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  1. D Rai, What timezone is the server Zulu installed on set to as well as the Google Calendar timezone? I would recommend submitting a bug report via the Sync Admin page so we can take an in-depth look.
  2. ericire, Yeah, ScriptMaster just handles Groovy code and passes it. I think the behavior you're seeing is when the HeapSpace error occurs, Groovy bubbles it down to the "new File" and because it failed due to loss of memory, it views the "new File" as null and throws a FileNotFound. Curious behavior. You may be able to do: try { //main code here } catch (OutOfMemoryError e) { //handling code here }
  3. Without logs there isn't much we can do. You can find them using these instructions: - http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Plugin_log_files - Although, I'm not quite sure if "tls=true" resolves to true. Try "tls=1". If I recall correctly, we try to convert string booleans the same way FileMaker does. if you do: - If ( "true" ; "true" ; "false" ) - In a script / dataviewer it will return false. If you do "1" it'll return true. There was a big talk on how exactly to make them function though, I may just be going based off of old information. Give the "1" a try, if it doe
  4. Apologies, I tend to jump straight to the logs (which is what I did). It has indications it's complaining about memory in the logs, but not sure if that's the actual issue. Here is an excerpt: -- java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program Files (x86)\SideSlide\?C:\Users\ericire\Downloads -- For some reason the way you instructed your groovy script to find the folder you're passing two folders but not separated. See the "?" and then the next path. Can you include a screenshot of your script and the usage of it in your FileMaker script?
  5. Because of the size of the folder you're running out of heapspace (allocated RAM). Try increasing it using these instructions: http://docs.360works.com/index.php/Heapspace_Out_of_Memory_Error
  6. Did you set MS3 for JDBC-only or XML? If you're using JDBC only you'll need to use a custom SQL qualifier instead of the customization script.
  7. The SuperContainer functions have no changed for a long time. You can view plugin documentation here: http://static.360works.com/plugins/SuperContainer/plugin-documentation.html In the case of changing the file name, I think you're looking for "filename=New Filename.txt" as your third parameter.
  8. I've personally installed test MirrorSync solutions on a couple iPads and iPhones myself and never ran into this issue. When I get a chance with the office iPad again I'll see if I can find any settings myself.
  9. No problem. I've never seen behavior before where it gets downloaded as read-only on an iPad. What MirrorSync is actually doing when you run the download link has no qualifiers or checks to see if it is an iPad or a desktop, both devices are being served the same file. Wonder if there is an FM Go setting for downloaded databases? A long shot, but downloading directly onto the iPad should work.
  10. "Error 6" is an error code returned by FileMaker which translates to "File is read-only". See here: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10790/~/filemaker-pro-error-code-reference-guide So something to do with how you got it on the iPad caused it to be read-only. Try with a fresh file?
  11. ScottVan, just send the latest log to us @ support@360works.com (attach it). Machine specifics would be nice as well. The locations for the logs are as follows: Mac /Library/360Works/Applications/logs Windows C:\Program Files\360Works\Applications\logs Send us the one that starts with "MirrorSync" and the most relevant date. We would recommend reproducing the issue and then grabbing today's logs.
  12. ScottVan, If you could navigate to the MirrorSync page you use to download the configuration client, near the bottom should be a link titled "Send problem report and log files". Click that, fill out the form, and submit it. Someone here should be able to look at your logs from there and help you get up and running again.
  13. Jeff, MirrorSync has no table limit, however you're looking at a max 998 fields max per table (a FileMaker Let statement limitation) and 30k script steps in the MirrorSync script. If your 143 tables have a minimal amount of fields each, you may be able to work with it without hitting the 30k script step limit. However, if you hit the 30k script step limit (a FileMaker limitation) you would have to omit tables or lower field counts on tables.
  14. Redownload MirrorSync from our website and try again. Be sure to unzip the archive first and do not delete anything in the archive, primarily the "Installer data" folder. The Mac and Windows installer share resources from the "Installer data" folder. We have seen people extract just the "WindowsInstaller" or "MacInstaller" and try to install that way, which will not work. Considering the installer is looking for the "Installer data" folder on your desktop and not within the download folder, that indicates the installer was launched from the desktop which makes it likely it is in fact missing t
  15. HALBURN, Zulu syncs the attendees to Google but you actually have to select the event on Google Calendar and click "Send Email" (or something along that line) if you want to send them out. Zulu doesn't support automatically sending out invitations.
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