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  1. Hi. I have a ton of calculations in my Fire Dept database yet I can't seem to get this simple one to return what i expect. I have a "Date of Hire" field with a year in it. I am trying to have a calculation field return a simple year. ie. 12 years. I had found the calculation here in the forum for the calculation result of XX Years, XX Months, XX Days but that doesn't work when the fire dept only enters a year of hire instead of a full date. Here is what I was trying to use. Thanks in advance for all your time! Chris
  2. Thank you very much Doughemi!. I think with that detailed description it is within my ability to make that happen. I can work on these changes and try things out. Just one questions. How would I deal with the members current stint of membership since there would be no END DATE for that time period? Thanks Chris.
  3. Hello, My fire dept asked to make changes to our years of service calculation that I don't know how to complete. We have a field with DATE OF HIRE (Date field) and we have a DATE OF INACTIVITY (Date field). The current calculation returns a result in a YEARS OF SERVICE field ie. 7 Years, 2 Months, 15 Days. The interesting part is now they want to add in a members past service in another department and also their service in the military. What would be a good way to approach this. Should I add a start and end date field for each (second department service and military dates)? Or would it be easier to just have them enter an active amount of days or years? I assume a start and an end date for both military service and previous fire department service is the best way to go but I am going to need some guidance on adding those to the current calculation? YearsOfService.fmp12
  4. Thank you very much. I added these elements and things are working great. Thanks for the ideas! Chris
  5. Hello again, I have another question for my fire dept database. We have an EVENT REPORT layout and table that stores all the data from our fire calls. Linked to our ATTENDANCE table via a "kp" are attendance records for each firefighter. The chief of the department wants a time delay on their ability to sign in. Sign in was usually allowed as soon as the call was created and until the chief clicks the CLOSE REPORT button on the EVENT REPORT layout which changes a REPORTSTATUS field to "0". Then the attendance add button doesn't work for some users anymore. My question is how to I add in some script elements that would also not allow the members to sing in to a fire call for the first 15 mins after the report was created. I do have a field with the creation time already, i just get hung up with the double validation on the closed report status and then also the time delay. here is what I use now... Any ideas or guidance would be great. Thanks Chris
  6. Thank you very much RWoods. I will be putting a server script on trial today. Really appreciate the guidance. Chris
  7. Hello, I have a fire dept database that has a field for "Date Of Hire", a field for "DateInactive" and then a calculation field to give the Years, Months, and Days of active service. The calculation seems to only run when one of those two fields are modified which doesn't update the other members years of service. Is there another way to have the Years Of Service calculated that wouldn't allow that field to become out of sync or what looks to be stuck because the calculation wont reevaluate until one of it's formula fields is modified. Below is the calculation for Years of Service that I have been using. Thanks in advance for your help. Chris Konash GetAsText( Year( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) ) - Year( Date of Hire ) - If( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) < Date( Month( Date of Hire ); Day( Date of Hire ); Year( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) ) ); 1; 0 ) ) & " Years, " & GetAsText( Mod( Month( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) ) - Month( Date of Hire ) + 12 - If( Day( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) ) < Day( Date of Hire ); 1; 0 ); 12 ) ) & " Months, " & GetAsText( Day( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) ) - Day( Date of Hire ) + If( Day( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) ) ≥ Day( Date of Hire ); 0; If( Day( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) - Day( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) ) ) < Day( Date of Hire ); Day( Date of Hire ); Day( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) - Day( If( DateInactive; DateInactive; Get( CurrentDate ) ) ) ) ) ) ) & " Days "
  8. RWoods. Thanks so much for the detail and really explaining the pros and cons so well. I have been struggling with this for a while and i never thought about a server script and changing the field type to help my problem. I made the changes to the field type and it's displaying correctly (THANK YOU!) However I am new to the use of a LOOP script step. When I made the script i think i put everything in that I need but if it's not too much trouble could you let me know if I have anything that is incorrect or any steps missing? Right now I have the Date of Hire filed setting itself, is that the correct way to have the calculation reevaluate through a script? Thanks again for all the info and taking the time to help!
  9. Hello, I am a firefighter and have made a few files for local fire departments around me. We regularly respond to incidents on the highway and collecting data from motor vehicle accidents can be hectic. We normally manually type all the data from a drivers license and registration but there has to be a better way. I have found a bunch of online blog posts for scanning Drivers License data(PDF417) and vehicle information (VIN) using the URL to open an external app and call the data back but I'm not to sure how to implement any external apps or internal filemaker calculations that would be something I would be able to figure out. Plus it would be another challenging step to get all the ipads out in the field on the fire trucks to download another app. If we have to I can make it happen but it would be a headache. I'm wondering if there is any available information or code for performing a Drivers License Scan using the ios camera and parsing out the data into the proper fields? Also is there any standards for vehicle registrations across the US states? Would that same scan be something that could collect all the vehicle info via a registration or Inspection barcode and parse it out into the necessary fields? Any help that anyone can offer would be amazing. Thanks Chris Konash
  10. Finding Records between 2 dates

    Hi Doughemi, Thank you so much. I can't believe I just had the symbols backwards. I could have sworn that I tried that. Also thank you very much on letting me know about the extra script steps that I didn't need. I learned filemaker by watching other and just doing so things like that I never learned before. Thanks again! Chris
  11. Hello, I could use some help with a find function. I have a table with fields for DateStart and DateEnd for each record. I have been unsuccessful in getting a Find to work when I have a single global date field and then a Find script. I when I enter a date into the global field and then use the find methods below I am not returning the records that fall in between those dates, it looks like I am returning the records that start and end on the date of the global date field? This seems like a simple idea but I can't figure out how to find records between dates based on a single field find script.
  12. Hello, I am interested in creating a custom App to use as an "Opener" file on an iOS device that I can deploy to some fire departments. They are using filemaker Go already but I would love to replace the filemaker icon and have it automatically find their host file on the server and log them in, vs opening the "recent" files in Filemaker Go and having them click on that. I downloaded X-Code and applied for the developer subscription and also signed up for the filemaker developer annual subscription and attempted to play around with it enough to get things to compile correctly but I think it maybe outside of my expertise range. Is there anyone that is familiar with this process and can guide me into the do's/don'ts of doing it? Also once I have the final version how do I go about deploying it to just a few users? Is there anyone here that does this as a service? Thanks Chris Konash
  13. Adjustable Size Layout

    I have a fire department incident report layout which has a portal on it to capture pictures of an incident. After the photo is taken you see a thumbnail of it on the incident report portal. I have a separate layout with mostly the same info which is used to print the incident report if needed. I an wondering how to attach those photos to that "print" layout if there are photos taken at the scene but not have lots of blank pages with empty container fields if there were no photos taken? Thanks Chris Konash
  14. Adjustable Size Layout

    Ok. Thanks Lee. The file I'm working to implement this in is a hosted file and i think is around 3Gb in size right now. I'll definitely remember that though.
  15. Adjustable Size Layout

    Thanks everyone! I have never been able to figure out how to do that, I am definitely not an expert. I am going to play around with this and see what I can figure out. Thanks again for your time!. Chris
  16. Script Time Lockout

    Hi. I have a script that runs to add attendance to a fire department incident report. Before the script runs it checks the current time against the dismissed time of the call. If the current time is more than two hours after the dismissed time the script will not allow you to enter the attendance. My question is how would I add a second means of validation to not allow an attendance record to be added unless 15 minutes have elapsed from the start of the call while keeping the two hour time out component? Thanks Chris
  17. Script Time Lockout

    Thanks everyone. I'm going to try this. I didn't know that. Thanks again!. Chris
  18. Hello, I have a few fire departments that use my database, each department connects using filemaker Go. In their database they have a button that runs a script that will collect some fields from an "Incident Report" and save them in a script parameter and then open a mutual aid database that is used by many towns. It opens the mutual aid database using the open URL script step and the username and password are hard coded into the script. The opening of that file triggers a script to run and create a new record in the mutual aid database and pulls in the field info it needs from the script parameter, then the script closes the mutual aid database. What I am looking to do is not change the way an incident is "created" with the scripts i mentioned but rather figure out how to give the Chief of a local fire station the ability to one click open and "monitor/edit" the mutual aid database where he can see the apparatus that are being assigned to his emergency. Since he would have edit abilities I wanted there to be some security on that account. Since each town manages their own user accounts within their databases, using a table, a layout and some scripts to create and delete their own user accounts in their database I don't think there is a good way to also create that user account in the mutual aid database at the same time. Here is what I was thinking. Run a script in the hosted FD database that captures the user account name as a variable and then opens the mutual aid database using OPEN URL. Then creating a user account with the same user name as the hosted fire department chief that wants access to see the mutual aid database, I could use any random password i guess so they will not need to know it. This would give me the ability to log any changes they make based on the account user name. I think that's something I can do but my question is I want that person to have continued access to the database and if they click the button in their database to access the mutual aid database they would get an error saying that this user account already exists no? What's the best way to deal with that? Thanks for your time! Chris Konash
  19. Hi, I have searched everywhere and could not find something I could apply to do what I am looking for. I have a Fire Dept database that I manage, they have a table of "Event Reports" for each call. Within our Fire Departments we have 14 towns that are part of a Mutual Aid Group which has a radio desk that manages large, multi resource incidents. I would like to develop a database to help them manage the resources at the incidents since a handful of departments are already using the database solution I host for them on a server. I would like to create a script that copies the values in about 6 fields on an Event Report from a townships database and have a new record created in the Mutual Aid database and have those 6 values set into their respective fields? I understand the set variable and set field steps but spanning those from one file to another is not something I have done before. Any help would be really appreciated. Town Database the data is coming from. Event Report:Time Event Report:Type of Event Event Report:Full Address Event Report:Township Evnet Report:I.C.S. Officer Mutual Aid Database the data is going to. Incidents:Township Incidents:Address Incidents:TimeStart Incidents:EventType Incidents:CommandOfficer
  20. Just want to say thank you so very much to the three of you that helped me. I was able to decipher what you shared with me and implement it into our fire departments database and now we can create a record and use the scrip parameter to dump in the vital info into a different database that our county will use to monitor incoming fire apparatus. I definitely could not have done that without you. Thanks so much!
  21. I have tried a few different variations of what you described and none of them return we I would have hoped. All of the data is entered into the first script paramenter field and it is still the name of the Table:Field from File 1. See attached. Any ideas? Thanks Chris
  22. Hello, I am definitely not an expert on the filemaker scripting of open file vs open URL but your direction in assisting me to find the needed reading material was awesome, thank you so much. I have never done the XML data exchange so I wouldn't know how to even start that process... Using the Open URL script step, I messed around with it this morning and am able to get the File 1 to open File 2 with the embedded user and password and also get the intended script to run. Adding in the script parameter into the URL is where I get hung up. I added the info as it appears below in the picture but it does not return the data from File 1, it simply returns the literal text that is in the script parameter of the open URL script parameter. Instead of pulling the address from File 1 into File 2 using the script parameter within the url it is only pulling the table::field. Am i doing something totally wrong? Thanks Chris
  23. Hi Wim, I have tried so many different combinations to Open the second file with the open url script step. I still get a popup dialog window to enter credentials for the file that the script is opening. It sees the file on the server and is attempting to open it but the hard coded username and password don't seem to be working. Am I doing it incorrectly? fmnet:/Username:Password@HostURL.com/NORCON
  24. Thank you very much. This would be a handoff of information between a police server and a fire server which happen to be separate. The user account for the handoff would only be able to access the given fields and nothing else so I guess it's ok to hard-code the credentials. I'll research how to open a fmp file using the url script step and put the credentials in the url and see how that works. If I get into trouble I'll maybe reach out to see what I am doing wrong. Thanks, Chris
  25. Hello, I have been successful in getting the script to open the other file and create a record. What I didn't think of is is it possible to specify an account username and password for it to login to the other file under? It was working great for me because I have the same user account and password for both the databases I was working with. I would prefer not to Login as a Guest since that would kill my security privileges I believe. Anyone know if it is possible to specify a user account and password when using an open file script step? Thanks very much!. Chris

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