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  1. Honestly, I couldn't use check marks for year, manufacture, and brand. For Manufacture has 170 records, and Brand has 670 records. I have those two setup as conditional look ups.
  2. At this point, I'm not sure what I have done or not done to make this only work partially. I took a screen shot of what I'm talking about, I kept everything the same except the year. It should have changed the information in the portal but did not. The only thing I can think of is relationship so I have attached a copy of that as well.
  3. Ok so I was just playing around with the table, Manufacture appears to be the only thing that changes the card # and quantity in the portal. It is pulling all the information from manufacture, I want it to be specific to year and Manufacture, Brand, and Sport
  4. The top fields that I have set up, Year, Manufacture, Brand, and Sport. Those are all variables that can change and so I would like the card number and quantity to reflect the changes. For example, 1987 Topps Topps Baseball, and I have cards in the database from card # 2-50 but there is a total of 650 cards in the set. I would the the check marks to fill in for the cards I have, but if I change the year for example, I may have different cards in that set and be missing some others so I would like the portal to reflect those changes. The only way that I can describe it is a conditional set up.
  5. Nope I'm sorry Comment, that didn't help any. I still can't get the card numbers to change when I change something on the table
  6. Ok so finished creating the table I wanted, but when I used a portal I'm not getting the layout I want. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it is what it is. The layout that I desire is something like what I posted in the original example. The other thing, is that it doesn't appear to be conditional. I can't change one of the fields and then the card #s associated with that Manufacture/Brand do not switch with the new selection. Here is a screen shot of what I have now.
  7. That sounds awesome and an easy fix, but question that comes to mind. Do I need to make a table for each Manufacture, Brand, Year, and Sport, or will the portals find the corresponding cards per the given criteria.
  8. Please educate me in the art of using portals in this method
  9. I have been creating a sports card database. I think I've got all the bugs out of the main database and the feeder tables. Now I'm on to working on getting the finial reports/tables from an idea to a working filemaker table. So, this is what I have in mind. I want a table that at the top, I have Manufacture, Brand, Year, Card #, and Sport. This table would pull from the other tables to get info. Those areas are easy to configure, but I want to be able to see what cards I'm missing in a set and what I have for complete sets. As you see from the screenshot, it has check boxes by each card number
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