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  1. Thanks Steve. The Narrative records are related to the Event records using the Primary Key of the Event. Here are some screen shots of what the users see. The report in RED is the event report. The ones in WHITE are the print layout of that same report. My issue is that if a narrative is very short the print layout has a lot of empty space in that portal field until it gets to the next page which is actually another portal that starts are related record #2 and goes to related record #5.
  2. Long story short is I'm having a printing layout issue that I'm not sure how to solve. I have a fire dept file that has an EventReport table and each event gets one record. Related to the EventReport records is a Narrative table. Officers from an incident can enter multiple timestamped narrative dialogs for a given event. I have a layout on the EventReport table for printing an event report and I had listed the Narrative dialog records within a portal. However i'm just having layout issues between windows and mac when printing and the portal records wouldn't line up with the page breaks and if I put a second portal on page 2 and it was empty I couldn't get that page to be skipped if the portal record was empty. I'm wondering if there is a way to just aggregate all the data in the related Narrative table records into one field that I can more easily work into a layout for printing from the EventReports layout? I hope I didn't leave out any important information. I really value everyone time and don't want to waste anyones time, I just have no idea which direction to go with this. Thanks, Chris
  3. Hello Comment, I finally had a chance to implement and test your suggestions and boom. they worked first shot. Not that I had any doubts in your instructions, only my ability to follow along and do things correctly. One question. The Go to Related Records / Find Request is searching through about 1000 fire truck records, I noticed it's a bit slow, maybe 15-20 seconds to complete. I'm guessing that is because of the related record part since a normal find request (the old way, wrong way) was relatively quick. Any semi easy ways to speed up the search / related record process that you can think of? Thanks again! Chris
  4. That's a great question. Sorry I didn't think to describe that a little more in the original question. When checking a global field checkbox and then searching the apparatus for matching records I am interested in matching the individual boxes and Not all of the boxes between the global and apparatus field. The issue I was having is that the find request if I were to check the "Ladder" global field, after the find request, would return all the apparatus records that were checked off as a "Ladder" and "Tower Ladder" . Is there a way to only return the "Ladder" trucks and not have it find the "Tower Ladder" trucks, even though it has Ladder in the description? This could also happen if the global search field is checked off for "Engine". After the current method of searching is performed it would return the apparatus with either "Engine" or "Rescue - Engine" checked off in the apparatus records. I was hoping that if "Engine" is checked off as a global search, that only the apparatus with the matching check box are found. I hope that makes sense. Thanks, Chris.
  5. Hello, I have an interesting problem that I can't seem to figure out. I have a database of fire trucks, each truck gets its own record in the Apparatus table. within the apparatus table there is a field for what "Group" that fire truck falls into. The field is a checkbox set because an apparatus can be in multiple groups. In this instanced a fire truck can be a LADDER or it can be a TOWER LADDER. They are very different types of apparatus so searching for them would be important. Right now the way I built the script if I search for LADDER I get a return of LADDER and TOWER LADDER records. Is there a way to tighten up the search parameters so this overlapping return doesn't happen? Here are some screen shots of what the SEARCH PAGE looks like and the script. Thank You! Chris Konash
  6. Hello, I have been trying to figure this out for weeks and have gotten nowhere. I have a script that ran perfectly fine on server 17 and it also works when run locally on Pro 17 or 18, but it won't complete a perform find function when run on server 18. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this and might be able to take a look at my script steps to see if I am causing something that isn't viable in server 18 scripting. The Pro or Go client calls a local script called "Send SMS to Server", then the server runs a script called "Send SMS on Server" . Here are screenshots of both scripts that were working on server 17. The script kicks back error 401 for no records found. I really appreciate your time looking at this and hope someone knows right away what the issue is. Thanks Chris Konash
  7. Hello, In my fire department I have a table PERSONNEL RECORDS, I put a field on there LIST SELECT TO SMS. In that field I have a check box value list assigned like "Co. 1, Co. 2, All FD Officers, etc" each record in the personnel record table will get a variety of these check boxes checked of to match which group they are currently in. I have a separate layout and table (MESSAGESSMS) that a chief officer will go to and write a message to be sent out using the AWS SMS service, which I have working. In the personnel record table I have the members mobile phone numbers filtered and a separate field (ListOfMoblePhones) that lists all the numbers in the found set of the personnel records. I was trying to find a relationship between the Personnel records and MessagesSMS table that would connect the results of the check box results and then it would lookup the correct ListOfMobilePhone to be sent out. I'm wondering if I'm going in the right direction? What would be the best way to identify a persons personnel record as part of one or many of the check box groups and then in the MessagesSMS table be able to get the list mobile numbers from the personnel record field that contains the result of that checkbox set. Thank you! Chris
  8. Hello, I am not sure what I am doing wrong but I am trying to take a layout and save it as a PDF to a container field on the same layout. I keep getting this error that the "file cannot be found". If you wouldn't mind taking a look at the structure of the script and letting me know if you see anything wrong? Thank you in advance. Chris.
  9. Wow. that was so perfect. I'm not sure what the $i of the script does but I followed along and everything works perfectly. I tried to get my own iterations of a script to work for months now and you just solved it in one day. I can't thank you enough! Thank you!! Have a great weekend! Chris
  10. Thank you very much Comment. The first method seems the best for me and I think I can figure out the steps to do that. One question, how do I then use that returned data in the List() function to create individual records in the attendance table? My apologies for not fully understanding your initial directions. Thanks, Chris
  11. Hello, I have a dozen fire departments that manage attendance records (related to an event) and they enter them by barcode scanning or manually selecting their name (ID) from a dropdown and clicking an Add button. I have been asked a few times for them to be able to add all members to the event attendance portal. I'm not too sure how to approach this. The members and their ID's live in the Personnel Record Table, The attendance records are created in the Attendance Table when someone is checked in. What is a good way for me to capture all the firefighters ID's in the personnel records table (or loop through the records) and then create new attendance records with all of those firefighters ID's? Should I create two open windows, one in personnel records and one in attendance, capture the firefighter ID's one by one after I perform a find of all firefighters in that fire company and then go to the attendance window and create a new record with the captured variables for that event and the firefighter ID, then go back to the personnel window and get a new personnel ID. Just wondering if there is a logical way to approach this. Thank you in advance for even looking at this. Chris
  12. That's a great idea. I created that field and tried it out. What would be a good way to deal with all of the error messages that come up when a duplicate record is created. I have a dialog box pop up when the validation fails but then a few more Revert or Cancel dialog boxes come up and then it still allows a user to ultimately create a duplicate record. Thanks, Chris
  13. Thanks Steve. I thought about how to implement a dwindling list and even started doing the work to put that in but then I realized that firefighters can also scan in by barcode which means they aren't selecting from a dropdown list. This brought me back to the "checking to see if a record exist before proceeding" idea. Thanks Chris
  14. Hi Tom. I do have a script that creates the new records in the related Attendance table while the user is on the Event Report layout. It was the script step or calculation that I am unsure how to implement? I didn't want to do a full perform find to see if there was a record already created for that firefighter at that event. I though it cold be done more simply buy adding a simple script step in the current script. Thanks Chris
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