over inconsistent and slow connections.” 
- Caleb Ruth, Data Performance LLC At 360Works, we believe in making FileMaker plug-ins and tools with outside-of-the-box
  14. Learn How to Easily Set Up MirrorSync! We are walking you through the simple setup of 360Works MirrorSync in just 10 minutes! In this video, you will learn helpful tips and tricks in the MirrorSync configuration with 360Works Support Lead, Ryan DeMaeyer. MirrorSync is an elegant synchronization product that can sync between any combination of FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, FileMaker Server, SQL database (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, or any database that supports JDBC), WordPress, Salesforce, Amazon DynamoDB, and Amazon RedShift. MirrorSync 6 was recently release
  15. Scribe 4 - FileMaker OCR Scanning Demo Video Today, we wanted to share a practical way to use the new FileMaker OCR and PDF integration features in Scribe 4. If you have a stack of paper with information you need to access from FileMaker, you can easily automate this process with Scribe. In this demo video, we will show how you can scan in a stack of paper and extract the text (using OCR) into FileMaker, and have it on individual (spliced) PDF pages. Watch the Video Stay updated with 360Works Questions? Email: plugi
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