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  1. You shouldn't have any server side issues, but you may run into some print problems with some older layouts that need to be upgraded. This is fairly normal, but we have some strange bugs that didn't exist in 13, but are happening in 14 and 15. We are just rebuilding the layouts. We haven't really had any other problems though.
  2. What were the security improvements? I have only been playing with it a few months. I totally agree with Wim about the script workspace updates and the undo button. Its at least an 8. I also really dislike the UI changes. The colors are nice, but changing long standing button appearances for the sake of it doesn't make me happy. The new inspector buttons aren't really my cup o tea either. I prefer the text as to what they were.
  3. Still the same old window confinement with 15.
  4. In a security discussion on the regular FileMaker forums I made a big stink about wanting to disable some of those APIs, but there was a lot of pushback from users against it. We don't have any apple products in our environment, so wouldn't it make sense to be able to disable access from the Apple Events Suite?
  5. FileMaker offers a basics guide for free, and the advanced guide isn't that expensive either. Our solution where I work started out as one FIle and its grown to 60-70 files over the years. It also touches every department. A suggestion is to try and figure out where data would overlap. IE - Personnel & Pilots, Parts and Airplanes? Airplane and flight records? Then I would try to have data that overlaps in 1 table per overlap type so you can use 1 data set instead of 2 separate ones to update. IE: You have all of the personnel information, names, address, etc and you take the pertinent information to them being a pilot and have that in one table and put the non pertinent information in a separate table. In a separate table from that I would store the additional pilot information you need (flight hours, aircraft assignments, etc) When you plan to build in pieces its good to plan for overlap where you know it will happen.
  6. It may have been because I hadn't done any posts here? I'm not certain. I just confirmed the box shows up now that I've made posts.
  7. You can use the SQL statement to gather all of the additional information quickly into the variable. Then from that you can build the loop like I did above and create a new record for each iteration. You can do it with portal rows too if you have the relationship setup to allow it. I always just go to the table and create all of the new records.
  8. I will definitely do that. I want to spend a little time and make a truly informed suggestion on it though. So I hope to get it up this weekend.
  9. R81, You could use a executeSQL statement to gather your results. For example: # Instead of doing this // Set Variable [$Data3; Value: Table1:Field3] // Set Variable [$Data4; Value: Table1:Field4] # You could do this: Set Variable [$Data3-4; Value: executeSQL ( "select field3, field4 from table1 where id = ?" ; "," ; "¶" ; table1:idfield ) ] With this then you could do a loop: # Get the total number of records set variable [ $total ; GetValueCount ( $data3-4 ) ] set variable [ $counter ; 0 ] Loop set variable [ $counter ; $counter + 1 ] Set Field [Delivery Note Items::Quantity; GetValue ( $data3-4 ; $counter )] Set Field [Delivery Note Items::Detail; GetValue ( $data3-4 ; $counter )] Exit Loop If [ Counter = $total ] End Loop You'll have to separate the two fields, but that should work.
  10. Greetings, I was actually reminded of these forums by a current thread on the regular FM forums. When I logged in I saw Josh's blog post: I couldn't leave a comment on it, but I really appreciate that he posted this. The only way I can see how to do a successful 2 factor authentication for FileMaker would be to require it as part of VPN authentication. After that one really long thread on the FM Forums that it felt like I was arguing with WIM, I know that ersatz security really isn't all its cracked up to be. I also figured out a way to use external authentication and multiple files to accomplish some of the broad security settings that I wanted. I suppose there may be another way to do 2 factor authentication using a web interface, but that initial logon would still have to be something outside of FileMaker currently I think. Even the method I am thinking of could probably be easily circumvented too though. So that really only leaves the VPN. Has anyone had any conversations with FileMaker about building this into FM Server?
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