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  1. Hi Wondering whether this is one of Filemakers limitation and/or there are any ways round it. i have a portal which displays my related records to a customer . These records are split down to two sections (Two options) i had created a slider that on slide 1 it displays option 1 and on slide two option two. However the slider only seams to show up on the top portal row. i would appreciate if anyone could explain me if this is not possible or something was just set out wrong.
  2. hi i have a field on my layout that is display via a popover that the value list is based on a relationship narrowed down by another relationship. i would like to perform a find on this layout by only showing the related results, however i can't seem to perform a find in the popup field , is that something that cannot be done - i can't seem to find anywhere it talking about it?
  3. Hi When sending email from my filemaker solution using email 360 , email appears as plain text with out any formatting alll mushed together even when in my solution it is formatted , how do i rectify /apply formatting to that?
  4. Hi , i am in the process of intergrating the 360works email plugin into my solution , working great so far, for one issue , every couple of emails sent out of the solution fails , i get an error message as below Any ideas why this happens , i have tested the outgoing server many times and that works great , what does this error mean , i would appreciate if someone could help me out on this , i would want it all working before i go ahead and purchase the license.
  5. did it all , deleted the Java and the plugin , reinstalled all and no change , get the same error message each time.... please could u help me on this. it is working now , tnx.
  6. Anything else that could be the issue here , would like to make use of this great plugin. i would appreciate if you could help me out on this.
  7. not sure how to check that . .. this is my command response t
  8. Hi , see below , is txhis not correct it is still not picking up form the right place
  9. Hi , tnx for your response , it is not the first time i have used your plugin , have used it some time ago successfully , tried it all on that page and still receive this error message , any idea what more i could do?
  10. Hi i tried opening the 360's works email plugin but get an error message as below , any idea why this happened and how i can initialize this?
  11. Hi i have a field that uses a drop down list of values from 1 - 5 to insert in the field. the field is on a portal. The portal could contain upto 50 records. i would like to limit the amount of time each value could be used to 16 times as that is the limit of spaces i have available . OPTION 1: i would want that once the limit is reached the value greys out if possible . OPTION 2: if not i would want that it a script should activate on a onobject keystoke / validate it should test it and not allow it. i would appreciate if one could help me out on this preferbly OPTION 1.
  12. Hi , the following is very simple just can't to the bottom of it i have a field which has a value of a color. i want to get the found count of the record but it should only count every color once meaning record 1 - red record 2 - green record 3 - blue record 4 - green my result should be 3 i would appreciate if someone could help me out on this.
  13. hi i have a table with 4 fields field 1 = number result 1 field 2 =number result 2 field 3= percentage result field 4 = calculation by taking in whichever is lower field 1 or 2 and multiplying by field 3 the question now is how do i script the calculation it should pick up which ever is lower but ignore if field is empty. i hope i am clear , i would appreciate if someone could help me out with this calculation.
  14. Hi i have a script that exports a group of records based on the script rules to excel , i would like to know is there a way i could script that this excel then gets saved to a container field in my solution? i would appreciate if someone could help me on this or give me a different way i could get the same results to work.
  15. Hi i want to create a script where i can import new records via excel . i want to be able to pick up the related parent table id and place it in the designated field in the imported sub file. The PropertyIDF (see pic below) should get from parent table. see script below , unfortunately when i do the import it only places the propertyIDF for the first record in the foundset (see pic 2,) how do i script that all new records created should get the variable data in the selected field. i would appreciate if one could help me out on this.

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