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  1. That's a great idea. I created that field and tried it out. What would be a good way to deal with all of the error messages that come up when a duplicate record is created. I have a dialog box pop up when the validation fails but then a few more Revert or Cancel dialog boxes come up and then it still allows a user to ultimately create a duplicate record. Thanks, Chris
  2. Thanks Steve. I thought about how to implement a dwindling list and even started doing the work to put that in but then I realized that firefighters can also scan in by barcode which means they aren't selecting from a dropdown list. This brought me back to the "checking to see if a record exist before proceeding" idea. Thanks Chris
  3. Hi Tom. I do have a script that creates the new records in the related Attendance table while the user is on the Event Report layout. It was the script step or calculation that I am unsure how to implement? I didn't want to do a full perform find to see if there was a record already created for that firefighter at that event. I though it cold be done more simply buy adding a simple script step in the current script. Thanks Chris
  4. Hello, Not sure if this is the correct area to ask but I've been racking my brain and am not getting anywhere. I have an Event table (Fire Incidents) and related to the ID of the event you can create attendance records in the attendance table for the members responding to the fire emergency. I do the attendance adding using a portal on the event record and add the members by capturing their Personnel record ID and then setting the last row of the attendance portal using their personnel record ID and the event ID. That has been working great and there is no issues there. I wanted to add a new validation that looks to see if that Personnel record ID AND Event Record ID do not exist as an attendance record, before it allows the user to add the attendance. I'm not sure what I should show here, relationship graph, or something else to help understand what my file looks like. Let me know if I should send any additional info. Thanks for everyones time, this forum has been amazing and it's not possible without everyone. Thank you. Chris
  5. I'm not sure if I should be happy about the you "coming out of retirement" or if I should feel bad for blowing the cover off of your summer vacation of hiding... Thanks again Comment! You're making the world a better place by helping people. Everyone should follow in your footsteps and we would have a better place to live. Chris
  6. I'm really sorry. I didn't see that the window of your reply was able to scroll to the right and show the rest of the calculation. Sometimes I'm not the most with it somedays... I really thank you for the help. I'm going to try and implement that and see how it goes.
  7. Thank you for the reply. I have never used the SerialIncrement calculation. Would you mind sharing the rest of your calculation values. I'll play around with that command in the meantime. Thanks again! Chris
  8. Yes. 090520181039 would be exactly what my end goal would be. Thanks Chris
  9. Yes. that's exactly what it looks like. Sorry for not including that before. Thanks Chris
  10. Hello, I have a need to convert a timestamp into a very specific date/time format. I need to convert a timestamp into a single string of numbers in this format MMDDYYYHHMM. Month(2digits) Day(2digitis) Year(4digits) Hour(2digits/24hr clock) Minutes(2digits) [No separator characters in between any of the groups] I have no idea where to start on this. Any ideas on where to begin? Field name is :TimeRecieved Thanks Chris
  11. Wow. That is amazing that you were able to whip that up for me. I think I can follow about 80% of what you are doing. I think I can make those items you send above into a script, however forgive me for asking, but where would i get the values of the members ID's that were present for the calls (it's not every member). Would I need to pull them from maybe the first event report / attendance portal, I could create the first attendance report manually and then fill the rest of the found set with the members from the first related event report. Thanks Chris Konash
  12. Hello, I manage a bunch of files for Fire Departments. After the winter we have had I need to come up with an automated way to create attendance records after a weather event like a blizzard. Normally each firefighter either scans a barcode or selects their name from a dropdown to create an ATTENDANCE record for them which is related to the EVENT (Attendance Table for attendance and Events table for Events). Typically to create the attendance record I grab the key field "ID" from the event and the Personnel Record "ID" from a value list dropdown on the incident report and then create an attendance record in a portal on the Event Layout. One of the departments responded to 120 calls just yesterday and none of the members had time to sign in for each event. I'm having trouble thinking of a good way to create a list of the members that were present for the calls (it's the same for each call) and then create a loop script to create a new attendance record for each event for each firefighter. I can easily get a found set of ID's for the events that need attendance records created but i'm not sure if I should do this attendance process by creating another layout or table to store the personnel record "ID's" and store the event ID as a variable and then make script to loop to create the attendance records in the attendance table. I hope I explained that well enough for everyone to understand. Thank you in advance for your time. Chris Koansh
  13. Thank you very much Doughemi!. I think with that detailed description it is within my ability to make that happen. I can work on these changes and try things out. Just one questions. How would I deal with the members current stint of membership since there would be no END DATE for that time period? Thanks Chris.
  14. Hello, My fire dept asked to make changes to our years of service calculation that I don't know how to complete. We have a field with DATE OF HIRE (Date field) and we have a DATE OF INACTIVITY (Date field). The current calculation returns a result in a YEARS OF SERVICE field ie. 7 Years, 2 Months, 15 Days. The interesting part is now they want to add in a members past service in another department and also their service in the military. What would be a good way to approach this. Should I add a start and end date field for each (second department service and military dates)? Or would it be easier to just have them enter an active amount of days or years? I assume a start and an end date for both military service and previous fire department service is the best way to go but I am going to need some guidance on adding those to the current calculation? YearsOfService.fmp12
  15. Thank you very much. I added these elements and things are working great. Thanks for the ideas! Chris
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