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  1. H

    Looking for PyPlugin

    found plugin on Github https://github.com/malderete/PyPlugin really old though
  2. Hi something pretty simple , just can`t seem to get it right , i would appreciate if someone could guide me on this. In my solution i give out jobs to my workers , they all see there jobs in there individual portals/logins. what i want to do is that 3 days after the end date of the job it should hide from the portal. How would i do that ???/
  3. Hi , When i downloaded my filemaker pro 15 i had mistakenly downloaded a 64bit version , however 64 bit does not work with acrobat and crashes when there is a pdf viewing. How would i change it to a 32 bit version???
  4. Yes they were crerated in filemaker 14 and use the cool theme
  5. Hi I wonder if someone else experienced this, i recently upgraded my filemaker licence to a 15 expecting it to work better and more stable but to my surprise i find that it is a lot slower than 14, records take forever to sort and load and even just when trying to change from Layout mode to browse mode or vice versa it takes a couple of seconds longer than 14 did which i find very disrupting to my development.
  6. Hi Wonder if anyone has come across or developed a chat/ inside messenger that would work for webdirect users. FMChat form Seedcode is gr8 but can not be used for the webdirect users which are the majority of my users . would appreciate your comments
  7. Hi in my solution my customer has a list of all its projects in a portal. the portal row is a popover button where it displays limited related information to that project to the customer. i want to create a button in the popover which would fire an email requesting more information about the project. However i run into a problem , i tried to set varaible of the customer and project howeever of the project it does not capture the correct one just any / the first project created. How would i get my button to capture the correct project related in that poover button?
  8. H

    save pdf and then import into field

    i inserted but still no success , get an error message any idea what this means ,or how i can avoid this???
  9. Hi i created a certificate and want that when it is clicked to save it it gets created into a pdf and then imported into the cetification container field , however for some reason i am recieving some error in my script , the pdf does not save at all. see script below: i would appreciate if someone could tell me where i went wrong why my pdf is not saving and if this is the method to save the pdf to a container
  10. Hi i am wondering if anyone has done this before or has come accross this. I have a solution for a service company , the employees can log onto one end and see all customers and there projects ,whereas the customers have a login specific only to view there projects and some limited details. what i want is to create some inside solution, chat like service, so that the customers can communicate with the employees. i also want the chats/messages should get saved. i wonder if anyone has come accross this.
  11. Hi Is their a filemaker app for a blackberry classic like the FMGo for an IOS?
  12. Anyone ever expereinced any such bug in web direct , i would appreciate if someone has anything to offer on this issue.
  13. Hi i have been using webdirect for my clients for the past few month now , worked ok at most times - (except when when web direct was down) The solution has undergone a major redesign/redevelopment , basically just layout changed and a couple more tables added. it was finally working great and was all in order imported all records into it which were several thousands but unfortunatly when accessing it in web direct the system freezes after the second click , it lets me click once on any button then justs freezes. Anypne ever experienced any of this , know of some bug webdirect has , or some limitation of something i used that could cause this to happen. I can`t do it slowly because this redesign was work from a couple of month , a solution with a load of tables and layouts. i would appreciate if anyone could share there expereince with any of this because i just don`t know where to start debugging.
  14. H

    Adding Check box to portal

    Yes , because i added a script that it should set a fild with that number What would this pause do , how would it help it out?

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