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  1. additionally, is it possible to ascertain the screen size & orientation (vert/horiz) of a device accessing the database, specifically, a mobile device (tablet/phone) that is accessing via a browser huge thanks again for all your help/insight nedKelly
  2. kris awesome stuff, huge thanks for the reply, hugely helpful nedKelly
  3. g'day i am hoping someone can help i am looking for a script/function that runs on login to check to see what type of device i am using, and then re-direct to the appropriate layout will be accessing from the standard fare, iphone/ipad/filemaker client/web i would like to, for example, have a layout for the iPad that is different from a layout that would be used in a web browser etc i assume that this is possible? any help greatly appreciated nedKelly
  4. comment apologies for the delay in replying huge thanks for your guidance... when i am ready to import i will test nedKelly
  5. g'day i am trying to import data from an existing database into a new database & would like to retain the original databases auto-enter data ie. i would like to keep the creation date, modification date, created by and modified by from the original file when importing into the new file is this at all possible thanks heaps ned kelly
  6. GisMo awesome stuff, thanks for all your help/guidance
  7. GisMo thanks for the additional info, certainly sounds like it is doable a couple of further thoughts/questions i assume that as each specific user has a user ID foreign key, that doing administrative things like enabling/disabling an account, or even if a user changes their name (married/divorced), that it shouldn't be a problem within the standard filemaker security system?
  8. including the ability to limit access to just the records that a user has entered, is it possible to do that so that the data is not available, or will it be showing up with the standard "<no access>"? also possible to have a superUser have access to all records for all users, to modify as required, run reports etc
  9. GisMo thanks for the reply approx 30-50 users, so will deinately be using filemaker server access more than likely via web/filemaker go could all access/secuity be handled by the built-in security tools, or would there need to be some other mechanism for controlling access to the data thanks again nedKelly
  10. hello i am looking to create a multi-user timesheet database i am relatively new to filemaker, so hoping someone can help me or point me in the right direction here is a brief description of what i would like to do: - control access via a name/pass - users would enter time against a single/multiple project(s) - this would be done manually (ie. no need for a "timer") - use the exist filemaker security to tie the user to their timesheets - only allow each user to view only their own timesheets - have a superUser/admin who can view everyone's timesheets & run reports i
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