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  1. AndrewStrang

    Error Code 959

    I have just upgraded FMS server from 16 to 17 on a windows 2012 server. Everything works fine other than the WPE, when i test it i receive error code 959, i have tried switching of and back on the wpe switch in the admin console. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Regards, Andrew
  2. AndrewStrang

    MirrorSync Install failure

    what email address should i use, i an in England... so phone not so practical.
  3. AndrewStrang

    MirrorSync Install failure

    i have got past this problem my replacing the server name with the IP adderess of the server. i now have tried my first sync on the ipad. it produces and error "JDBC is enabled on the server, but wither these credentials are incorrect, ot the fmxdbc extended privilege is not enabled for this account. JDBC error message: [filemaker][filemaker JDBC](213): Password incorrect " the password is correct, any clues?
  4. i have this same 213 error now, how did you resolve it? Andrew
  5. AndrewStrang

    MirrorSync Install failure

    I have resolved the issue by installing on my filemaker server then accessing through browser. I now have a further issue, having run through all the database setup. My Iphone cannot contact the windows 2012 filmmaker maching using HTTP://Servername/MirrorSync I can connect using http://192.168.**.**/MirrorSync or http://server.local/MirrorSync. is there something I can do on my DNS server to resolve this? Andrew
  6. AndrewStrang

    MirrorSync Install failure

    I have just paid for and downloaded Mirrorsync, I have tried to install on my windows 10 machine and the installation fails stating "Configuration process was unsuccessful or was cancelled. Setup will now exit" Id really appreciate some guidance...?
  7. I have set up and had sync working with one file on my server, however I have now changed the hosted file, set everything up the same and am getting an error of Unable to connect to server. Could this be a security issue with the second file. Filemaker go and my desktop can both connect and open both files with no issue. I hope someone can help me with this, many thanks in advance.

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